mailman, poop, portland, gay blog

Portland Postman Poops On Private Property

mailman, poop, portland, gay blog
Special delivery!

Don Derfler got more than just the mail last week from his postal worker. No, there was nothing special about the delivery in question. Lucky for us, Derfler had his camera on hand when his mailman popped a squat in front of his home and…dude, let’s not sugarcoat this. The mailman shit in his driveway.

We’ve all had the urge to purge at wildly unlucky times, but the majority of us don’t use this as license to defecate in our neighbors’ yards. Or do we? Dun dun dunnnn!

Would you have stopped to take pictures or confronted the mailman in the act?

  • I wonder if he used someone’s mail to tidy himself up afterwards.

  • This whole thing honestly is NOT bad… It’s funny… lollll

  • Gosh.. So not too much else to report today then?? I bet Mr. Derfler wouldn’t be too happy about having his image posted all over a gay news, blog site either…. I dunno… He just strikes me as someone who wouldn’t like it….. lol

  • Thomas Baggett

    Meh, it’s a slow news day in gay-world.