Old Navy + It Gets Better Team Up For Gay Pride T-Shirts

In a pretty much unprecedented move by any major retailer in the world, Old Navy is releasing a line of gay pride t-shirts this summer. The designs, available in men’s, women’s and children’s, will be sold in all 1,035 Old Navy locations. Which means of course that teens, moms and families across the country will encounter the shirts in malls, practically the modern equivalent of the town square.

Ten percent of proceeds from the Old Navy Pride line will be donated to Dan Savage and Terry Miller’s It Gets Better Project.

Aside from a few luxury designer brands printing limited edition gay-themed t-shirts, and American Apparel’s Legalize Gay line (which by the way, the company keeps 100% of the proceeds from), no other major retailer has ever had the LGBT community’s back in such a major way.

We are beyond impressed with Old Navy for creating their gay pride line, and bet we’ll see gads and gads of these shirts at Pride this year.

And oh yes, Target, this is how you successfully support gay and lesbian employees and customers. Not by suing gay volunteers, making false promises to Lady Gaga, or making donations to anti-gay political candidates.

Bravo, Old Navy! Love you long time.

Are YOU proud of Old Navy for showing their true colors and supporting LGBT customers?

  • Elspeth Brown

    Way to go, ON! This is why I continually shop with you and why your customers love you so much! Thank you for stepping up to take the first steps as a retailer to speak out and show support! I can’t wait to buy loads of these shirts for Pride this year, and for gifts for all my friends!!!! Thank you!

  • I never have shopped at old navy, never really liked what they had… this changes that… of course will have to buy online because I’ll bet my next paycheck that none of the Utah stores will carry them.

  • was just thinking the same about SC   lol

  • pezalinski

    I think we should travel to the Bible Belts’ ON stores and buy so many shirts that the local retailer restocks and raises the prominence of the products 🙂

  • Susan Clark

    I live in the bible belt…..just called our local store and they DO
    have these tees!!  I’m gona go buy a BUNCH!! Give them as gifts, to our
    kids and friends and keep some ourselves!!  Yay!  😀

  • ‘The designs, available in men’s, women’s and children’s, will be sold
    in all 1,035 Old Navy locations.’  –  If this is true, then your stores
    will carry them.

  • ‘The designs, available in men’s, women’s and children’s, will be sold
    in all 1,035 Old Navy locations.’  –  If this is true, then your stores
    will carry them.

  • Ernest Craig

    way to go old navy

  • Ernest Craig

    way to go old navy

  • xan b

    It’s interesting that you’re showing support for a major chain store, target demographic: the middle class, showing their support for gay pride, and then reusing an outdated racist saying (“Love you Long time” is considered offensive to the Asian community).  Maybe I’m being oversensitive here, being a member of both communities and seeing hatred from both sides, but I’d think anybody who is vocal against homophobia  should display some awareness about other minority issues. 

    That said, GO OLD NAVY<3!

  • B

    this is very impressing!

  • I Love this shirt but I didnt see the shirt online…

  • I Love this shirt but I didnt see it online.

  • I used to shop at Target for just about everything for the house, food, some clothing… Since that story aired I haven’t STEPPED one pinky toe in a TARGET! Can’t wait to get to Old Navy to get some shirts! Kudos Old Navy!!!!

  • I live in Sacramento, CA. Just went to one store off of Howe and they didn’t carry them. The floor manager on said they might not get them until June or July sometime, but bigger retail stores might carry them before the smaller retail stores. I’m calling one in Natomas right now to see if they carry them.

    Didn’t find them online, either. =/ 

  • YEAH !! 

  • I called my local Old Navy and was told that they would not being carrying them in my area or in all 1,035 locations. Corporate told me that only 26 – 30 stores would be carrying them and that they are not available online. This is very disappointing to me for many reason, I think we should all make calls to Old Navy Corporate and complain.