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Pastor Ken Hutcherson: Gay Marriage Is A Cobra That Wants To Kill Straight People

“DOMA to me is kind of like the cobra, the pet cobra, whose had seven owners. And every owner he has had, he has bitten, and they have died. And all of a sudden this cobra shows up at your house and is asking you to be its new owner.”

Yeah, DOMA is kiiiiind of like that. Except not at all.

“If we do not defend DOMA in every state and every country and every nation that same-sex marriage has been passed, there are things that will happen. There are things that comes [sic] along. There’s an impossibility for you and I to understand that same-sex marriage and heterosex marriage can stand equally on the same plane.”

Wait, what? First of all, that’s not how DOMA works. American federal laws are the legal backbone for the American legal system. There is no DOMA abroad. Also, every country and every nation? Hee!

And an overarching secondly here, what in high hell is this man trying to say? Things will happen? Things?! And these things with come along? Things on a plane?

Ohhhh. I think I see where this is going. Cobras, things, plane…

gay blog: pastor ken hutcherson, gay news, anti-gay, DOMA, marriage equality, gay marriage, same-sex
"I've had it with these motherfucking same-sex marriages on this motherfucking plane!"

Ah yes. It’s all so clear to me now. Hutcherson goes on to warn that once DOMA is repealed, bigoted religious leaders will be sent to prison (Uh…only if you commit a crime, pal) and that there will be no less than a “complete breakdown of the family.” Really? If a law banning gays from marrying is the only glue holding your family together, I would suggest it’s hardly much of a family at all. The final feather in the cap however, is Hutcherson advising his flock to fast until DOMA is enforced again.

That’s right, Christians should starve themselves so gays can’t marry.

What do you think of Pastor Hutcherson’s pearls of wisdom about same-sex marriage?

  • I’d like to ask this dude if we should roll back to laws prohibiting his inter-racial marriage.

  • The thing that got me was…doesn’t he mean “gay marriage” is the cobra? Because if DOMA is the cobra, doesn’t that mean the terrible, discriminatory, unconstitutional law is going to knock on your door (can snakes even knock on doors? I mean, they don’t have hands) and tell you (can cobras are speak?) that it won’t kill you, but actually will?

    This actually looks like a consciously produced video. Didn’t he…I don’t know, write a script, practice it, run it by some friends, maybe do some edits? At first I couldn’t tell whether he was pro- or anti-gay because he can’t seem to get his metaphors straight (<–pun).

  • I was wondering where Hutch was at. This guy needs to slither back under the rock from where he came. He is a narrow-minded, homophobic stupidhead, as Lilo would say.

    I would like to know how many marriages that he performed ended up in divorce. Hmm, 50% maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Some straight people can seem mentally diseased.

  • Carl Prytula

    Ignorant hateful hot mess! Hate hate hate like blah blah blah . . . just don’t know him, he don’t matter. They can keep saying God says, God hates, Jesus says, Jesus hates. I believe otherwise. What would MLK do? He knew all about us, never hated or rejected us. He was focused on freeing a nation from prejudice. It is a shame that the basic principle has been lost and the loudest fool gets his say! Whatever! There are plenty of churches, preachers and communities that know I am a HUMAN BEING capable of love and commitment. I have a family and have lived with the same person for 20 years! I cannot hate him, it is against my religion!

  • As it turned out, the clock was only set backwards for this poor man.

  • Gurrty

    I was thinking the same thing! Why is he saying DOMA is the cobra, we should be saying DOMA is the cobra, lol!!

  • Gillianne Rountree

    I love how he keeps talking like “marriage” is a sacred union… “Marriage” is a word. It’s not considered a covenential (sp?) union unless both are baptized and believe and repent to the Lord… As far as the “things” that will happen… you mean, people who love each other can be recognized by the government as being together?! Shut up! Really!? It frustrates the heck out of me that people who don’t really love each other, as long as they’re heterosexual, can marry and no one questions it. If someone told me that I couldn’t marry my partner, I’d be furious! There’s no logical explanation for this law, and it should be overturned. It’s basis is purely based on a religious belief that has been manipulated so many times that it probably doesn’t even mean what it did initially. As a highly spiritual person, and a heterosexual… this guy makes me sick. Keep fighting for what you believe is right, and it all will fall into place. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should take some of his rights away sense he does not believe in civil rights for “ALL”
    Like they stripped us of the right to marry who we chose.

    Idea! They have Cobra snakes in Egypt and they are homophobic. We should all chip in and buy him a ticket. So he can go tame the Cobra snakes.

  • Adam Kuglin

    Was anyone able to decipher any of his metaphors in that? I’m just completely lost.

  • Micheal G Groshong

    I would not waste a thought on this pastor. His rant is irrational. He is a “mad-dog” and there is a common fate for such critters.

  • yahoo-7W64Z627RKTEMZGV2EYAMF76O4

    I wonder what would happen if he went back to his native rural Anniston, Alabama and lobby for the state to encourage inter racial relationships

  • yahoo-7W64Z627RKTEMZGV2EYAMF76O4

    Before this man say what someone stands for he of all people should know what it is we had to stand against, this man is a creep, coward,. and hypocrite just like a person who has been release from prison the first thing they do is hide behind the Bible claiming they are a changed person