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Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why

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Philly’s pride flag is about to get a makeover.

Philadelphia is redefining the LGBT pride flag as we know it. The city has a launched a new campaign, “More Color More Pride,” adding one black and one brown stripe to the traditional six colored rainbow. The new design will be, from top to bottom: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The website for the “More Color More Pride” campaign reads:

In 1978, artist Gilbert Baker designed the original rainbow flag. An iconic symbol of LGBTQ+ unity. So much has happened since then. A lot of good, but there’s more we can do. Especially when it comes to recognizing people of color in the LGBTQ+ community. To fuel this important conversation, we’ve expanded the colors of the flag to include black and brown. It may seem like a small step. But together we can make big strides toward a truly inclusive community.

Tierney, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, approached the Office of LGBT Affairs with the new design.

G Philly’s Ernest Owens reported on the new flag before the city officially made its announcement.

Owens reported:

“The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community,” said one source involved with the flag-raising event who asked not to be named. “With all of the black and brown activism that’s worked to address racism in the Gayborhood over the past year, I think the new flag is a great step for the city to show the world that they’re working toward fully supporting all members of our community.”

A spokesperson for the event would not confirm the new design, but in a statement described the flag reveal as “a special, can’t-be-missed unveiling and raising of a brand-new Pride flag which promises to be a step toward inclusivity, to spur dialogue within the community, and to impact the worldwide conversation.”

Amber Hikes, the city’s director of LGBT Affairs, told the Philadelphia Gay News, “Seeing an image like this flag instills so much pride in me as a queer black woman. When I see the flag, I feel like I see myself.”

Hikes says the extra stripes are “simple, but remarkable.”

“The new design is a symbolic representation of Philadelphia’s commitment to centering the experiences, contributions, activism and dedication of black and brown members of our community,” Hikes continues. “To me, this flag says: ‘We see you. We honor you. We celebrate you. You’re not just a part of us. You are us.’”

Watch this video explaining the new pride flag:

What do you think of the flag?

  • Mark Dobbins

    Good news.

  • Ronnie Garcia

    They want to include the black and brown members of the community. That’s great. It really is. Are they suggesting that there are green and blue members of the community? Aliens and Smurfs, perhaps? Say it with me now; R-A-I-N-B-O-W.

  • The flag design already wasn’t the full ROYGBIV spectrum, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here, sweets.

  • Tom Smith

    I’m very confused about this, The Pride Flag is about meaning for ALL, NOT RACE or color!
    If your going to add Black and Brown what about White and Tan ?

  • Unfortunately, white people take up an excessive amount of space and ignore the reality that QPoC are far more affected than most of us these days, Tom. The fact that you think there needs to be “white” in the flag as some sort of need for equivalence is really telling.

    Black men who have sex with men are at a 1:2 risk of HIV infection, but white MSM are at 1:44 risk. This isn’t a fluke of genetics, but rather in how we approach (or in this case don’t approach) communities of color as opposed to being “color-blind” in our approach, which really ignores the many biases we have setup in our systems as a result of being in the position of power within our own marginalized communities.

  • Tom Smith

    YOU clearly missed my point !
    Every Color of the Flag has a meaning !

  • Michael Sprague

    What he is getting at is the rainbow flag already encompasses all races and colors. Why should one race or color be singled out?

  • Tom Smith

    Just incase you don’t understand

    red: stands for courage;
    orange: offers the vision of possibilities;
    yellow: represents the challenge that GREEN has kindled;
    green: indicates a challenge to co-operators to strive for growth of membership and of understanding of the aims and values of co-operation;
    light blue: suggests far horizons, the need to provide education and help less fortunate people and strive toward global unity.
    dark blue: suggests pessimism: a reminder that less fortunate people have needs that may be met through the benefits of cooperation.
    violet: is the colour of warmth, beauty, and friendship.

  • I got what he was getting at. He was (and you are too) worried about the appearance of what is “equal” as opposed to what is equitable. The fact remains that we treat white as the default and ignore QPoC regularly. Doing this is a sign of recognizing the struggle of QPoC, which is compounded by racism, something white people *do not experience* at all.

  • And we’ve changed and modified the flag numerous times. We’ve placed lambda symbols on it, we’ve placed black and pink triangles and more to represent the struggles others have had within our community. I don’t suppose you’ve said anything then, have you?

    Stop pretending you’re actually concerned with the original message of the flag. You already showed your hand by complaining about white and tan stripes, pun’kin. 🙂

  • Tom Smith

    Your an Idot !
    NO modification’s of the flag ever took up for Race !

  • Right, so there we have it. You’re upset that this is acknowledging the struggles queer Black and Brown people are facing. It’s good to see you at least aren’t afraid to brandish your typical white gaycism in public! 🙂

  • Tom Smith

    Like I said “Your an Idiot”

  • Sure thing, pun’kin. You can spell it however you want, I got your meaning! I’m not a language and grammar prescriptivist, so no judgments here! Your original insult came in loud and clear, just like your racism. 😀

  • Tom Smith

    I’m sure my Black Partner agree’s with you , he say’s in fact Not he also say’s your an Idiot !
    Have a good day !

  • Did… did you seriously just weaponize your partner’s race as though that has anything to do with it here? Jesus Christ, you’re like a bottomless bussy of racist white gay tropes.

  • Tom Smith

    repeating what he said, sorry you can’t handle it Babe !

  • 1) what your partner says doesn’t negate the fact that you’re racist.
    2) having a partner who happens to be Black doesn’t mean you aren’t racist.
    3) you’ve already shown your racist ass. 🙂

    Truth hurts, but the reality is that you’re upset that white people aren’t included.

  • Lee Torres

    So where’s the tan for Asians and Caucasians then? Can’t seem to see it anywhere. Of course, perhaps it’s because Black people just think they’re the only minority and ignore Asians and Latinos =3

  • Lee Torres

    Not to mention how disgusting it looks. Brown and Black do not fit on that flag. Hell, Instead of adding stupid ugly stripes, pop on a sigil instead. Perhaps the BP fist? It’d certainly look better, but there’s still the problem of it literally just being for Black people.

  • Justin

    Since people are making the flag about race, please add tan and white. Oh, and the new colors are ugly af.

  • Ryan

    Who’s we? You clearly aren’t ignoring QPoC, and good for you. But as an actual QPofC, this flag redesign is ridiculous and petty. The rainbow already represents all the light in the visible spectrum. The symbolism means it represents all people too. You don’t have to add a specific colored stripe for every person of color. Thanks but no thanks

  • That’s a totally valid point. I think a lot of my reaction has more to do with people’s objections to not seeing other “colors” (read: white) represented than say, the actual message in the flag itself.

  • Aaron Matthew Arnwine

    Am I lost. There’s no white stripe so why make it about race?


    Philly does know that the colors of the flag represent ideas right? Why not add one stripe to represent equality or equity amongst all races, being brought under the fold of sexuality? Instead of just adding two stripes for literal races amongst a flag of metaphors.

  • booley

    Asthetically it doesn’t really work. Looks tacked on and breaks the “rainbow” theme. As a gay guy that part probably bothers me most. We couldn’t find any creative gay people to make it look nice?

    But also this seems to have missed the point of the flag. The colors don’t represent skin tones. They represent ideals and values.
    The bear flag does have skin tones. But the rainbow flag’s meaning is more abstract and I dont’ think was ever supposed to have any meaning for just one group of LGBT people.

    Now that isn’t to say there isn’t racism in the gay community. There is.
    In St. Louis we had Black Gay pride for a while because people didn’t feel Pride represented them.
    And obviously not everyone is a bear so it’s not as if PoC can just use that flag instead.

    But adding Black and Brown just to add Black and Brown wont’ fix that.
    Indeed, it opens up it up to other people saying other skin tones should be added, like white.

    Diversity is a good ideal. But how about we add Indigo back in?

  • Rolyn Muad’Dib Chambers

    Uhm. No. As a black man I’ve always felt a part of the rainbow. And where is the white stripe? Or he trans stripe? Or the differently-abled stripe? Come the fuck on?!? It’s a rainbow. Let it be a rainbow.

  • Willie

    This is cool

  • Brent Swapp

    Not long before they make the white queers stand in the back lol

  • disqus_tk6e1XOPLN

    Black men have higher rates of HIV infection because they don’t take sexual responsibility. This is not cause to celebrate or reward them

  • Christopher

    NB: The bear flag represents hair colors, not skin tones.

  • DC

    If you and black and brown then why not white too? Blue, green and orange are not race colors. Also if you add other colors, it is no longer a rainbow, it is just a box of crayola crayons. Dumb nonsensical idea to destroy the rainbow pride flag that has been the flag of gay people. It is a Gay Pride flag, not a race pride flag.

  • DC

    If you and black and brown then why not white too? There are no blue, green, purple and orange race colors. Also if you add other colors, it is no longer a rainbow, it is just a box of crayola crayons. Dumb nonsensical idea to destroy the rainbow pride flag that has been the flag of gay people. It is a Gay Pride flag, not a race pride flag.

