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Only 13 Senators In Their ‘It Gets Better’ Video?

gay news, gay blog, gay cultureProps to the 13 senators that collaborated on the It Gets Better video (below).

But it’s disappointing that more senators did not participate in the video. There are 51 Democrats in the U.S. Senate! It really would have been powerful to see every single one of those senators, even just for a moment, lending their words and image to the LGBT youth of America. Opportunity missed? Or opportunity still remaining to be seized?

  • Patty Murray (D-WA) made her own video so, no, its not just thirteen

  • Anonymous

    I liked it. Simple as that.  More is sometimes better, but this is nice as it is. 

    Inch by inch, we make the journey.

  • That’s awesome.  I wish I could have been in high school when such a message was given out.  I’m straight but I was sick of the homophobia in my high school, having been accused of being gay simply because no one heard of me dating any guys.  I always wondered what would happen when I answered back “So what if I am?” 

  • Rob Stauffer

    Wouldn’t it have been helpful to mention the senators who did participate, so we would know who to praise, instead of just bitching?

  • ShowMeGuy

    You should have watched the video.
    Their names and the States they represent were plastered on the screen in the video as each of them spoke for the first time.   DUH.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I’m not suprised that the Senators from my nation of Missouri are not in the video.

  • Anonymous

    Yay Sherrod Brown! ^^ I was surprised; given the state of Ohio laws for LGBT people I wasn’t expecting an Ohio senator.

  • Terrell Wallin

    I’m so happy that Colorado was represented in this video. It makes me so proud of my state. And gives me hope that someday I can I’ll be able to marry whomever I choose to love as a bisexual male in my home.

  • Anonymous

    . . . with liberty and justice for all . . . for all. I wonder if every US senator (and congressional rep) would be willing to say that phrase on camera?