PokeBeer, I Choose You!

Artist David Schwen has us beating our Gameboys against the walls today trying to find these top secret Poke-items surely hidden throughout the game.

[imagebrowser id=13]

Whether you peel ’em all, drink ’em, or read ’em, you gotta catch ’em all.

Which is your favorite Poke-item?

Via Flickr

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the last one! Makes me want to eat a pikachu.

  • PokeMac! Omnomnom…

  • is that the new face of McMonDonalds?

    I watched one of the pokemon movies with the commentaries on and a REALLY big question was asked, “When Ash and gang are in the PokeCenter eating, what meat are they eating?” as there is no animals but pokemons, so that blew my mind!

  • Gloria Hole

    PokéBeer, promoting underage alcoholism since 2011 *_*

  • Geologyst

    PokeNana is my favorite.

  • PokéBurger! <3

  • obvs the banana.