sergeant teen sex

Former Oregon Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Sex with Underage Idaho Boy

sergeant teen sex
Michael E. Alexander (via)

A former Oregon sheriff’s sergeant pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship with an Idaho teen boy he met on a hookup app.

The AP reports that 46 year-old Michael E. Alexander met a 15 year-old on Grindr. Alexander traveled to Idaho for sex with the youth twice in 2015.

The boy’s mother figured out what was going on after she saw some text messages on his phone and contacted the police.

The defense claimed Alexander thought the boy was 18.

He awaits sentencing May 8.

  • tristanrobin

    I don’t think that adults should be having sex with underage people.
    However … there are DEGREES of guilt.
    This “kid” was listed on Grindr (where you have to prove your age to join), and told the potential date that he was 18.
    How many of us have ever shown a date our driver’s license to prove our age – even at our youngest?
    This young man (I have a hard time calling him a kid – he’s not 9!) has provided false documentation to Grindr – provided false information to the potential date.
    And now this sheriff is going to be prosecuted for it?!
    Like I said, on the ickiness factor of underage sex, this one ranks about a 1 – if that high.