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Oral Sex Causes More Head and Neck Cancer Than Tobacco

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We caught quite a bit of flack last time we brought up that fact that oral sex is being linked more and more to oral cancers, but were back at it again today with some new information.

U.S. scientists have confirmed that cases of oral cancer from HPV infections now surpass the number of cancers brought on by tobacco use, the largest cause worldwide.

Researchers have found a 225 per cent increase in oral cancer cases in the United States from 1974 to 2007, mainly among white men, Maura Gillison of Ohio State University said on Sunday.

Advertisement: Story continues below “When you compare people who have an oral infection or not … the single greatest factor is the number of partners on whom the person has performed oral sex,” said Gillison, who has been researching HPV and cancer for 15 years.

Previous studies have suggested that people who have performed oral sex on six or more partners over a lifetime face an eight-fold higher risk of acquiring HPV-related head or neck cancer than those with fewer than six partners, she said.

Oral sex-induced cancer may very well become one of our generation’s biggest killers. Bananas! Diagnosing and vaccinating against HPV is complicated by the fact that there are over 150 different strains of HPV known to scientists. 40 of them are sexually transmitted.

90% of cases of cervical and anal cancers are preventable, and sexually active men and women should speak with their doctors about the taboo topic. This is your body and your life we’re talking about here. It’s worth telling your doc that you put weiners in your butt, if it could save your life. Nahmean?

One half of all sexually active Americans will contract HPV in their lifetime. Damn!

Wrap it, boys and girls! Even when you’re putting it in your mouth.

Are you as shocked as we are about these statistics?

Via Brisbane Times

  • Amen. The trouble is that half the people in the country will have this disease in their lifetime. That ups the odds of you putting a disease in your mouth quite a bit, eh?

  • As long as you and a partner get tested frequently and often and know who has what and how to get rid of it and prevent it greatly lowers the risk of spreading or getting the disease altogether. (please excuse the run-on sentence)

  • Justice Calo Reign

    It’s not the oral sex that has anything to do with it.. you could have oral sex with 100 million people who don’t have any std’s and be fine. you put any kind of disease in your mouth or throat repeatedly and you severely heighten your chance of getting sick..

    Get tested, and choose wisely where and in what you put your mouth!

  • Kisaki Anrui

    But you can’t “get rid of” HPV. Are there implications that couples who know they have been exposed to a strain at some point and have monogamous, unprotected sex with one another are vulnerable to cancers of other holes? 🙁 I think there is and that makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    My , and the potassium in bananas can lead to death . So can drinking to much water google it there was someone that died from it. etc etc….. Calm down Life is way to short not to enjoy the little things like making love with someone you love……Get tested and be safe !!!!

  • These kind of news thingies always make me wonder how people survived before this =P. There’s so many ways to die, so many things to worry about.

    I also wish there was more than statistical evidence to many of these things. What is the 8 fold risk(Because if the risk was .01% before, then I’ll risk it)? Are the people getting these cancers in their 30’s? 50’s? 70’s? And why does it cause cancer?

    Then, is it as beneficial to stop giving blow-jobs as it is to just eat organic foods? etc. etc.

    I feel this isn’t the first or the last earth-shaking, fun, and controversial news that some researchers will find. I think a lot of facts, like the sample size and things like that are important, but it’s important to include all the information, and it’s important to know the limits of statistics and to understand how these people came up with these numbers.

    That was a really long rant, lol. Sorry! <3

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