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NOM’s Maggie Gallagher: Obama Has Declared “Gay Is Like Black”

DOMA, gay news, gay blog,
Gay is the new black!

The National Organization for Marriage’s spokesperson Maggie Gallagher continues to offend as she justifies her bigoted political beliefs.

Shortly after news that President Obama has ordered the Department of Justice to consider the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, Gallagher called in to FOX News to denounce the act that moves our nation a whole lot closer to equality.

There’s been quite a lot of foot-in-mouth syndrome going around in the news this week (UB readers know who I’m talking about!), and Gallagher joins the club in a big way telling FOX and the world:

“We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this by President Obama now that he faces a republican dominated Congress. He not only is refusing to defend the law, he has unilaterally declared that gay is like black.” Ummm WTF?

Nothing like putting your racism up on display next to your homophobia for all the world to see.

To be honest, while we find her delivery appalling, we actually agree with the sentiment behind it. Yes, homosexuality is absolutely akin to other attributes like race and gender. You don’t really have a say in the matter. It’s who you are.

And that’s what makes beliefs like Gallagher’s sting. She uses her oft-cited Judeo-Christian religious beliefs to counsel lawmakers based on what LGBT people inherently are. Had Gallagher been born in another country or in another time period she would have been raised with a completely different set of religious beliefs, but if we apply the same somewhere/sometime lens to ourselves, we would still be homosexuals. This is who we are. Why is she so threatened as to devote her life’s work to preventing us from being treated fairly?

Get over it.

Are any of you surprised though to hear Gallagher speak this way?

  • Anonymous

    Well said, UB, very well-said.

  • Wonderful advice, Jim!

  • You know we love you best, Morgli!

  • I am very very happy that Obama did what he did and I definitely disagree with this lady. Silly homophobe… yet once again I have an issue with this article. Gallagher is definitely closed minded, but she never said anything racist, she was just rephrasing Obama’s own words. She said that Obama “declared that gay is like black” which he did. All it means is that Obama believes your orientation is part of who you are just like the color of your skin. Her comment had nothing racist about it. She is ignorant, rude, and homophobic, but she did not express racism in that quote.

  • To be racist, the meaning of your words needs to be racist. And in this case her meaning is not unclear, she upholds the protected minority status of ‘Black’ people while contesting that of Gay people.

    Really this argument could be nipped in the bud by pretending only marriage in a homophobic church is ‘real’ and sanctioned by homophobic God – and that secularly legal Gay marriage is counterfeit (albeit secularly legal). Isn’t that what’s already happening In Mass?

  • Umm .. F U, very much! Two wrongs do not make a right.
    If she is wrong to judge homosexuals as inferior, you are wrong to fault her for an obesity that is not relevant to her argument. If she were faulting gay people for their obesity… but she’s not.

  • Jim

    Surprised that she’s a bitter homophobe who’s not afraid to let her racism out of the wig box? Nope. She’s just angry they wouldn’t let her into Tranny Shack until she learned how to do drag better. 😉

  • Jim

    I have just one question: We got TWO pieces of good news today – Obama’s new stance on DOMA and the filing to remove the stay on the overturning of Prop 8 to allow us to begin getting married – so why the hell are we talking about this sad, scared woman and not CELEBRATING?!

  • Jim

    Hey, let’s start a national “Ignore Maggie Gallagher Week” – ideally it should be a Catholic Holy Week. 😉

  • Justice Calo Reign

    So let’s say there was a law on the books that said you could walk up to any little kid and kick them in the teeth, would she expect our administration to uphold that law? It is a shame that we don’t have a government that does things the right way from the beginning, but hey that’s US History. We sign the Declaration of Independence as slave owners.. Sometimes it takes the legislation time to catch up with the Spirit of what this country stands for. Good on you Obama. Shame on you NOM!

  • Sadie

    Does anyone else notice that the spokesperson for NOM is an obese woman? Oh yeah, you’re setting a marvelous example of what mothers and wives everywhere should look like. Don’t let the homos marry, but please, let us set an example that being morbidly obese is okay, because hey – I am Christian, hetero, and married?Er… does anyone else see the problem with this?

  • LauraT

    I don’t see a problem, but I see a pattern. Growing up in the bible belt in Texas one of the few sins a Christian can still have and be considered ok is overeating-gluttony. Even though historically it may have been seen as bad as other sins in this time period it is an acceptable vice. So there are or were when I lived there many, many fat Christian woman.

  • She look more and more like a pig, I guess it’s something you can’t really hide…

  • Charles

    Gay IS like black – you’re born with it, there’s nothing wrong with it, and there’s no valid reason for using the law to discriminate against it.

  • Charles

    “Obama believes your orientation is part of who you are just like the color of your skin”
    I strongly question that. My gut tells me that this is mere pandering because I have yet to hear him come right out and specifically repudiate his Justice Department’s legal defense of DOMA from Smelt v. United States in which incest and adults marrying minors were invoked.

  • Anonymous

    Why are same gender marriages legal in some states and not in others? We’re all American citizens, we pay equal taxes, we have equal voting rights, we are parallel, if not much smarter, that the bigots, we do the same jobs, are much less likely to break a law, we are better dressers, we are kinder, etc., etc. I think the ANTIs are jealous !

  • Thynkie Dink

     Hmmm gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins. Is this crazy lady really the right spokesperson for this hate group?