Gays For Trump Deploraball

10 Photos from the ‘Gays for Trump’ Deploraball

On Friday night, the members of “Gays for Trump” hosted their Inaugural Deploraball.

“There’s no such thing as a traditional Republican anymore,” Gays for Trump’s president Peter Boykin told Time. “They try to throw Gays for Trump in the Alt-Right [category] but I think we are the Alt-Alt-Right.”

So is that so right you’re more right? Or like so right that you go full circle and are really far left? It’s all so confusing. You’re gay but you’re voting for a man who’s entire administration isn’t very pro-LGBT.

Who are these people? And is it bad that we want to fuck some of them based on looks?

Because they couldn’t get the real Trump to make an appearance, they got an impersonator instead. He did a pretty good embodying our new president, except we think he could have spent a few more minutes in the tanning booth.

The Washington Blade was also there at the event, capturing some photos as well. We went into the hashtag “Gays For Trump” and the geotag on Instagram for the party.

What we found were these ten snapshots from the soiree. Enjoy.


With my boys #gaysfortrump #TeamTrump #TeamFlorida #washingtondc #?? #inauguralseason #libertyball

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Last ones on the dance floors … #gaysfortrump #inauguration #ball #trump2017

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Gays for Trump and inaugural ball #inauguration#trump2017 #mypresident #gaysfortrump

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Friday #deploraball co-hosted by #GaysForTrump … Hilarious conversations w some fascinating people.

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More from the #gaysfortrump #deploraball #inauguralball #inauguration #bnw #leica #onassignment

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?? this guy was great #trump2017 #gaysfortrump #inauguration

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For more photos and coverage, visit here.

Feature image: Dina Litovsky

  • GayhawkAZ

    Are you kidding me?!? There was not a single attractive guy in any of these photos!

  • disqus_TkCOtOTRKk

    Not surprised by that lol. I’m assuming some sort of rejection must play into their mindset.

  • disqus_TkCOtOTRKk

    Happy to see it was a crappy event that was not well attended.

  • Ed Cook

    Thank god your ugly ass wasn’t there to make it 100% ugly!

  • Ed Cook

    It was maxed out you fool. Many news organizations covered it including CNN. Were you there to make the count? Funny how liberals are so ben on talking about the numbers.

  • GayhawkAZ

    Oh, you got me there. What a devastating response you had. #weaksauce

  • Trouble1968

    How do you know it was not well attended ? Why do you call it crappy?

  • Aaron

    Because it was done in support of Donald Trump.
    Any event supporting that awful person is gonna be crappy.

  • Trouble1968

    I hope you’re right. These people disgust me.