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Palin Calls Kathy Griffin A Has-Been & Bully

gay news, gay blog, bully, willow palin, glee, tea party
"You messin' wit' ME?"

“Kathy, come up to Alaska and pick on me.” Oh shit!

Addressing rumors that Kathy Griffin will be playing a Tea Party Mother Monster Mama Grizzly-type during her guest appearance on Glee, Sarah Palin appeared on FOX News and called Griffin a “has-been comedienne.” Yawn.

Let me get this straight real quick. Palin is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by FOX News (her employer) to appear on live television as a guest contributor. She uses this paid opportunity to call two time Emmy Award winning comedian Kathy Griffin a has-been. But we’re supposed to think it’s Kathy who is in the morally murky waters here?

You’ll notice Palin completely sidesteps the reason Griffin jokingly declared that destroying Willow Palin was her New Year’s resolution – the teenage Palin daughter called a classmate a “faggot” on Facebook last Fall. Big sis Bristol even got in on the cyber-bullying and called the young boy some nasty names herself. When the world media rightfully freaked out that the daughter of a would-be presidential candidate was calling people hateful obscenities online, Sarah Palin refused to apologize, and painted her family as the true victims in the situation.

Kathy Griffin wasn’t the one who called on her followers to “Reload,” and she wasn’t the one who put a Congresswoman in crosshairs before she was shot in the head. So don’t give us the same tired “everyone picks on Palins” shtick. We’re over it.

I would ask if you are annoyed by Palin’s incessant complaining about being bullied, but I mean…duh.

  • Anonymous

    Career death for Gifford would consist of Palin explaining that she’s a great fan….

  • Kelly González

    Kathy Griffin any day of the week. That betch is tough!! Palin’s a hateful witch with nasty kids raised in her intolerant image.

  • Jim

    Bwahahahaha! Fifty bucks says Kathy G. already has a “Thank You” card in the mail to Lil’ Sarah for this one. 😉

  • Ashley Valencia

    Kathy Griffin hands down. Because Kathy knows how to work the media – good press or bad and all Sarah Palin knows how to do is blame other people. We see through you Sarah Palin. You’re goin’ down.

  • Michael Anthony

    Kathy would DESTROY Sarah Palin.