  • *whispers* The flag already wasn’t a rainbow since it didn’t include the color indigo, but hey, go wild with the racism.

  • Alf Torres

    I never ever feel misrepresented by the rainbow, actually I feel disrespected by adding more unnecesary colors to the rainbow. I’m latin person. I’m more than the color of my skin

  • Alf Torres

    what about just stop being racist instead of adding nonexistent colours in a rainbow?

  • So, everybody who’s getting extra salt-n-vinegary about this addition knows you have to split white light to see ANY of the other colors in a rainbow, right? White is, shockingly, the default.

    Y’all already have top billing. As usual. You’re safe. Take a breath. Nobody is coming to make you put dark colors on your shiny jackboots.

  • cohen marlow

    >White people take up an excessive amount of space
    Opinion discarded.

  • cohen marlow

    Do we add a Star of David to go the whole 9 yards? :^)

  • JuanCarlos

    I love it when liberals get all cannibalistic on each other.

  • tensacross

    the black and brown are just plopped on top of there, disordering the color spectrum, and meant to symbolize literal races…. as if the other colors do as well!!!
    a first year design student on day one would shit on this stupid flag!!

    not just that but now there’s the implication that the original design is somehow “racist” and didn’t include POC.


  • G Arthur Johnson

    You all get this emotional over the colors of a flag. Really????

  • David Michael

    I like how you skipped the ‘tan’ piece of his statement because it didn’t fit your ‘racism’ narrative.

    Personally, I’m offended by anything less than a color wheel 💅

  • Ka Ige

    No… The six colors is a symbol of inclusion already. It represents everyone. No need to add more colors. I hope this campaign doesn’t get momentum. Im asian by the way.

  • Ka Ige

    I agree

  • 1) “tan” is colloquially used to refer to the brownness of white people’s skin without othering them.
    2) Brown and Black Asian people exist. Brown and Black Latinx people do as well. The only reason someone would say a person is tan and not Brown is to distance themselves from this. Try again. 🙂

  • David Michael

    Oh look, another straw man. Poor scarecrow, if you only had a brain.

  • GrimReaperNZ

    was thinking the same thing

  • Ian

    If the community is so inclusive, what about our conservative or libertarian counterparts? Why do we oust and ostracize them and exclude them? Are they not still part of the community?

  • Sam Dellaway

    This just looks like a rainbow pride flag half mixed with a bear pride flag (already black and every shade of brown). It’s a neat idea but the bear pride flag kinda already has this.

  • alpha232

    I truly value you reply, specifically ” I’m more than the color of my skin”. I believe this response is exactly what needs to be said and I’m not permitted to say it as a White CIS Gay Male.

  • C.D. Random

    You do NOT get to decide what my experiences are, Christopher.

  • cohen marlow

    Don’t be afraid of speaking just because you’re cis or white, you as a person are more than those attributes.

  • tanstaafl

    How does one “happen to be black”?

  • ilCorago

    Great metaphor! I LOVE the idea that we are a box of Crayola crayons! Thanks!

  • Werner Warga

    You really are an idiot.

  • Werner Warga

    The rainbow is a symbol of sexual identity, not racial identity. I’ve read articles where the Asian, South Asian as well as the Indigenous communities experience discrimination. Are we or should we allocate colours for each of these? I’ll also add that I’ve never seen black or brown in an actual rainbow. There is such a thing as striving for absurdity.

  • Gregg

    And if you combine all pigments you end up with black. So, by your logic, black is already represented in the original flag.

    I just think this is a bad idea, taking an iconic symbol that represents ALL queer people and shoehorning race into it. I think the intention to be more inclusive is honorable, but the result seems more divisive to me. Stonewall started with POC. The rainbow flag was never just about white people.

  • Eric Stott

    I suppose I can see the reason, but will this keep going until we end up with a pride checkerboard?
    (yes, I’m white, and I’m 60, and I can’t change that)

  • Meow Mix

    Enter the whiny white people upset that poc who face unique struggles (one being REPRESENTATION even in the gay community), that they (white gays) don’t, getting all upset that someone else was given some level of acknowledgment, and they weren’t. The fact that I have to see racist gay white men tainting the gay community every day, has truly made it hard for me to find the F’s to give about angry white gays on this one. *shrug* You LITERALLY don’t have to use the flag. Some people will, and they will love it. Do you imbecilic queens also go moan at the bear community when they make a flag that had the rainbow combined with the bear flag?

    And remember…. just because you feel represented, does not mean that other person does. If you think POC are equally represented in the gay community, you’re in denial, or you’re complete trash. I don’t care how many gays of color you parade out who feel totaaaallly represented, while ironically not having many friends of color themselves. *sips* That’s like saying bears are equally represented in the gay community. Here is your hint. If they WERE, they would not have had to break off, form their own community, and make their own flag, you imbecile!!

  • Richard Rochelle Pickernell

    I think the colors should be left alone as is. Originally the flag was not for representing race it was to represent unity and community. The Colors also represent everyone, as any blending or mixing of such in vision can also be White, Black, Brown, etc. etc. etc. So I think we are taking away from it’s original purpose and making it a race issue. Let’s not do that. This coming from a Native American and proud to be of the community.

  • Ryan Young

    I understand where you’re coming from, though I do honestly think you’ve misread what people are trying to say. When Tom Smith and others have noted that there were not white or tan stripes, you seem to have understood this as a complaint that including black and brown stripes was *unfair*, but when it comes to Tom, at least, his subsequent clarification makes it clear that that’s not what he was getting at. His point was not that if there were black and brown stripes, we should have to have stripes for all the colors. His point in asking where the white and tan stripes were was to point out that the flag has never been a representation of individuals or communities but rather of the concepts of inclusion and unity; he was arguing that the flag is not currently exclusionary specifically because there are *not* white and tan stripes. It already applies to everyone. It’s not that the new stripes are offensive but that they are simply out of step with the original meaning of the flag. (Of course, one could easily remedy this by assigning the new colors similar abstract principles like the rest of the colors. If the conversation devolved from there into name calling, it’s not entirely surprising, since you immediately jumped to suggesting that he was racist without stopping to make sure you understood his intent. That’s not helpful to anyone. We all need to make an effort to understand one another and seek clear communication rather than assuming we know what the other members of our communities think and need; knee-jerk accusations are the quickest way to shut down that kind of vital open communication and introduce division.

  • Charlie Hatton

    It must be very draining to seek that much offense in everything anyone says quite the way that you have at least here on this post. Whats even more tragic is how grotesque of a SJW stereotype you are. However, if you’re desperate to fuel that nonsense narrative, I guess that works?
    Just kidding, not really. Most of your spins which underlyingly have an anti-white male theme here in this dialog are whimsical and a clear indication of your own prejudices as you’ve been claiming others have incessantly. The gay community has already been incredibly “inclusive” to people of all colors, so Brown and black are redundant and actually are setting to narrow the supposed “inclusiveness”, rather than open it up further. You’d know this if you’ve even remotely had any involvement within the community to any degree that darker individuals are highly welcomed and involved without black and Brown stripes. Leaving it the plain rainbow, leaves it open to anyone and everyone without directing it towards particulars demographics. It gives everyone the freedoms to apply themselves to the concept (regardless of agree or disagree with said concept). It keeps it an idea that can be shared, rather than a tramp stamp on gay dark people who are being favored.
    You’re among the reason why the community isn’t “inclusive” at all, swallowed by that regressive liberal mindset that’s been plaguing society. Y’all make for awesome YouTube cringe videos with your absurd sense of logic, I’ll give you that!
    Even as a fgt, I am incredibly disappointed with the community and it’s nearly cult-like mentalThat!
    Also, come at me with that “you’re racist” nonsense, I love it.

  • Gregory Castro


  • Gregory Castro

    You’re very condescending!

  • soulquest7

    I prefer the original design by Gilbert Baker, which had even more colors than the one you are adding to. He reached for eternal values to symbolize, not minorities of which there are endless ones that will not be represented by black and brown. This is a bad rate idea, and not any kind of aesthetic improvement.

  • Gregory Castro


  • Gregory Castro

    Well said

  • soulquest7

    The original flag had pink, which stands for sexuality.
    Most of your meanings also do not line up with Gilbert Bakes original concepts. Yellow meant healing, for example.

  • soulquest7

    I agree. They don’t understand the original conception of the flag, so the additional colors are simply contradicting the original meaning

  • soulquest7

    So let minorities make their own endless variety of flags, because the original conception by Gilbert Baker was about universal ideals, not race at all.

  • Charlie Hatton

    What’s that mean, lol?

  • !!

    Your responses are amazing!

  • !!

    Because white people have always been openly included without bias in American society.

  • CatoCensored

    Thank goodness the vast majority of you vile degenerates and sodomites won’t breed, and quite a large percentage of you will die of aids.

