• UnicornBabble

    In all frankness, I don’t think it’s up to YOU to issue him the position of using his past to help dispel society’s shaming of sex workers. That should have been up to him, not you.

  • blurabbit147

    being sex positive is great. as long as everyone involved is enthusiastically consenting to what’s going on. if you reached out to him, that’s great. if you published the pics before hearing his response, that’s not ok, and unless I misunderstood what I just read that is exactly what happened. don’t use the fact that they’re available elsewhere on the internet, or would eventually resurface to excuse your bad behavior. and especially don’t try and make it out like sharing nudes without someone’s express permission has anything to do with being sex positive. you’re just rationalizing and justifying your bad choices, and blaming it on sex positivity.

  • Victor

    Robert Sepulveda never stopped escorting (10+ years). This racist hooker is broke and was escorting on Rentmen site right up until June this year. There are recent clips of him on Xtube as NYCJock-XL where he is swallowing jizz from anonymous clients and stretching himself with shampoo bottles.

  • Great write up. Nobody should be shaming the man because of work he has done in the past as a sex worker. As for the pictures, these kinds of decisions are always difficult to make. I understand the difficulty .

  • Bachelard

    This is a good example of how drama of the dick can indeed kill the brains of all involved. Mr. Sepulveda has not been honest in his replies to questions about his past (which is really not very past at all). Nor, as far as I’ve read, has he been supportive of sex workers. Instead he has waved away his experience as that of an indiscreet college student short on tuition. That is as much a distortion of reality (lie) as his claims about the nonprofit he started.

    Here’s the deal: Sep, as I don’t call him in my dreams, is appearing as Prince Charming, and in all the PR for the show (pre- and post-crisis), he’s depicted as the incarnation of sweet, sweet romance — the usual fiction. Think how much better a show this might have been had everything been upfront from the start. We would have watched 13 gay men deal with the perennial fantasies of porn-star sex and love, our apparent incapacity to reconcile the two. Instead, as far as I can see, we’re going to get group therapy for the broken-hearted at best.

  • June Gordon

    Regardless of how you feel about sex work, many people do not consider that to be a suitable resume for someone being marketed as Prince Charming. And that appears to be the least of his problems, as he appears to be a grifter.

  • ACE

    HMMm, Shaming a sex worker? This is based on the idea that somehow a “sex worker” is a legitimate career path. That because porn “actors” now call themselves “Adult Performers” (Neatly bypassing the fact that they are just prostitutes who happen to get filmed and make a hell of a lot of money), that we should all just change our ideas (and ideals). And just open our narrow minds and see it all as being fine. Sorry, but I beg to differ. I choose to see sex between 2 people as something special and not just physical exercise. I would not want my Mom/ Sister best friend to pursue this as a job or source of income. And if we believe in sexual equality neither would I want my Dad/ Brother or Best friend to be doing it. The idea that my mum or dad might spend years sucking anonymous cock and being fucked would not lead me to shrug my shoulders and say “Why not?’ I would also not want my partner/lover/spouse to do so. In years gone by, ( and still) poverty and desperate circumstances can lead you to prostitution, but it should never be presented as a reasonable or attractive career! I mean COME ON!