Gay blog: Obama courts the gay community for 2012

Obama Banks On the Gays for Re-election Cash

President Obama is leaning heavily on LGBT donors to replenish his re-election war chest, Politico reports.

Gay blog: Obama courts the LGBT community
Can haz gay vote?

While many traditional Democratic donors – the wealthy, liberal elite – are not-so-privately reluctant to donate to Obama’s re-election due to general dissatisfaction with his first term, there has been a sea change of support by many in the LGBT community. Obama has been decidedly on our side these past 18 months, finally fulfilling many of his campaign promises on gay rights.

He has repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, extended federal benefits to same-sex partners, passed a hate crime law, and enabled gay partners to visit their significant others in the hospital. And recently he instructed the DOJ to stop defending DOMA – which is huge, given that repealing DOMA is one of the biggest challenges that the gay community will face in the coming years.

In fact, Obama has no less than 15 gays on his finance committee – a 15x increase from 2008, when there was a solitary gay man holding down the homo finance fort.  His campaign finance director is gay, as is the Democratic National Committee’s finance chair. Apparently, they get the impression that gays are super-wealthy because most of us don’t have kids. While that is not entirely true, Obama is forging furiously ahead, not wasting a beat in what is sure to be the most expensive re-election campaign ever.

From Politico:

Gay support is particularly key this year to Obama, whose 2008 campaign raised huge sums from the very rich, just as it did from smaller donors. Now, key categories of supporters have grown leery. The left-leaning super-rich, including George Soros, see Obama as hopelessly compromised and have lost their enthusiasm for him. Some Wall Street and hedge fund executives, tired of being criticized and regulated, have switched sides. Some pro-Israel Jewish donors, a mainstay of Bill Clinton’s fundraising, dislike Obama’s pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu. And rich men on both coasts whom Clinton had accustomed to personal flattery, personal visits and late-night bull sessions have received no such personal attention from the more solitary Obama.


Gay donors, though, have only intensified their support and are expected to participate in unprecedented numbers in a “LGBT Gala” DNC fundraiser scheduled for June 23 in New York.

“He’s coming back up in the estimation of the gay community pretty rapidly, and I think justifiably,” said Ethan Geto, a New York lobbyist and key figure in Dean’s gay fundraising, who said many gay supporters had hoped “don’t ask” would be repealed during the president’s first year in office. “When things didn’t happen in [that] time frame and on the track that Obama had held out hope for, people got very disillusioned,” said Geto. “This was the time to strike.”

Others said that Republican candidates’ shots at gay rights in their attempt to appeal to socially conservative Iowa voters had reminded gay donors of the stakes. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum this week said gays and lesbians shouldn’t have the “privilege” of adopting children, while former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty suggested he would block the repeal of the ban on gays in the military, and Donald Trump compared same-sex marriage to faddish golf gear.

“Our community has tasted change, and it’s hard to conceive of going backward,” said Fred Sainz, the vice president for communications for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay rights group. “It’s hard to conceive of that coming to a screeching halt or reversing — and so it’s a subject of great energy for members of my community and especially those with great resources.” “Any reservations that a significant number of donors might sit this out have been answered by Donald Trump and the fools in the Republican Party,” said Mixner. “They have become so vehemently anti-gay.”

  • Anonymous

    He’s already got DADT on its way out, and has also taken a more supportive stance on gay marriage. We need him to get re-elected if we want marriage rights in the next 5years.

  • He’s done so much for the LGBT community in his first term so far.

    That aside, I would be voting for him anyways. He’s far better for our country than anything the Republican party has tried to field so far, and he’s been trying since he got into office to clean up the mess that Dubya left behind. Letting the Republicans take control now would only make matters worse, and set us back to pre-Obama days in rights matters — and in the toilet everywhere else.

    By the by, in the article, it’s mentioned that we got disillusioned that DADT didn’t fall during his first year? Well, given that most of his first year was setting the groundwork for economic recovery and his healthcare bill, I personally wasn’t all that upset over the delay. I voted for him, and I trusted I’d made the right decision. He hasn’t let me down so far.

  • Anonymous

    He won’t get a dime from me. The economic future of this great country means more to me than marriage equality. What good are gay rights in a ruined country?

  • GLBTQ rights would make the economy better.  Gay marriage alone could double whatever marriage ceremonies pour into the economy each year. Quick google search says… $72 billion on spent on weddings each year. So potentially $144 billion poured into the economy every year gay marriage is legal alone. Average wedding budget is $20,000. Divorce rate is 50%. Estimated 10-20% of America is GLBTQ. Work out the math.

    No discrimination in the work place will more jobs to glbtq people, glbtq people who would normally be discriminated against could get business loans and create more jobs, glbtq being a protected minority status could lead for a ton of opportunities for better education and jobs.

    Adoption for glbtq people will severely cut down on how many orphans there are, which could mean less money from the government sponsoring foster children, etc. and more money into the general economy taking proper care of those kids.

    Kids usually mean a family is more likely to have medical insurance/expenses. Thats more money into the economy.

    Kids also mean a family is going to work a lot harder to make extra money, so people could hold 2-3 jobs, push harder for raises, benefits, and worker rights. Worker rights usually push more money for workers, less profits for corporations, so the wealth helps get redistributed more fairly.

    Thats just a few examples.

  • saltcay

    …and what economic future do you see coming from anyone on the Republican side?  Have you forgotten 8 years under Dubya?