  • CatoCensored

    Haha your little sodomitical slapfight was hilarious. There’s nothing like victimhood one-upsmanship for lulz

  • chrisbaunach

    You must be confused. It’s Tom who is offended and felt the need to whine about it.

  • Gregory Castro

    I’m agreeing with you.

  • Aaron Matthew Arnwine

    so what? the pride flag isn’t a white person’s flag that was needing change to include PoCs. as a PoC i find this insulting and more value-signalling BS. leave the flag alone and treat everyone fairly who participates. that’s all that’s needed.

  • Charlie Hatton

    Both were offended here. Tom being more blatant in his butthurt, but the ideologies of the Christopher dude is pure stupid, lol.

  • Aaron Matthew Arnwine

    This isn’t about including people of color, it’s about white gay guilt and value signalling. “i’m white and although i’d never talk to you in a gay bar or invite you into our gay clique, i want you to know you’re welcome black man, here’s a stripe for you.”

    UGH. Stop.

  • Gregory Castro

    I just noticed you’re a Californian. That explains so much!

  • Meow Mix

    Or you can stfu, mind your Fing business, and let people include wtf they want on their gay flags.
    A room full of white men ignored the racial struggle within the gay community, and didn’t want to highlight race in order not to not be “divisive”…. SHOCKING!!!! Said no one ever.

  • Gregg

    Show me the conservative politicians who are on the front lines fighting for gay rights. Oh right, there aren’t any. But there are plenty of conservatives working to strip gay rights and go backwards, including the GOP platform. That’s why.

  • Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

    Our flag is about equality for all. It is not about race! I for one am completely against it!!!

  • milomorris

    There is no specific race represented in the current rainbow
    flag, and there never should be any overt racial symbolism added to it. This is
    a totally meaningless move to attempt to soothe the guilt of some white gays
    who have mistreated some black gays. It is the result of infighting.

    If ethnic minorities want more attention, representation, inclusion, “whatever”
    in the gay community, they should stop whining and get out there and earn it.
    Show up. Participate. Stop throwing shade. Nobody automatically gets a seat at
    the table without bringing a dish to share. That’s part of what
    “community” means. Everyone contributes, and everyone reaps the
    benefits. The problem with many in minority populations is that they are under
    the mistaken assumption that inclusion occurs on a categorical level, rather
    than an individual level. While there is some positive group-think around
    categories of people within the broader Progressive social sphere (of which the
    gay orthodoxy is a subset), humans simply do not behave that way on a
    day-to-day basis.

    If whites in the gay community want to communicate to ethnic
    minorities that they are open and willing to offer a seat at the table, this is
    a piss-poor way to do it. They should stop trying to modify their brand.
    Re-branding is hollow and meaningless because it does not solve the problems that
    ethnic minorities are actually encountering in real life. If white gays want the
    trust of ethnic gays, they have to earn it. Stop carding black patrons at doors
    of your bars while white patrons simply walk past the bouncer. Don’t modify
    your vocabulary or accent when you speak to us. Invite us to your parties and special
    events. Nobody is going to want to sit at your table unless there is an open
    seat. That’s part of what “community” means. Everyone is open to giving
    everyone a chance. The problem with many in white populations is that they are
    under the mistaken assumption that broad gestures translate to their own
    personal virtue. Its fine to support various initiatives and talk about
    inclusion, but unless you actually walk the walk, none of those efforts holds
    any real meaning.

    Having said all that, I don’t believe in the rainbow flag.
    It think it is a lie. There are too many types of sexual minorities out there
    that are clearly not included in what the mainstream calls its community. For
    example, those of us who are on the right, or lean to the right politically are
    excluded. And that is only one of many characteristics that will get your gay
    card yanked by the gay orthodoxy. Until every sexual minority—regardless of
    race, voter registration, class, gender expression, etc.– is treated as part
    of that community, the rainbow flag will only every be true for those that fit
    within the cultural boundaries dictated by the mainstream.

  • Tom Smith

    Thank you, that is exactly what I was implying !

  • Gary El Tran I commend folks promoting colored people awareness in the gay community, but I don’t think it’s appropriate in this context. I think the standard 6 color rainbow flag encompasses all the other flags for subcultures in the LGBTQ community. I mean, I think we, the gay people of color, should adopt an official flag to further represent us and our specific gay culture. But for the city to fly that flag alone? That’s a no. Can you imagine City Hall flying just the Bear Flag? Or just the Leather/Kink/Fetish flag? Or just the Bi flag?

    I say fly the 6 Color flag. And if you want, fly (all) the subculture flags to the right of it.

    Similar to the US Flag>Pennsylvania Flag>Philadelphia Flag

  • boweryboy

    Geez. There’s always that one “What about the white people?” white guy when we discuss racial inclusion….

  • MC

    Where’s the White stripe? I gues they’re promoting exclusiveness.

  • boweryboy

    “You’re” or “You are”. If you’re going to call some one an idiot at least get the contraction right.

  • Raffy Quiñones

    queue whingeing white people in 3… 2… … wow I didn’t even get to 1.

  • Ryan

    Stupid. Not going to Philly Pride. I’m glad smurfs are represented though with the blue stripe.

  • James Curty

    Absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Clearly there are no purple or blue people. The rainbow flag is symbolic of being all inclusive. What’s next, adding a white stripe too? The stripes were never meant to represent skin color. It’s mean to to be a metaphor.

    Way to ruin the history. Now instead of being ALL inclusive, the flag will be REPRESENTATIVE of just RACE. It was NEVER intended to be so narrow. It’s a shame that narrow minded people will now make it so.

  • James Curty

    He wasn’t complaining about white and tan stripes, he was making the point that this is inconsistent and used the example of white and tan stripes to illustrate how UNNECESSARY AND REDUNDANT adding black and brown stripes is. Don’t be so dense and defensive.

  • James Curty

    I’m puzzled as to why you think the flag as is doesn’t already acknowledge the struggles of queer PoC. The flag is supposed to represent the LGBTQ+ community collectively and ALL struggles of each member of the community.

  • Rosen Otter

    It’s a good thing we’ve been able to fix all of the city’s race problems by modifying a beloved symbol that wasn’t racist in the first place.

    I foresee the time when the pink triangle is called racist because it’s pink, all historical context stripped from it.

  • James Curty

    He wasn’t saying what about the white people. He was illustrating how redundant it was by saying what’s next…..adding all colors of all people, and then used white and tan as examples.

    I’m disappointed at how many 2 dimensional people are here discussing a 3 dimensional topic.

  • Matt S

    Chris, you are without a doubt the biggest cuck/faggot i’ve ever witnessed on here. You are definitely without a doubt the biggest moron on this website. I’m sick of the racism towards whites and any ethnicity and you’re just another example of how it’s perpetuated.

  • James Curty

    Rolyn – yours is the best response here! I’m differently abled and feel completely included by the rainbow.

  • James Curty

    No. He was pointing out that it’s a metaphor for all inclusive that needs no further explaining or redundancy.

  • Matt S

    lol same. i’m just trollin on here

  • Matt S

    liberalism isn’t about tolerance, it’s a hate disease. They are a fascist regime that needs to be ended

  • Matt S

    i love when you liberals fight each other, it’s hysterical

  • Matt S

    lmao AMEN TO THAT

  • James Curty

    I’d like to know who died and left Christopher the arbitor of this alleged “we” of which he so confidently speaks on behalf.

    “We” treat white as the default….did you take a survey? Empirical data to support this? Seem so subjective to say the least.

  • James Curty

    Ryan – so eloquently framed.

  • Rosen Otter

    Did we have a choice between, for example, better training for the police or this? Or prison reform or this? Or jobs programs or a new rainbow flag?

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Please be my friend. You made the white gays mad and Im here for it. Just look at them pissed at these truths you droppin. THey can’t take it!!

    I’m finding you on facebook!!

  • boweryboy

    Then why didn’t he just say that instead of relying on some one else to interpret his words?

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Some (not all) White gays dont want inclusion. Some of them want to remain at the top of the social totem pole and any conversation about change or inclusion is met with resistance….AFter all, they may be gay but they are still white men. The only thing that sepeaates them from white straight men is who they sleep with.

    I am here for the white gay men who are gathering the white gay racist men and showing them their stupidity.

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    ANd now black and brown colors are a part of the rainbow..WHy is this an issue? I dont get it.

  • This is terrible.

    The colors of the pride flag have symbolic meaning.

    Also, while it stands for the LGBTQ community as a whole, Lesbians, Transgendered people, and bisexuals have since adopted their own flags, making the rainbow flag almost exclusively identified with gay men.

    The colors of the Pride flag stand for principles EVERYONE needs in their lives. Adding colors for races of people, while not including all races of people, is a slap in the face to gay men who died fighting HIV/AIDS and the bigoted preachers–white, brown, and black–who mocked us.

    Shame on Philadelphia. On behalf of my dead brothers–shame.

  • Because those symbolize races of people while the other colors represent ideas.

  • Frances Lavender

    ‘White’ lesbian here, and I’m OK with it. The more color, the better, I say!

