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Rachel Maddow Catches You Up On Kill The Gays Bill

Gay blogs have been writing about Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill for a year or so now. The despicable piece of legislation is finally sliding into home, with a vote by Uganda’s Parliament expected to come this week. If this is news to you, or you just need to freshen up on your gay news prior to a dinner party tonight, Rachel Maddow has the lowdown for you.

Ugh. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Does “The Family” remind anyone else of the “Hellfire Club” from X-men? When I hear about them that’s all I can think of. That is to of course not diminish the significance of this story or how terrifying the “The Family” is.

  • Anonymous

    Frank’s idea of the USA opposing aid to Uganda is the right idea.

  • And where is liberal South Africa?.. minding our own business as usual. How our politicians can be so pro gay nationally and go completely MIA when issues arise internationally is such a slap in the face. MIA when issues arise internationally is such a slap in the face.

  • Anonymous

     Uganda’s economy depends almost completely on foreign aid.  Western nations that recognize gay rights should stop funneling money into the country.  It worked last time when Hillary Clinton threatened to cut them off.  Also, what’s so special about Uganda?  There are hundreds of countries  all over the globe that penalize people for being gay. We should be taking a stand to them too.

  •  ummm correct me if im wrong but isnt this genocide?