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NOM Leader Announces Support of Marriage Equality

gay blog, gay news, gay marriage, marriage equality, nom, national organization for marriage, support
Louis Marinelli has come to his senses.

Louis Marinelli, the man behind the National Organization for Marriage’s Summer of Marriage bus tour, has announced today that he has resigned from the discriminatory organization, and is now in favor of extending marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples.

Instinct Magazine has Marinelli’s statement:

As a supporter of civil marriage equality, any statements I’ve made in the past about not recognizing homosexual relationships for one reason or another, of course it goes without saying that I no longer stand by these comments and I apologize for the insensitivity. Same-sex couples, whether they are married, in civil unions or domestic partnerships, ought to be recognized for what they are.

I consider myself agnostic and while homosexual acts may very well be “immoral” in the eyes of Christian morality, I can no longer stand by any comments I’ve made in the past about the immorality of homosexuality. There are a variety of different sets and sources of morals and no one has the right to impose their set on the rest of society.

Once I wrote that homosexuals are deceitful people who care only about themselves or something to that effect. Honestly, aren’t we all? It was wrong for me to exclude everyone else from that description. We all lie and when it comes down to it, we will do what is best for ourselves. So throwing in a little levity, I stand by the comment but want to apologize for limiting its scope to the gay community.

The rest of his statement can be read HERE. It’s a doozy.

Wow! In response to this acre of hell freezing over, NOM has (temporarily?) disabled their Facebook page, and their website is currently down. It would appears that the moderators have been unable to delete comments in favor of same-sex marriage quite fast enough, so they just up and shut themselves down.

In other news, my bacon started levitating off of my plate this morning at the breakfast table. Something to do with pigs flying?

Are you willing to forgive Louis Marinelli now that he has come out in favor of marriage equality and denounced his bigoted ways?

Via Instinct

  • Eh. That’s all well and good but I still don’t trust him.

  • I am deeply surprised–and moved–by this. This was a very bold, and courageous, move by him. No, it doesn’t undo the harm he’s done. But it IS an apology, and it IS a first step.

    I deeply admire and respect the fact that he was able to come to the realization that what he was doing was wrong, and then admit such in such a public venue. Everyone here should know full well what it is to say something that you are afraid you might be rejected for. Imagine if you’d had to ‘come out’ in a newspaper article. Just food for thought.

  • there are three parts to confessing to a wrong.
    1. admit what you did was wrong (he did it)
    2. explain why you did it, or why it was wrong (he almost go this)
    3. express a desire to not do it any longer. (didn’t see this)

    “it goes without saying” no… say it anyway.
    he can admit what he did was wrong, but does he even know why he did it? if he doesn’t know why then how can we know it won’t happen again?
    even then he would need to actually express the desire to NOT DO IT. saying it’s wrong means nothing to this effect. “yeah. fighting children is wrong. but its fun so i’ll keep doing it”

    i personally will accept his apology (to the homosexual community which i am not a part of, but support with my being.) when he does all three steps.
    repentence is another story. that would require him to do or give something of equal or greater value. that would be earning forgiveness.

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    Yes and I applaud him for having the guts to speak up !!!! Thanks Louis!!!!

  • you know the saying, “All is fair in love and war.” Meaning there is always biased opinions and agenda to be completed. It can be a trap.

  • Jeffrey Tolin

    Eh..all I can say is thank you for admitting you were wrong….but still. You cant admit your wrong, and still say you believe its wrong but that you see you were going about it in an unmature manner and apologize for all the added drama. Sounds like one of those…”OH i support straight marriage because im religious. Then i had sex with a man and loved it! Now i support gay marriage and wont ever tell anyone my nasty secrets.”- type story. either way. You can slice the skin all you want, and apply as much oinment and creams as you want, but no matter how good you polish it, a scar will as be a scar. It will never go away and can never be erased.

  • Lexi Suarez

    I for one am willing to give the guy a chance. He didn’t have to write anything. He has obviously been working through this for a while. If we attack every person that switches to our side, they will stop doing it. Thank you Louis, I’m hopeful to see you put as much effort into our equality as you did into keeping us apart.

  • Rachel

    awesome! I know from experience that people can really change, and it takes massive guts to stand up for what you know is right, especially if you were staunchly against it before. It’s much easier to quietly slink away and pretend like you weren’t that way before, but he didn’t take the coward’s way out. Good for him, and maybe this will make NOM supporters rethink their position!

  • Better late than never. I’m always eager to forgive and forget if the offender publicly apologizes and offers to do better in the future than he did in the past. There’s always more room on the bandwagon of marriage equality, so let’s make him welcome.

  • T Joseph Sterzinger

    I’LL GIVE HIM A CHANCE! Damn, he’s hot! But seriously, this is great. Just goes to show that people really can change.

  • I’m all for forgiving him. I think what he wrote is amazing and I think that unfortunately, to people who shared his former views, what he wrote will be more compelling than anything that someone who has always supported gay rights could ever write.

    I think sometimes (frequently) the people who are against gay rights were taught to be that way or they have ignorant viewpoints that slowly break down under the pressure of you know, actually being educated and seeing gays as human beings.

    And unfortunately for many of them, once they realize they were wrong they feel the overwhelming shame and guilt that Marinelli feels now, and instead of addressing that or really admitting that they were wrong, they just sort of slink away quietly and try not to mention the subject again.

    Marinelli is giving a voice to those people and giving them permission to admit that they were wrong and say how they feel now that they realize how wrong they were.
    I think it’s awesome and it would be very hard to do, and kudos to him.

    Nobody’s perfect but what he’s doing right now may be braver than anything I’ve ever done in my life.

  • Gus Anderson

    **we hold these truths to be self evident**

    The far right wing-nuts are watching their foundation which is built on ignorance and stupidity crumble from the weight of truth.