  • Aldo Eliel Martinez

    no no no no!!! include black and brown?! cmon! the flag is supposed to represent what LGBTQ means, not the SKIN COLORS of those who are LGBT! AND it totally messes with the concept of “RAINBOW!!” there is no skin color in rainbow! Gosh, ppl wanting to be more and more and MORE specific about inclusivity is nitpicking! If that’s the case, include a White stripe for albinos, a copper stripe, gosh this is stupid. I’m “brown” myself, but dont like to be labeled as “brown”! Don’t destroy an iconic symbol by adding racial skin profiling into it!!!

  • Scott Watts

    So it WAS all inclusive being a rainbow. Now its singling out races as if to say.. “We are gay and proud.. and so are you Black and Brown people.” Yea.. that makes it so much more “friendly”

  • Lee Torres

    By the way Chris, love how you ignore every comment that has an actual argument against this and isn’t just white folks whining about not being included.

    Professional as fuck.

  • Allen Connor-Hodges

    Seems like the extra stripes represent how black and brown need a separate space on the flag…it depeciates the value of unity that the rainbow itself represents.

  • Tom Smith

    My big misunderstanding update, I thought Philly was trying to replace the Rainbow Flag and make this the official Flag for all within the Gay Community, not understanding this was just a Philadelphia City Flag..
    Thank’s to a friend for clarifying this I am now in full support and understand it better !
    Sorry for anyone getting NOT understanding my previous comment and taking my word’s out of context but had this info been given clearer I would not have voiced my confused opinion.
    I now understand better and accept this Flag design for witch it stand’s.

  • Tom Smith

    Thank you for understanding…

  • Tom Smith

    Maybe because you read into it where you should Not have !

  • boweryboy

    Or maybe because James Curty’s interpretation of your comment was not your intention!

  • Aj Reddy

    The colors do not represent the races rather they represent our diversity. So it is simply a misguided PC thing to add black and brown to our flag. Philly pride organizers are beyond stupid. They have no right to fuck with our flag. What next?

  • Cynthia Ann Velazquez

    Oh yes! so glad you said that. to me , rainbows include everyone.

  • Mike

    No doubt Rolyn!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Well, there goes Gilbert’s original concept of inclusion. By adding race into the flag colours, no matter what side you come down on, the original meaning is now moot. It will now become solely about race. Some will see this as a positive, others a negative; personally I find it unfortunate because Gilbert was specific as to what the rainbow meant. Oh well, what’s done is done, the only question that remains now is: how much more division can those on the regressive left and those on the far right create in our community in their righteous crusades to balkanize the community further. I can’t wait until religion get’s thrown in there somehow, that’ll really cause a stir…don’t kid yourselves, you know it’ll be the next thing on the block. I’m thankful Gilbert didn’t live to see this, knowing him as I did, he would be disheartened.

  • Aj Reddy

    The colors do not represent the races rather they represent our diversity. So it is simply a misguided PC thing to add black and brown to our flag. Philly pride organizers are beyond redemption. Nice way to disrespect Gilbert Baker just a few months after he died. They have no right to mes with our flag, they don’t own it. And btw, the pride flag is adopted by gays all over the world from Asia to Africa to Antarctica. America does not own the flag. The gays of the world do. And they do not have our race politics. Do not confuse and defile this powerful worldwide symbol just so some of you can scratch your feelgood itch.

  • BO

    It’s good to see perspective. I feel like a bunch of white people come up with this stuff with good intentions. I agree with you. The rainbow should include everyone already. Even though there are LGB that hate on the Trans and black community it doesn’t mean we aren’t already part of the flag. Even though I secretly hate rainbows anyway lol. You hit the nail on the head when you said where are the other colors. It is wonderful to have community with “our people” but sometimes it is nice to just feel included and feel like we are a unity without having to have some other special branding added.

  • lollimom50
  • The LGBT rainbow was never meant to be about race. This is the kind of grandstanding that intensifies racism and reinforces prejudiced attitudes.

  • Gayness isn’t about skin colour and co-opting gayness to make a racial statement is an act of racism. If the gay flag has included a white stripe (and an asian one and a native american one) then it would make some degree of sense, but it doesn’t.

  • well pun’kin… Telling all the white, native and Asian people to sit in the back of the bus definitely shows our stripes. Racism comes in every colour and yours is showing.

  • Diavolos

    So you are telling us that black people are so stupid that they get HIV 1/4 while white people are smarter and they know how to avoid it thus it is 1/44

    This is not discrimination you idiot, this is stupidity. And you are giving them a stripe for what… for a prize that they get more HIV?

    Seriously, a rainbow is a rainbow, and it has the basic 7 colours of it, everyone fits in. The moment you turn the rainbow flag into politics you simply ruined it.

  • Madpangolin

    Well honestly, the entirety of PRIDE and Drag were stolen ideas from brown and black people. I think this is just trying to recognize how much of gay culture is black culture.

  • It would look better if the black stripe was added to the bottom. It would look better there, as purple is the darkest color of the flag. It would be a smooth progression. Brown would not be a good addition…there is no place where it would blend in.
    That said, I think the rainbow flag we have now works well. It is not broken, and does not need to be fixed.

  • He must be a top, and stick his racist bone in someone else’s body.

  • Barbara Link

    I remember the Rainbow coalition and was a “member” of that by supporting/voting for Jesse Jackson way back when. Flags are SYMBOLIC, not literal. Rainbows symbolize all aspects of a whole, in this case all shades and permutations of sexuality, not skin color.

  • Andre Weyher

    Way to exclude Asian and native Americans, racist bigots!!!!

  • Giblet Head

    Never seen a rainbow that had black or brown.

  • Giblet Head

    Log Cabin Republicans?

  • SadButTrue

    Well stated.

  • SadButTrue

    Get real. Please provide proof of your claims, oh, that’s right. You can’t.

  • SadButTrue

    Seems the racist one here is you.

  • Rolyn Muad’Dib Chambers

    Thank you.

  • I like this explanation. The colors of the pride flag DO NOT represent a race or nationality or ethnicity!!! It represents an attitude, a feeling, an emotion, EQUALITY. Red = LIFE, Orange = HEALING, Yellow = SUNLIGHT, Green = NATURE, Blue = SERENITY, and Violet = SPIRIT. The original flag, created by Gilbert Baker and included Pink = SEX, and Turquoise = MAGIC/ART. Where in here do you see a nationality or ethnicity??? Leave the black and brown OUT!!!

  • SadButTrue

    That’s your assumption. You seem to be one of those people that see racism in everything no matter the circumstance. You are the problem, not the solution.

  • Kassandra Sivils

    What about Native Americans? Or Asians? Are colors going to be added to represent these groups? What about Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders?
    The reason it’s a rainbow is to SHOW inclusiveness. If we start adding colors just for each demographic, how are hairs going to be split to represent and please all groups? What about those of us who are of mixed ethnicity? What color will represent us?

  • RJ Angelico

    I mean NO DISRESPECT to anyone, but first the black and brown stripe is ugly (for one); and two, the reason the flag is a “rainbow” (in my opinion anyway) is because it signifies that no matter what diverse colors there are, they unite in the most beautiful way. I see the LGBT flag as unity among PEOPLE (no matter the color, religion, shape, etc.)… So Philly, I’M SORRY to break it to you, but #epicfail on the additions.

  • SadButTrue

    You forget the orange ompa lumpa currently in the White House 🙂

  • Frank

    I don’t think this is a good idea. Reading the comments proves this will cause division inside the LGBT community, which is exactly the opposite of the flags original meaning of bringing us all together. Also, how many rainbows have black and brown in them. I completely agree that POC need to be represented in the LGBT community, but IMHO this is not the way to do it.

  • Shane Riley

    This is bullshit. The gay community has always been inclusive to all colors of people. The rainbow in and of itself doesn’t depict anyone’s skin color but rays of acceptance to all people. Love is is love remember? I, as a gay man am very offended by this and insulted. I don’t know one gay person who has ever discriminated against someone’s skin color or made someone of color feel less welcome. Philly has this all wrong. Next thing you know, Crayola is going to want to add Magenta, Burnt Sienna and all that shit too.

  • Alexander Wrinkle

    The Rainbow Flag represents how beautiful diversity is when it is SEPARATED. Mixed is ugly.

  • Frank

    No, it doesn’t. The colors blend to make new colors. For example, red and yellow mix to make orange.

  • SadButTrue

    Don’t confuse people with facts.

  • SadButTrue

    And black churches are often even more anti-gay then white churches (which are bad enough as it is). Culturally the black community tends to be less open about admitting that they are gay.

  • Steel_Man

    How FUCKING ridiculous are we going to GET?! Some things don’t need “fixing”.

  • uhhuhh

    I’d say it has more to do with the bigotry that pervades the black church, but I get that the far-left ideology requires self-flagellation and forbids criticism of the anti-gay prejudice of higher-ranking victim classes.

