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Police Cam Catches Beer-Filled Lawnmower Shopping Cart Train

What is the world coming to when a drunk man can’t even drive a ride-on lawnmower down a county street while towing a parade of shopping carts filled with beer without being arrested? I mean, is this or is this not the United States of America?

Enjoy! I know I did.


  • Andrew Beaumont

    Granted, he DID have open containers of alcohol in a public place, but it appears to be a rather secluded area.

  • LMAO!! “I know my rights”

  • mu_linlin7

    He drank from his open container of alcohol right in front of the police car. I mean, if you’re gonna be a redneck, at least be smart about it!

  • The first thing the Cop says is WTF?? LOL I LOVE IT!!!The Peanut Gallery

  • lmao the guy sounds like Cartman with a southern accent XD

  • besides the open container I am actually with the guy on the mower and when the cop says “I don’t care” thats really tactless of him.  but if the guy is guilty of anything its just stupidity but he did think it through.  My only other question would be where can you buy that much alcohol and the salesman says ok?  not in Oregon  lol

  • The guy was an idiot and the cop used excessive force. He didn’t need to throw him down on the road like that.

  • That’s what I thought!

  • Alexandra Jane

    Uber redneck!

  • HAHAHA! That’s funny.
    That fat cop had no right to be such an ass. Also, if he would have turned his sirens off, the drunk redneck would have been able to hear him say “Pull over”. Stupid. >.<

  • Pasquale Barletta

    Unregistered shopping carts???