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Obama & Seth Meyers: #Winning! at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Seth Meyers and President Obama poked fun at Donald Trump, NBC, Hilton Hotels and Planned Parenthood-naysayers last night at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The best part: It was actually funny!

Oh, and second-best part? Donald Trump’s discomfort throughout the night. Trump was booed on the red carpet and visibly annoyed as Meyers cracked jokes like, “Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

  • As usual with the WHC Dinner, so much hilarity.

    It did seem like Seth Meyers focused a bit overmuch on Trump, but… hey, if you’re gonna dish it out, you’d better be prepared to take it, and he’s earned a few humorous lumps in recent history. Too bad it didn’t look like he had much of a sense of humor about it — the last time I saw someone frown like that was Stephen Colbert’s impromptu roast of Dubya in ’07. (I think it was ’07, at least.)