  • uhhuhh

    And you’re a pathetic caricature of far-left victimhood ideology, right down to the repellent sanctimony.

  • uhhuhh

    Because Christopher is member of the SJW cult, he has taken a vow that forbids him from ever mentioning anti-gay bias in other minority groups.

  • uhhuhh

    He’s a sad caricature of a sanctimonious and condescending Social Justice Warrior. Somehow they bizarrely convinced themselves that spitting in other people’s faces is an effective method of advocacy.


    This is dumb the rainbow flag currently does not represent skin colors and should not. It is prefect the way it is and already represents equal rights to include everybody. Adding the new colors will take away from it’s meaning. Plus it’s a rainbow and rainbow’s don’t have brown and black so why would we change what it is in nature just to include groups that I already consider part of our rainbow family.

  • Drag emerged from the cross-dressing of trans-women in underground bars and clubs. As trans people come in all colors, it’s irrational to claim that drag emerged from only race or a group of races. Many men have been known to dress as women throughout history.

    And in truth, for a very long time, black people and gay whites shared many social spaces including underground bars and clubs. The best introduction to this is actually a graphic novel. “Stuck Rubber Baby” by Howard Cruse. Cruse did his research and the book’s great.

    The divide between gay whites and black people came as a result of radical white supremacists enforcing Jim Crow laws and “bashing queers for good measure.” It was too dangerous for black folks to hang out with white gays; it was too dangerous for whites to hang out with blacks. They had to segregate themselves for their own good and we’ve all been paying the price ever since.

    But when you look at the social space of the bar in both gay and black America, you’ll often a dance floor. Dancing was always integral to the shared culture and it was retained in both spaces after the split.

    And while both houses jumped at night, their musical tastes drifted apart. And that’s the cause of the rift today. Both places have dance floors, but folks dance to different music.

    We’ve got to open the bars more willingly, yes. But we also have to respect the fact that most black guys probably don’t want to dance to the latest mashup of Gaga and Army of Lovers.

  • grizzygrrl

    No one is taking away your 6-color flag. This new flag highlights QPoC in Philadelphia, just as other queer flags highlight other subsets of the community.
    This flag is very meaningful to a number of people. If it isn’t meaningful to you, you are under no obligation to fly it, and it doesn’t impede on your life in any way.
    There is enough space in the queer community for all people to be represented and appreciated.

  • uhhuhh

    Nice misogynist slur, Lord Sanctimony Toward Everyone Else.

  • uhhuhh

    Yes, it was—once we dumped the unsightly pink that interrupted the spectrum.

  • Zena O’Brien

    This is retarded. Intersectionality is one of the most narcissistic ideologies I’ve ever seen. Not to mention they all have a major victim mentality and believe there are country-wide advantages and disadvantages for various groups.

  • uhhuhh

    The design is hideous. Totally destroys the color spectrum of the flag.

    But, by all means, spit sanctimony, as if that ever succeeded in persuading anybody. We’ve all had a Victimhood Studies class, okay? Thanks.

  • uhhuhh

    Get off your victimhood soapbox. The design is hideous. I don’t want any damn white stripe. There is nothing exclusionary about a rainbow, and I happen not to think the emblematic spectrum should be changed for any damn thing.

  • uhhuhh

    The pink was garish. Totally disrupted the spectrum.

  • uhhuhh

    The other groups created a different flag. They didn’t force new stripes onto the rainbow flag.

    Under no obligation? Oh, whatever. Next step will be “calling out” anybody with the standard rainbow flag as racist for not adding whatever stripe each victimhood activist pouts for. No.

  • uhhuhh

    Queue victimhood sanctimony as a tactic for dismissing every view but yours. Sorry. Over those little games.

  • uhhuhh

    Are you done with your victimhood tantrum? Good. There is nothing exclusionary about a rainbow in the first place. It already DOES acknowledge everybody. Oh, and next up will be shrieking that anybody who keeps using the standard flag is prejudiced for not adding whatever new stripe, color, logo, or statement each militant activist group demands. No.

  • Michael Andrew John

    This is either a highly calculated move or a very poor decision. This is a conversation needed right now. NO to the flag modification and YES to conversation and action of strengthening the equality of our community.

    We all need to be reminded of the intent and purpose of our strong and universal symbol. The colors and stripes each had a meaning and purpose that displays unity, uniqueness and hope. None of which representing a single race or nation. The addition of 2 different and dull, in comparison, components that represents a race or minority only singles those who feel as such and represents them as less than. The alteration contradicts, the real meaning and story of equality that it already represents.

    Even though i disagree with changes I don’t want to cast any shade onto the conversation Philly Pride intended. There is a real story that needs to be looked at and taught to all communities. We need to utilize the value and lesson each color of the emblem we fly over our heads serves. Especially before we loose the social media spot light.

  • Travis Trombley

    I really couldn’t wait to finish reading the article to view the comments section. I really hate rainbows, and would really prefer a less garish, or cheaper to print symbol for our movement. Having that said, I can tell you that this a gorilla in the room in almost every social space except for college towns. and diverse bastions like New York city. I applaud the addition of an extra stripe or two, from the perspective a cis white man, because it really is a very simple gesture, but just controversial enough to start the conversation. It’s a conversation that is hard to start as a white male, I don’t want to be the first person in a room to admit that I notice the crowd is disproportionately white. I understand how people of color do not want attention brought to their race, so I implore all LGBT+ of color to tell me how to bring up the disparity of focus and resources of our seemingly separated LGBT+ communities, without focusing on race? I can’t wait for Motor City (Detroit) Pride this year, so I can discuss this? I personally think that we could simplify our logo to just pink, it works for gender non-binary, lesbians, gay men, trans as a representation of where you are going or coming from in transition, Planned Parenthood supporters, and feminists/women’s marchers. I am too ignorant about intersex/two-spirit to guess if pink would work as a viable color representation, but I plan to find out. Something needs to change, because the cost to print shirts, flyers, or cards with more than 3 colors is pretty cost-prohibitive…

  • Jack Fyrebourne

    I smell a big payday coming for the makers of Pride merchandise, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with this…*cough*

  • Michael La Rocca

    I believe we as a community and even a Nation are trying to be way too politically correct. The rainbow represents “All” people When you combine certain colors like red and blue together you get purple. The rainbow is all of us, no matter what color, standing together as one body. I believe the brown and black is more exclusionary than inclusive. As a gay man who has been “out” for 44 years, I also feel there are too many letters in LGBTQIA. I can’t keep up. And, if I can’t keep up, how can we hope to believe that the politicians who are on our side going to be able to? Keep it simple.

  • grizzygrrl
  • Madpangolin

    Yes the idea of drag came up in all cultures. but current drag culture, vogueing, all that, is black culture… I agree with everything else you said. Aside from the fact that white gays tried to make a StoneWall riot movie a few years ago and erased the black and brown trans/drag people who actually started and organized it…

  • James Curty

    Because black and brown are not natural colors of the rainbow. Black is the absence of color and brown is a combination of two other colors on the spectrum. It makes no sense in terms of what the rainbow is naturally and what it represents in this context. The rainbow already encompasses all in its natural state. That’s why it was chosen. Have you ever looked up at the sky after a storm and seen a rainbow with black and brown in it? No and you never will. Seeing this altered rainbow makes me think of division, not unity and inclusion. It’s awful.

  • James Curty

    If you’re talking about the ball culture of NYC, you couldn’t be more wrong. The entirety of PRIDE? For real? Pride celebrates our community AS A WHOLE rising up and taking a stand – specifically sparked by the Stonewall Riots. PoC were certainly an important part of that, but not exclusively. We owe a large part of our movement to the Drag community. Drag can be found in cultures going way back to Greek and Roman times. In the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, pantomime dames became a popular form of female impersonation in Europe. This was the first era of female impersonation in Europe to use comedy as part of the performance, as opposed to the serious Shakespearean tragedies and Italian operas where it was also prevalent.

    So yeah, there’s that.

  • James Curty

    The Whitewashing of that Stonewall movie was a ruination of the actual history of our Stonewall. I agree with that. I boycotted the movie personally, and have no desire to see it. There are other more accurate telling of the history for us and the world.

    But you used the word “entirety” and the phraseology you used was inaccurate. The culture you reference is so much more than mere voguing etc. This explanation I agree with though. Paris is Burning showed much of what you are talking about, and the stars got little for it. They are still a large part of our history in spite of this, and for what it’s worth, they are every bit of why we all as a community should be proud. Their strength in the face of adversity is what we’ve all faced in some form or another, which is why so many in our community have embraced the voguing etc because it is really just an outward expression of the more important aspects of the culture that align with the overall culture of our diverse community. Strength in the face of adversity. The base that ties us all together, in spite of the adversities being quite different for each of us. And so, we’ve embraced that which we celebrate and hold dear, which is completely different than appropriating it. If you want to talk appropriation of voguing, I suggest you contact Madonna. That’s where your issue really lies.

