gay bash, beating, hate crime, gay news, anti-gay

Palm Springs Parents Beat Gay Couple In Front of Their Child

gay bash, beating, hate crime, gay news, anti-gay
Russell Bates and Abigail Sheehy

Russell Bates, 24, and Abigail Sheehy, 19, have each been charged with three felony counts (including hate crime charges!) after beating a gay couple so badly that one man’s teeth were knocked out and his jaw was broken.

What was the argument over, you ask? A parking spot.

An argument over a parking space in downtown Palm Springs spiraled last weekend into what police call a brutal attack that should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

That’s because a man and woman used gay slurs during the fight that left two men hospitalized, Palm Springs police said.

When the unidentified victims began taking photos of the heterosexual couple, the man and woman “became enraged and began yelling derogatory slurs,” Sgt. Troy Castillo said.

Russell Bates and Abigail Sheehy began “to punch the couple multiple times with closed fists, causing one of the victims to lose some teeth,” Castillo said.

The assailants, who police say had a 4-year-old son who witnessed the attack, fled before officers arrived.

It’s safe to say the couple won’t be taking home any awards for outstanding parenting. In fact, they have now lost custody of their child following the attack, and have been charged with an additional charge of misdemeanor child abuse.

Sheehy has been released on bail, while Bates continues to rot in jail for violating his parole.


The 63 and 45-year-old victims are currently recovering from their injuries.


  • All trash bro, sad

  • mu_linlin7

    Let’s do the math here: this couple, consisting of a 24-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman, has a four-year-old child. That means the child was conceived when the man was 20 and the woman was 15, yes? I daresay that’s a mite illegal.

  • This is terrifying! I hope the couple that was attacked are alright now…

  • Bruce Garner

    The perpetrators appear to be the epitome’ of “white trash.”  Glad the police are on top of this as well as they are.  God help their child.

  • Crystal Henze

    They are just awful people, don’t besmirch the name of white trash because of them most white trash are not that horrendous 

  • Anonymous

    Oh contraire! I don’t put anything past white trash.  I live at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. 98% of our tourists are white trash, and most would just assume spit at you than look at you.

  • My heart and prayers go out to the couple recovering and to the child. If this is how those people react to and treat adults I can only imagine that the child has suffered some kind of abuse in the past. Such a sad display. 🙁

  • they beat up a 63 year old man!? seriously, it was bad before, but where is someone’s head is anything like this okay!?

  • Andy b

    You have no idea if they’re “white trash.”
    What is the definition of “White trash?”
    Because I don’t think someone who lives in a house on Virginia Beach has any concept of what “white trash” is other than what they see on TV.
    I grew up with people most would call “white trash” but they’re the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    Making the assumption that all people who are “white trash” are rude and cruel, is the same as others making the assumption that all gays are perverted and pedophiles. 
    Don’t discriminate against anyone.
     For if we want equality then we must stop discrimination based on race, religion, sex, social status, income, sexual orientation, and gender expression/identity.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, my misguided friend, you assume that I live directly on the beach- and I do not.  I live “at the oceanfront,” as do many other people who earn below the poverty line.  And to answer your first question: “What is the definition of white trash?”  My own personal definition would be a caucasian who is lewd, lascivious, obscene, and inconsiderate (so, not necessarily poor- think Sarah Palin.)  

    Furthermore, if you’re going to enter “grown-up” public discourse, it’s more apt to suggest logical actions, rather than command people to do/not do something. The latter sounds ignorant.

    For instance, you might say “It is unwise to discriminate because we are already victims of discrimination, and should know better.”  (Even though I wasn’t practicing discrimination or prejudice, I was merely making a statement of observation that did not paint a particular group with a characteristic.)

    It seems like you are learning about discrimination/prejudice/inequality in some sort of Sociology 101 course at a state university or high school; and I applaud you for applying this knowledge. However, I urge you to use rhetoric wisely, and carefully read the statements that you choose to refute.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Bates and Sheehy sound like real high-class people.  What were they doing in Palm Springs?

  • people like this give white trash a bad name

  • they look like that could be related. eww! scum!

  • as a mother myself i hope she never gets her child back… i try to protect my kid from crap like this… not expose it..