rapture ribbing, rapture believer shoots, rapture shoots coworkers

Rapture Believer Shoots Coworker After World Fails To End

rapture ribbing, rapture believer shoots, rapture shoots coworkers
This was the only gun ridiculous enough for this story.

Surely you remember the Great Rapture That Wasn’t of 2011? And the bankruptcies and suicides that followed? It’s time to add another strike against doomsday prophet Harold Camping.


Jerry Andrews was shot in the shoulder at a Eugene, Ore., hydraulics shop on Friday. The accused shooter is a coworker who had believed that the rapture would occur on May 21.

It didn’t. And his coworkers noticed.

The Register-Guard reported that Robin O’Brien, Andrews’ mother, says her son was shot after coworkers had teased the rapture believer.

“He’d been getting some ribbing from the guys in the shop, and I guess he simmered over that,” she told the newspaper.

Andrews, 33, told police that the shooter called him “one of those Satanic” people after wounding him.

Andrews shoulder will have to be medically repaired. The accused shooter has been charged with assault and jailed.

(via SeattlePI)

  • Oh yea and gay poeple are insane ?

  • Woh, this happened where I am from and I didn’t hear anything about it. Strange. I wouldn’t have expected this….But then again who would?

  • I’m not trying to defend the moron who shot his co-worker because he himself was wrong about something, but if he was being teased at work about his religious beliefs, it really should have been the employer’s job to intervene and reprimand those doing the heckling.   After all we wouldn’t accept it if someone were being teased at work for being gay.  This is no different.  If the company had intervened and told his co-workers that their religious discrimination was not acceptable, the dude probably wouldn’t have gone all ape shit and shot the victim.

  • Dan Robinson

    Are you implying that being gay is being “wrong about something”? 
    You are wrong about that. Please don’t shoot me.

  • actually, no dan’s not. the belief in the doomsday prophet is nothing like sexual, religious, or racial discrimination. it’s much more like someone being made fun of for believing john q. adams was a founding father who tirelessly fought to end slavery. if you are going to believe stupid people who say stupid things, you should be thick-skinned enough to deal with the fall-out. his “religion” specifically states that “no man shall know” when the end is coming, but he chose to place his faith in a living man over the book that is supposedly the word of his god. ergo, this is not in any way religious discrimination. 

  • it didn’t have to happen in the work place theyould have been anywhere   especailly of the employers had not been alerted to the problem, so i can’t say we can lay any blame on the employer  these peoplle are sorry plain nuts that is all there is to it !

  • Kisaki Anrui

    And now, Dan, you are the one who is wrong =/

  • Brandon J. Thacker

    -.- People where does it say that either one of them are gay?

  • okay people! All Tj is trying to say is that dicrimination of any kind, in any form should not be tolerated at work or anywhere else for that matter.

    That being said, from my understanding of this article the teasing didn’t last long and since this incident occured over a month after “the rapture that wasn’t”, sounds like the shooter was or is not completely mentally stable in the first place. So, if he truely believed his coworker to be “one of those Satanic” people, then something like this, if not worse, MAY have occured anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Another good Christian.  If you can’t convert ’em, shoot ’em.  It’s been the Christian way since Columbus.

  • many branches of christianity have descenting views of the “word of god” (their words, not mine).  What you have basically asserted is that the only interpretation of the bible is a literal one and that there is therefore only one valid branch of christianity.  My point here, is that this guy however deranged I may find his beliefs to be, is entitled to his religious freedom so long as he doesn’t use those beliefs to harm others (yes he ended up doing just that) but because of his co-workers intolerance, he went of the deep(er) end and shot somebody.  I believe that had his Employers confronted those teasing him and put an end to it, It is conceivable that this act of violence wouldn’t have occured. 

  • I’m not saying it’s the employer’s fault that this happened, nobody could foresee that someone would respond in this way.  What I am saying though is that nobody should face bullying in the work-place because of their religious views.  I have certainly thrown a few light-hearted jokes at christian co-workers in the past, in particular when they have tried to push their views onto me, but there is a rapport there and despite our ideological differences, these co-workers and I had a friendly relationship, If this person is so un-hinged as to shoot somebody over the teasing he endured, chances are that the teasing was more akin to bullying than light-hearted banter.  

    As to it happening at the work place or elsewhere, my assertion was that if the bullying/teasing hadn’t taken place at work, or had the employer taken appropriate measures to stop the “heckling”, the incident is less likely to have taken place ANYWHERE.

  • Please don’t put words in my mouth that i have no intention to utter.  I didn’t say that being gay was being wrong about anything.  The goal of my original post was to get people to look at things from a relativistic point of view.  It is the same separation of church and state which SHOULD allow us to be free from religious persecution that should guarantee this nutter freedom from religious persecution. He was being made fun of for his religious beliefs.  Even though I think they’re wrong, there are many who do believe that being gay is wrong.  I don’t think that we should be made to suffer because some people believe that being gay is wrong,  nor do i believe that this man should have to endure bullying from his co-workers because they see his religious beliefs (as do I) as being wrong.  That was the point i was trying to make in fewer words, but thank you for extending me the opportunity to further explain my point of view.