  • Norton

    I hope this does not cetch on. It’s terrible and it’s a very sad thing.

  • Jason’s Brain

    Are we going to become devisive over this as well?
    There are other things to be arguing about…

  • Charles Sherwood Morrill

    Pride was never about any one race. It was all inclusionary. If you wanted to use the original flag then you should have, it had 8 or 9 colors. But no you just made pride racist and you choose to but the colors on top instead of following the light spectrum of the rainbow. Which means you intentionally made it racist. Great job

  • tgbx

    Tokenist SJW bullshit.

  • Greg Highfill

    How about adding a grey stripe for all of us old queers that nobody wants?

  • The Mule

    I recently read about the original flag, it had two other colors that were dropped already. Each color represents a concept, not a race. This seems weird to me. I guess in the end it will be up to the people who use this flag to decide what version to use.

  • Greg Halpen

    I think it is a great way to express inclusion. Not sure what people’s disdain towards it is about. Goes deep, I’m sure. This isn’t a bad thing.

  • Greg Halpen

    No, I’m white and we don’t need a stripe. Whites have and continue to do damage. I think this is a wonderful way of inclusion, not division. Not sure what people’s disdain is towards this. I think people need to look deep within before reacting.


    Yeah, we are all gonna pass on this. The flag is perfect. No special stripes for two races while ignoring the other races. Gays have all suffered- no one has cornered the market. Good job, Philly!! Dividing people!!


    That’s an ignorant lie.


    Not true. Current drag culture has no one race as originator. Who mentioned vogueing? Haha!
    Come on- no ignorance here. Majority of those at stonewall were white male hustlers- hundreds of them. And it certainly wasn’t organized on night one! Night two was a little organized but it was all races and genders!
    The movie was bad, I’ll give you that!


    Because it excludes whites, Asians and native Americans- implying their gay struggle is less than others. Pretty simple


    Stop the dumb white bashing. Mathew shepherd would like a stripe please.

  • Raist3d

    This is a really bad idea. If we are all united, we don’t need to put a color to represent a race, particularly when the flag colors are not races. We would have to add a white stripe and all other race-stripes. This is absurd.

    And to however says “we want to show the contribution and heritage” what you are doing is codifying into a universal iconic symbol the separation and labeling of those you say you want to represent.

    Please don’t do this.

  • soulquest7

    It’s hard to perceive garishness when you are Indiophile hippie spiritualist who grew up in the psychedelic sixties! LOL.The more color, the better.

  • Greg Halpen

    Not really that simple actually. You’re missing the point and evading the topic

  • Greg Halpen

    Hmmmm. White bashing. I’m white. Don’t get that one, but you can’t get around white supremacy or privilege.

    Anyway, I can see what this is about. Ego is a bastard!

  • Raist3d

    Because you are taken an icon which universally presents all races already, because it’s about concepts, not races, and now you are codifying into it races. Besides that, this separates, does not unite.

  • Christopher Clay

    Thank you, Robyn! Thank you, thank you, thank!
    I have this one black vegan guy on my wall who is dragging me through hell, cause like you, I share the opinion that this is ridiculous!
    The Pride flag is not a reflection of race! I don’t know why people don’t get that!

  • Joe Benten

    Actually the pink was ‘dumped’ because it was a difficult color to get back in ’78 and what was available didn’t last as far as the color went. The turquoise was also ‘dumped’ for aesthetic reasons being the 7 colors didn’t look as good as the 6 colors we now have. This is from Gilbert Baker with whom I worked on the 1.25 mile flag in Key West in 2003.

    I can only say from working with him and getting to know him he would not be happy with the black and brown as he viewed the flag as all inclusive as it was originally designed with the 8 colors. But that is just my thought.

  • Joe Benten
  • Joe Benten
  • Joe Benten

    It’s not all JuanCarlos. There are but a few ‘discussing’ this and they are by no means representative of all liberals.

  • Gregg

    All of the examples you provided, grizzygrrl, are combining the rainbow flag with an existing flag (Canada, Texas, USA, Delaware) to EXPAND the meaning of those flags to include queer people. To me, that is completely different than what Philly is doing.

  • Madpangolin

    You didnt read a single link i posted.

  • James Curty

    It’s redundant, Greg, and it completely ruins the original reason for going with the rainbow in the first place. As I stated, black and brown do not appear in a rainbow. Black is the absence of color and brown is a combination of colors. To add these does nothing to include anybody. It ruins the original concept.

  • James Curty

    I think you’re missing the point Greg. No one is saying we shouldn’t acknowledge the struggles of PoC in our community. What we’re saying is this is a rather poor, uncreative, and inorganic way of doing so.

  • James Curty

    Wow. Way to generalize. I’m white and I’ve never done “damage” to anyone. Painting people with a single brush stroke that way is ignorant. You are clearly one of the liberal elites who feel entitled to take up the cause huh? PoC don’t need you to speak on their behalf.

  • James Curty

    And now black and brown colors are part of the rainbow? Science has changed???

    A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicolored arc. That multicolored arc never includes black and brown speaking from a scientific point of view.

    That in a nutshell is the main reason I have a problem with it. It makes no sense. You will never look up in the sky and see a naturally occurring rainbow with black and brown in it. The symbolism is completely negated by adding such inorganic elements.

  • James Curty

    I understood it the first time because it was pretty clear. It was YOU who needed the translation.

  • James Curty

    Yaaaaaas AJ yaaaaaaass.

  • James Curty

    Good point Kassandra.

  • Andrew Montgomery

    I don’t honestly see what the color of the skin has to do with sexual preference. I think it’s a horrible idea, because like Rolyn said there’s going to be people who are going to demand their own color to represent their racial coloring. And then it’s going to get even worse. This is without a doubt, the worst idea I’ve ever seen.

  • Greg Halpen

    Ok. Loving the additions and I support it. 😊

  • Greg Halpen

    Elite? Naw. Since he generalized me as a white basher. Also, don’t personalize it when someone says whites have done a lot of damage.

    No worries. I’m an ally and happy to be so. Using white privilege to help make much needed change when it comes to racism.

    Anyway, I see a lot of the comments here are about people needing to be right or proving a point. I’m not here for that or to be told I’m a certain way. It’s all about unity. Inclusion and lifting people up. That’s what I’m down with.

    If you want to come me back at me with more reasons why I’m doing things wrong and why I should say in my own lane, that’s your choice.

  • Greg Halpen

    Yes! Finally some truth here. And facts. Thank you Christopher for willing to step up this way. Inspired!

  • Greg Halpen

    I stand with you, Christopher!

  • Greg Halpen

    First, I just can’t believe you keep using the science behind why a rainbow happens, not sure why you’re doing that.

    Also, the flag has been manipulated so many times since its creation.

    But then again I notice that you are on a quest to prove each persons comment inaccurate.

  • Greg Halpen

    There are facts and studies. Just ask a black community how they are typically treated in our society.

  • Greg Halpen

    You are being defensive while calling people names. Need to look in the mirror.

  • Greg Halpen

    Boy you are on a mission to dismantle something. Really looking at the psychology behind your mission.

  • James Curty


    No mission. No deep psychology here.

    Flip it back to you. What’s the psychology behind your comment and position here? Guilt perhaps? Trying to right some wrong in your own past with overcompensation to relieve the guilt?

    Sure sounds that way.

    No need for overcompensation. That’s all.

  • Greg Halpen


  • Greg Halpen

    Yes! Truth!

  • Greg Halpen

    I stand with this addition. I stand with making changes, inclusion and combating racism and I stand with education!

  • John_in_Vegas

    So visibly included and pathetically separated… but where is the white stripe?
    Why does something so simple have to be so complicated? How many more letters do we need in
    LGBTQIAB&B before we get to H-U-M-A-N-I-T-Y ?

  • booboo

    Why are they excluding Asians who are LGBTQ, or Latinos who are LGBTQ, or whites who are LGBTQ?

    Enough is enough

  • booboo

    It is adding divisions where there should be unity

  • D Tyrell

    Just keep adding colors, eventually the entire “Pride Flag” will be white. Yes, it will be a white flag of surrender.

  • Michael Cramer

    The person that came up with the idea is black. As is the person that is promoting the idea. Stop being racist.

  • Charlain

    This addition is well-intended but very misguided. The flag is not a depiction of any specific skin color or ethnicity–there are no indigo or green or orange colored people. The rainbow by itself symbolizes diversity and ALL people. It also is not logical to start adding skin tones to a symbol based on refracted light, unless you just want to ditch the whole rainbow imagery and pick a different symbol. No rainbow has black in it, as the color black is the absence of light, nor is their brown light. And, how would Asian or Native American (claiming the yellow or red represents them brings up old offensive stereotypes) or white people be represented?

    If people want to uses a symbol of racial/ethnic unity that specifically depicts skin tone then use some variation of the old symbol of different hands coming together where each hand is a different skin color, and leave the rainbow flag alone!

  • Frederick Rhodes

    Why not add beige?

