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Pray The Gay Away?

OWN, Lisa Ling, gay blog, gay news
Can you pray your sexuality away? (Here's a hint: No.)

Why does this obviously gay man who is discussing the fact that he cannot for a moment allow himself to be attracted to men in movies and online insist that it is possible to pray away the gay, even as he admits that he has not actually achieved this impossible task?

That is all. UGH! Carry on.

  • Why’s the guy “obviously gay”?

  • Anonymous

    i definitely got the “i’m still very gay” vibe from this…

  • He’s speaking about not allowing himself to indulge in being attracted to men in movies or look at guys online. I’d say that qualifies as obviously gay! 😀

  • Where do I even start? The concept that one’s sexuality can suddenly, magically be changed through prayer is as believable as genie’s in bottles granting wishes. I am sorry but I cannot and will not believe in a God that refuses to accept all of humanity for the diverse and beautiful melting pot that it is. Love knows no boundries, does not see color, sex, height or weight. It is an emotion that comes somewhere from deep within and when it strikes it’s because it was meant to happen. I am a happily married straight woman but I will tell you right now that should one or all of my 4 kids come to me and tell me they are gay I would embrace them tomorrow the same as I do today. All I want for myself, for others and for the future generation is for each person to find that one half that equals their whole, that one piece that solves their puzzle. If that means it is with someone of the same sex then so be it. Respect, honor, love, friendship, those or the things I want my children to experience in a relationship. Which coincidentally are the very things that Jesus tried to teach us to do for others. Why would you deny who you are? Why would you live a lie? Life is too damn short to wait for Heaven to live. Make here on Earth and do your best every day and you will be a lot happir than living a lie for the rest of your existance.

  • John V. Hedtke

    I’m reminded of the Breatharians, a fairly stupid cult of people who think they can get themselves to a state of religious purity so that they only need air to live on. I actually met one, a very thin woman who believed this crap who told me that she’d managed to keep her focus to the point that she’d gone without food for a couple weeks on one occasion and close to a month on another, but in both cases she’d “lost her focus” and had to eat something. “Well, no wonder, you were starving to death!” I said. She didn’t get it.

    But it’s just as effing stupid as someone trying to pray the gay away. He’ll make himself supremely unhappy and then blame himself for his failure to achieve the level of purity he’s after. He’d be better off buying an actual bridge and getting fleeced financially than this spiritual garbage he’s buying.

  • John V. Hedtke

    BTW, I watched the video. This guy is gayer than a tree full of parrots.

  • Anonymous

    the guy is very gay. I have a boyfriend who is married, had 3 kids, yet as gay as gay can be. Being married with kids does not make you straight. just as sleeping in the garage and running down the center of the road does not make you a car. the guy has to “be careful” not to watch gay porn online. then he must be attracted too it. this is part of what being gay is, a attraction towards men. I never have to “be carefull of looking at straight porn. he is just gay gay gay.

  • ONCE you are gay?

    So like, when you are born?

    What. The. Hell.

  • Chris Marshall

    This man is a murderer and that is all that needs to be said. He peddles a fraud that is responsible for thousands of LGBT taking their lives. Parents force their young children into these programs to “fix them” and in the end they take their lives. The only reasonable thing we should do wit this man is lock him and throw away the key!

  • All I have to say to this man is God don’t make no junk.

  • So he admits to still having same-sex attraction… same-sex attraction is the definition of gay.
    You choose wether to act on that attraction, but denying it does great harm. A straight person can pretend to be gay, have sex with their sex, and deny attraction to the opposite sex, but why would they want to?
    This man is only married to a woman right now because he:
    a) Holds the belief that homosexuals will go to [the Christian concept of] hell when they die unless they become heterosexual.
    b) Wants to fit in and be more broadly accepted for who he isn’t.
    c) All of the above.