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Real Life Superhero Gets Ass Kicked

phoenix jones, seattle, real superheroesThe Real Life Superhero Movement has been big news on our gay blog and in Seattle over the past 6 months. Phoenix Jones (Pbthhhh!) and his Justice League of Seattle, Avengers West Coast, associates have been patrolling the city to clean up crime. Or at least they say they are. They mostly just walk around high-fiving people, in my experience. Seattle police have a different opinion.

“They insert themselves into a potentially volatile situation and then they end up being victimized as well,” Police Detective Mark Jamieson said. Which is exactly what happened here. Phoenix Jones got served while attempting to stop a street fight. After putting a man in a headlock, Phoenix was kicked in the face, breaking his nose. Then the superhero was held at gunpoint until the two men he was trying to subdue got away.


What do you think of these so-called Real Life Superheroes?

  • Jason

    I like the concept, but they don’t seem to have to necessary training to make them effective. And to make matters worse, they love attention; they even do interviews with the local news and gave away the location of their ‘secret lair.’

    So instead of being protectors of good, hidden in the shadows, they end up being a high-profile joke.

  • I think you hit it right on. It’s one thing to try helping, it’s another grandstanding for the attention. You deserved it for cheating us out of a true crime fighting hero mr. PheJo!

  • Nick Jones

    putting on a costume does not make one a capable crimefighter. i mean it’s great that they have good intentions but if they keep this up one of them might get his/herself killed.

    george… how did you get a picture?

  • rico

    I though cops rolled up and made everyone freeze. Sounds like the police need to step it up. These concerned citizens are better than a neighborhood patrol. It’s not as if cops deal with smart criminals, mostly desperate. I’m glad someone is out there getting kicked in the face in the name of justice instead of getting rapped because they live in a bubble where they think it is the responsibility of others to look out for them.
    With all hormones in municipal water and animal foods & the aversion to ‘boyish’ activity (praising small testicles and metro-males) I’m glad someone has some nuts. Being against crime prevention of the civil civilian sort it as ignorant as that no snitchin’ shit.
    Crime looks smooth, justice looks bureaucratic. Empower the citizens to fuck a criminal that steps up. Strength in numbers, street gangs know it. Your average citizen is taught to just do as they’re told.
    Are you telling me, ‘Americans,’ the great rebels let a dozen or so ‘terrorists’ take control of 300 others with box cutters? What a bunch of pussies.
    The meek do not, have not, and will never inherit the world. The meek are lunch.

  • I don’t know. Already there’s private armies, like Blackwater, or XI or whatever they calling themselves now.

    So really, what we’re looking at are exhibitionistic freelance amateur police. And they are incompetent.

    The incompetence should kill this idea quickly. I do see a way out though….

    Imagine Ronald McDonald, a guy that dresses up in that familiar costume, is a SUCCESSFUL Vigilante. What would that mean to the McDonald’s brand?

    Because a successful company can afford to train a subject to be a competent and successful vigilante, they can afford to equip their vigilante with kevlar and non lethal weapons, they can afford to hire other mercenaries to support the ‘hero’, with backup.

    And then….

  • At least someone’s doing somethign. 🙂 If anything, it’s nice to see, and they do good deeds. They also hand out food to the homeless and stop drunk people from getting in cars and driving.

  • At least someone’s doing somethign. 🙂 If anything, it’s nice to see, and they do good deeds. They also hand out food to the homeless and stop drunk people from getting in cars and driving.

  • Luinne D’Llard

    I’m all for trying to help, but unless you have some serious education in hand to hand combat– YOU DO NOT POSSESS SUPER POWERS.