  • Scott D

    I think it’s awesome. Now whenever someone doesn’t like it, I can accuse them of being a racist as well as being a homophobe! Perfect!

  • Current drag culture emerged from burlesque which was largely white.

  • Mika Panda


  • Ben McGehee

    I totally agree. Black is actually one of the colors for Asexuals (black white and purple), yet they are not included in the rainbow. I’m not attracted to either gender, but have sex with anyone I want or find emotionally attractive. Where is our color of even letter? When A is added it’s said to stand for allies.

  • Ben McGehee

    Yes, what about a color for those religiously persecuted by the churches in which they were raised?

  • Christopher Schouten

    Amen, brother. When you try to make something symbolic literal, it never works. Great answer.

  • BrooklynTheFurry

    “Uhm. No. As a black man I’ve always felt a part of the rainbow. And
    where is the white stripe (because none of the other colours meant a
    specific race)? Or the trans stripe? Or the differently-abled stripe?
    Come the fuck on?!? It’s a rainbow. Let it be a rainbow.
    need to ask this question if we are going to be so tokenistic and
    literal. It’s a rainbow. A rainbow by design represents everyone. But
    not literally. We don’t have green and orange people. I don’t need a
    stripe to represent my blackness. If I’m up there on that tacky flag so
    visibly, included but at the very same type pathetically separated, I
    demand that white people also have their white stripe. If we PoC must
    stand out like a sore thumb in this new age flag fuckery then I do not
    want all eyes only on my stripe. I want everyone to share in the
    ridiculousness.” this person hit the nail on the head

  • !!

    It’s just a pride flag for ONE city. It’s not that big of a deal. Are you also from Philly? It’s nice to say “treat everyone fairly” but that doesn’t always happen, and it hasn’t.

  • Greg Halpen

    Not sure why the repeat. I read it the first time it was posted. Thanks.

  • Greg Halpen

    So many inaccuracies in your statements about inclusiveness in the gay community. Please provide studies and testimonies of these statements. Would love to see them. Your approach here is strange. Just. Idk.

  • Greg Halpen

    And calling people stupid is showing your intelligence

  • Charlie Hatton

    Technically, I didn’t call anyone stupid, so I know you’re not referring to me, lol. However, I’d disagree with that idea in general, given it hinges on the motivation behind calling someone stupid. I listed my reasoning behind calling his ideologies stupid, so if you disagree by all means express your reasons why.


    No, dumdum-Im sticking to the facts. The six current stripes-and the only ones we are keeping actually-represent values and life affirmations. The blacka nd brown stripes represent races. That means, asians, Caucasians and native Americans are excluded. Its idiotic-we are all gay and we all have suffered because of it-we are not going to elevate two races just so a few white gays in Philly feel guilty!


    White gays don’t have privilege, dumdum. We have been killed, beaten and hurt just as much as any other gay group. We aren’t giving any gay sub-group special visibility.


    but adding two races ONLY to a flag that represents everyone is not inclusion-how do you not see that?


    Not true at all. Gays of all colors are beaten and killed more Than any other group of persons.
    Black gay people suffer more because-listen lose-of the black community not accepting them-usually “my god done said” crap.
    The gay community does not (and will not) need to elevate any one group above others-that geos against the whole idea of an inclusionary flag!!


    Cohen is right-the “taking up of space” line is idiotic


    idiot! Black and brown gay struggles are no more important than white gay or Asian gay struggles!


    stfu, kid-silly millenial


    hey now! CA is awesome-we feed the country and entertain it!


    I didn’t see any links you posted.

  • Charlie Hatton

    What I find interesting is how you claimed there are many inaccuracies in my statement, yet you haven’t actually pointed out what they are? What aspects of what I had to say do you feel are inaccurate and why? I’d love to hear your point of view. Also, you immediately jumped to cite your sources response (which is fine, sure), however you need to at least specify what you disagree with so that I can accurately respond to you. There are many elements to what I had to say and therefore I potentially could find various “studies” and/or “testimonies” in support of my argument. At this point though, it’s seeming like you spat a default argument and nothing more (due simply to the fact that you didn’t like what I said).
    Are you referring to what I said in my argument against Christopher when you say “statements”, otherwise what are you talking about? Clarify a bit on what you meant, and we can continue from there.
    As much as you’d love to see studies and testimonies, I’d love to see your particular point of view as well. We can continue with this discussion after you provide some clarity.


    not true-vast majority at Stonewall were white male hustler sin Christopher park


    well said

  • Alan Williams

    I’m a bit confused. When have we “changed and modified the flag numerous times”? The only changes I’m aware of are the removal of hot pink and the collapsing of indigo and turquoise into a more basic shade of blue.

  • Greg Halpen


  • Daniel Howard

    I’m sorry but I’m white and I’ve never damaged anyone. If you made such a disgusting generalisation about any other group of people no doubt you’d be labelled racist, sexist, homophobic etc but the logic of sjws… and FYI I’m Irish, born and bred in Dublin. And guess what? My country was colonised and never colonised other counties. We’re neutral, don’t take part in any wars and have accepted many people from other countries here with open arms. My ancestors were enslaved and oppressed. You’re not inclusive – you’re for segregating and discriminating against groups you don’t like.

  • Greg Halpen

    I left, but am back. I thought to delete my account here, but decided not to.

    I reacted a lot to people’s comments on the flag, and found myself being very defensive and not supporting my own POV.

    I felt there was some bullying here, name calling and lots of ego (including mine).

    Re: the addition to the flag, well, I don’t feel threatened by the additions.

    Also, someone (not on here) pointed out that a lot of white people (including myself) need to do something very important and that is to talk less, and listen more.

    Listen to what POC have to say about this, and how they feel.

    That was the most truthful, kind, and intelligent suggestion I’ve come across.

    Good luck,

    And in solidarity,


  • xSushi

    Add the whole alphabet too while you’re at it.

  • Alan Williams

    I didn’t have trouble understanding what he wrote and took it to mean exactly what he says it means.

  • Beemerguy

    Bravo, I can’t say it any better. In fact as the rainbow flag represents everyone with homage to no one. I find the reason, therefore the changes to the flag, extremely offensive. (The rainbow is self explanatory is it not?, Geez) The new proposal is exclusive as has been said. It will now require further changes as every wrinkle of every group will want representation. That was NEVER the hope when designed.

    I really hope this doesn’t become the standard. I certainly wouldn’t fly it, post it, paste it as I am extremely proud to do now. 🏳️‍🌈

    The Rainbow is the most recognized symbol of inclusion in the world. It can’t be improved. Take your hands off our Rainbow Flag

  • Beemerguy

    Greg, you’re way off base. As has been repeatedly said, no colors of the skin need to match the flag. It never did and never should. It wasn’t designed to match skin colors but to share the idea that everyone is welcome under the Rainbow. The Rainbow is a beautiful thing as it is.

    I guarantee you that if we go down this road you won’t recognize it in 10 yrs. The message of the rainbow will be lost and it will represent a political fight amongst races in our community making things worse. This isn’t the way to a better, less rascist LGBTQ+ community.

    If each person wants a flag to represent their identity in their actual skin color great design a flag that represents your identity.

  • Greg Halpen

    My response earlier to the group:

    I left, but I am back. I thought to delete my account here, but decided not to.

    I reacted a lot to people’s comments re: the flag, and found myself being very defensive and not supporting my own POV.

    I felt there was some bullying here, name calling, lots of arguing and lots of ego (including my own).

    Re: the addition to the flag, well, I don’t feel threatened by the additions.

    I’m not here to debate it.

    Also, someone (not on here) pointed out that a lot of white people (including myself) need to do something very important and that is to talk less, and listen more.

    Seems like that is not happening in this thread.

    Listen to what POC have to say about this, and how they feel about it.

    That was the most truthful, kind, and intelligent suggestion I’ve come across.

    Good luck,

    And in solidarity,


  • Alan Williams

    I think it’s always ironic and sad when someone feels a burning need to unleash a torrent of rage about someone else’s perceived torrent of rage.

    The point of the original rainbow flag–something that, it seems, clearly eludes you in your outrage–was to bring people together in diversity and inclusion. You talk about how bears “had to break off, form their own community, and make their own flag,” but no one I’ve ever met in the bear and leather communities has ever, to my knowledge, said that the rainbow flag “doesn’t include” them. The ones I know have always identified as being both in the “greater” LGBTQ (or, as I prefer to say, “non-straight”) community and the bear/leather/what have you community. It’s like flying the flags of both a particular locality and the flag of the country the locality is in, except that I’ve never seen anything that implies one non-straight community’s flag is lower in a hierarchy than another.

    Frankly, I find your entire argument as imbecilic as you seem to think “whiny white people” (no, that doesn’t sound racist at all, does it?) are.

