Martin Shkreli, Pharma douche, poop

Pharma Douche Martin Shkreli Literally Hit in the Face With Poop (Video)

Martin Shkreli and Milo Yiannopoulos spent 2016 becoming cartoon villains—Yiannopoulos by leading a racist troll army on Twitter and Shkreli by jacking up the price on HIV medication—so it makes sense that the two are touring together on Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Faggot speaking tour. The two were set to speak at the University of California Davis on Friday night, but protestors prevented it from happening. Yiannopoulos didn’t show up, but Shkreli did, and during the protests, one of the protestors hit Shkreli in the face with poop while yelling, “You piece of shit!” Oh, literal puns.

Here’s video of it:


Right-wingers will undoubtedly use this incident as an illustration of how left-wing protestors shut down free speech, and they’re right. The response to hate speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech, and flinging poop isn’t speech, it’s assault. Then again, we’ve been dealing with Shkreli’s shit for about a year now; perhaps the protestor felt it was time Shkreli dealt with some of theirs.

  • asdfsd

    people that hate martin shkreli (formerly one of these people) simply haven’t heard the man out on his arguments. he makes a lot of sense. total hypocrisy to vilify this man.

  • Waqas


  • Waqas

    Good job haha

  • FYF

    Someone here is trolling hard, I see.

  • John Shoemaker

    You people are trash low life pondscum. I would kicked your fucking ass

  • Max

    He’s still a better person than than your average protester.

  • Ossiewolf

    please end your life.

  • Noel C.

    You can always leave the USA if you don’t believe in our CONSTITUTIONAL right to free speech.

  • Noel C.

    John John John, SI you are siding with a millionaire who was raising drug prices? I take it you are wealthy or never need medicine? They should had flying urine as well.

  • Rob Fletcher

    I agree he has a point to make. WhatzI don’t agree with is who he is hurting to make his point. He is no hero playing the game this way.

  • C A N N E O

    Protesting is also excersizing the 1st admendement. It’s not censorship.

  • AKA Your average Breitbart commenter

  • Ossiewolf

    Not really. not a big fan of Milo.

  • Steven Nicks

    You get what you give ?

  • Jennifer

    Claiming fascism while shutting down a free speech event and assaulting someone with feces. Totally makes sense, guys.

  • James_Wolfe

    Pretty sure nobody claimed Martin Shmuckatelly was a fascist, just a scumbag, try another strawman. Also the people protesting are just using their free speech as well, to let him know he’s human garbage.

  • Joey Lopez

    because everyone noticing fascism, you know like the Pope, and Rep John Lewis, stood there and put feces on this guy. Jennifer, how do you know this guy with the poop was even against fascism? what if he was just some crazy person? you know, like republicans always claim the shooter is when it’s an american who murders dozens of children because responsible gun owners aren’t bad, just single crazy people. Let’s make a deal, you stop generalizing so much and think critically, and I’ll stop using hyperbolic analogies to make my point, deal?

  • Joey Lopez

    you’re protesting here hon

  • Terry

    I just can’t with this person…

  • Joni Pelkonen

    You do realise that your kind always give yourselves up not by who you accuse of what ever, but by who you refuse to accuse of anything at all? Like Hitler, for example.

  • Joni Pelkonen

    You probably haven’t seen protesters outside of the computer screen in your parents basement. Or seen sunlight, for that matter.

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot

    He is a dirtbag.

  • DeeDeeKing

    @ JohnShoemaker – I highly doubt it. But I’d love to see you try, pussy. 😉

  • burphelsonAFB

    Thank you right wing media for your two decades of non-stop hate and venom spewing 24/7, creating the political divide and a toxic Washington climate where nothing gets done, even voting on a SC nomination. Talkin’ to you Rush and Anne Coulter, Hannity, etc. YOU have created an environment where civil discourse and protest have been replaced by violence, name-calling and acts like this that never would have happened 20 years ago. Shame on you.

  • Waqas

    Typical white pride suicidal thoughts eh.

  • Ossiewolf

    Wtf does the color of my skin have to do with this?
    Did George Soros pay you to cause racial tension? I bet you’re right up the alley of Aids Skrillex and Carl the Cuck. Fucking beta.
    I’ll have you know, my dad’s from Asia.
    I don’t have to sit here and listen to some racist loser.

  • Noel C.

    Go help your mom change her pannies 😉