    Of course PoC “face unique struggles.” You must be incredibly stupid to think that probably every person who’s expressed an opinion here (including your own vitriolic one) isn’t aware of that. We’re expressing our opinions about the idea of altering the flag in a way that changes the original underlying message of the flag (hint: it wasn’t about including or excluding specific races). If anyone needs to stfu, it’s frankly you and your righteous wrath that does nothing to contribute to a reasonable discussion about an issue that needs more attention and less of your brand of name-calling.

  • Alan Williams

    I’ve never seen a bear pride flag that combines bear pride and the rainbow flag, not even in a Google search. Care to show an example, or did you make that up just so that you can call someone else an idiot?

  • Alan Williams

    It’s always funny when someone with an avatar that appears to be a white guy throws the words “racist” and “racism” around. What a wonderful way to invoke white privilege–by being condescending and pointing fingers at everyone else for “racism.”

  • Alan Williams

    “you don’t understand the difference between appropriation and appreciation”

    Sure I do. “Appropriation” is what people scream has been done to their culture, while “appreciation” is what those same people claim when they “appropriate” someone else’s culture.

  • Darren Mitton

    Tierney, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, approached the Office of LGBT Affairs with the new design. This is marketing, NOT equality.

  • Darren Mitton

    Is everyone here too wealthy to care about the obvious commercialization tactic?

  • Steve Dzama

    Rolyn–Thank you and agree whole heartedly. This will DIVIDE us more than UNITE us. So many idiots think they gotta fix what isn’t broken. Don’t break it and don’t fix what is not broken. We need healing and unity not more separation and (potential) hatred,

  • boweryboy

    That can also come down to perspective which goes back to my initial comment. It’s interesting that he deleted his comment, so there’s that. Plus, at the end of the day, we’re talking about a fucking flag. Who really gives a shit? You don’t have to buy or fly this version if you don’t like it.

  • Alan Williams

    Your initial comment says nothing about perspective; it merely imputes motives that potentially afternoon correct.

    As for “who really gives a shit” about a flag: If you really feel that way, then why are *you* weighing in? Seems like it means more to you than you’re letting on.

  • boweryboy

    I stand by what I said which was in response to the OPs since removed comment – not in response to a fucking flag. And my initial comment does address perspective – from that of a white male.

    I’m not going to argue with you. You can take that somewhere else.

  • Alan Williams

    I know exactly what you’re talking about, thanks, and your original reply to the original comment, again, says nothing about this “perspective” you claim you’re talking about.

    I didn’t start arguing with you. I affirmed that more than one person understood the intent of the original comment to be different from what you understood it to be. That you tried to take me to task for that is you arguing (not “going to argue” but actually already arguing), not me.

    And again, it sure seems like this “fucking flag” means more to you than you’re letting on. But hey, I’ll respect your “I’m going to argue with you but then say I’m not going to argue with you” stance. Have a nice one.

  • boweryboy

    Gurl, pluh-ease. You have waaaaaay too much time on your hands. Seems to me there’s only one person arguing here and it sure as hell isn’t me. Judging by your posting history you seem to get off on arguing with others masquerading as a “debate”.

    If that’s what you gotta do to make you feel superior to others or better about yourself then you do you. I stand by my comments, but feel free to project your nonsense on me if you like. As I said earlier, I don’t have time to argue with you. I’m 100% certain you’ll respond to this because you’re the type of person who has to have the last word, so have it. Bye Felicia!

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Right because this is a literally rainbows…Are u kidding me?#whitenonsense

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Well clearly black and brown ppl don’t feel like the rainbow incorporates them. LIVED experiences have proven otherwise for many black and brown queer ppl.

    Is it that hard to ask white gays to think that deeply? That maybe many gays of color don’t feel included? White gays have more divided that anyone in the gay community. ANd then when gays of color fight back, they are met with this kind of resistance

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Bullshit. Wyy does shouting out the silenced voices of black and brown ppl get white folks so upse?. HIstory is regularly whitewashed. The fight that queer poc have done should be recognized.

    But I guess since there isn’t a white color in the flag white folks feel a way.

  • Alan

    I had hoped this was just a case of good intentions with questionable execution. I’m disappointed that this doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Alan

    Speaking for myself, I had just stopped commenting after I realized that I didn’t feel like dealing with another whiny child pretending to know everything about everyone else and the disappointing application of alt-right “discussion” tactics.

  • Here’s the deal: Back when I was fighting for your rights, I was fighting for the basic right to live. And among us were white people, Latinos, Asian, and black people. You don’t know the history, child. You have no idea who suffered and how. You best get an education, child.

  • And let’s be clear: Vogue-ing came from the silly poses models did for magazine covers.

  • And let’s be clear about one thing here: The 800 lb gorilla in the room is black separatism. This began last year in Toronto as Pride capitulated to a black racist.

    And yes, blacks can be racist.

    Just because it’s “pro-black” doesn’t mean it’s not racist as Hell!



  • Gus Elfving


  • ctomgo

    Yes, the old queers that planted the trees that many of you are enjoying the fruit from today.

  • Sure, black and brown Asians exists but many of us aren’t. Non-black and brown Asian Americans continue to be told by other POC/QPOC thatour issues and stories are less important and we are less oppressed (which is arguable). I don’t see the new flag as “more inclusion” but more division and marginalizing of those of us who aren’t represented by these stripes. Not that I’d be in favor of tan and red stripes. I’ve always thought the beauty of the flag was in the metaphor of the rainbow. We are more than our skin color.

  • tom

    Utter tosh! I agree with pretty much everyone on this post! Leave it alone it’s nothing to do with race. We need to stop politicalising everything and causing issues & divisions.

  • Ron Williams

    I’m a traditionalist and believe the original flag that has taken hold internationally should be the official version. Thee has been some controversy where the black strip originated. In 2008 it represented the a black eye from Prop 8 defeat. There a whole rainbow flag evolution story, brown strip is obvious, and a pink strip is missing to represent the trans community. The rainbow represents everyone, I’m voting for the way Gilbert if left it before his passing.

  • Brett Harold RocaberteReneau

    The original flag is perfect, also love the Trans, Bear and Bi flags … but none of the colours stand for race, ethnicity or skin colour … time to make their own flag for these issues and stop trying to change the original one to represent these issues … REALITY … Pride does not see Gender, Race, Ethnicity or Skin Colour because we are all equal in Pride….

  • Brett Harold RocaberteReneau

    No it is not original it is a direct insult to those of us who fought in the 70’s and 80’s for our rights and it is ok because BLM and Philadelphia cannot get a single club or bar to us this flag… they have insulted Gay People around the world by turning the Pride Flag into a racist flag… Make there own to support their issues and if you agree this ok you can go FUCK YOURSELF …. Look at the Bi,Trans and Bear flags … all different … we also had an original 8 colour flag and removed to colours that offended others (Pink (sex) and Aqua/Lavender (magic/art) …. we also put black on the rainbow flag for those who have died from AIDS and Homophobia … so they can all go to hell … the Rainbow Pride Flag is inclusive of everyone and if you decide to change it to put Black and Brown on top to make up for lack of representation you can to to hell … I am Scottish and I want Plaid on the flag too and lets not forget the First Nations side of me, I need fur and feathers on it too … if you support this please then you are a hateful, racist homophobic and can go to hell….

  • Brett Harold RocaberteReneau

    So you want a flag for Ethnicity, Race and Skin Colour, you make your own original and I will respect it the same way I respect all of these flags …. Pride is INCLUSIVE and any other variation is RACIST and extremely disrespectful to all of us gays who fought for our rights… Philadelphia and BLM can go FUCK themselves…

  • For me it’s a wrong redesign because the colours of the Rainbow flag are about how do you feel, not who you are. The colors represents Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Serenity, Spirit. This flag said “no matter who you are, you feel like that and you spread this way of being to everyone”.

    It’s normal that the people want to be represented and that’s why there are the “other” pride flags, where people can say “I am this!” (bisexual flag, transgender flag, bear flag ecc ecc) and for me a black & brown flag could be amazing <3

  • Liza Colby

    Thank you. Exactly my feelings as well. Speaking here as a bi-cultural person.

  • Lotuz-Edwin

    Since some idiot people are in the mood of changing flags, why not we change the United States Flag after all we have over a million different type of people living here. The Rainbow itself is a prism and is made up of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Indigo just the way Mother Earth made it to show us her peace and love. so the next time you see a Rainbow try to look for a brown or black color in it. The so called artist that want to redesign the pride flag should know it, that the true rainbow colors don’t have brown or black in it. The Pride flag was designed after the Rainbow and is a symbol of love and pride and not the color of your skin if someone think it differently then they’re not true to themselves or not proud of who they really are.

  • Bill Mullinax

    YESSSSSSS! Perfect response! It’s difficult to put into words my disagreement with this new flag without offending someone, because we are all about inclusion. However, Rolyn, you managed to sum it up beautifully. Sometimes, in our efforts to include EVERYONE, we inevitably exclude more. To add black and brown to a rainbow flag (which by its very nature means “everyone under the rainbow”), you are now singling out individuals to highlight and excluding others. It’s ridiculous to me.