gay 4 year old murdered, religious leader kills 4 year old, jadon higganbothan, antoniette mkoy

Religious Leader Murders 4-Year-Old Boy He Suspected Was Gay

gay 4 year old murdered, religious leader kills 4 year old, jadon higganbothan, antoniette mkoy
Gone too soon and for too sad a reason: Jadon Higganbothan and Antoinetta McKoy

27-year-old Peter Lucas Moses is headed to jail for a long, long time. Moses, a religious fanatic and leader of a North Carolina cult-like group, is facing the death penalty after murdering two while the Lord’s Prayer played over the stereo in Hebrew.

4-year-old Jadon Higganbothan was shot to death and zipped up in a suitcase to decompose because Moses suspected the child might be gay. Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, 28, met a similar fate because she was unable to get pregnant with Moses’ child.

McKoy had been strangled, beaten and tortured by Moses and his other “common-law wives” in the days leading up to her murder. She managed to escape the home where she was held prisoner and begged a neighbor to please call for help, but was refused as the neighbor believed the woman to be mentally ill. McKoy was then dragged back to the home by Moses, and eventually shot to death in the bathroom.

Higganbothan’s story is no less deranged. Concerned the child might be homosexual because he had “hit another child’s bottom”, Moses ordered his mother, Vania Rae Sisk, 25, to “get rid of the boy.” Days later, with the 4-year-old still around, Moses brought him into the garage, put the Lord’s Prayer on full-blast on the stereo, and murdered the boy.

It gets worse.

The group threw a party a few days later, prosecutors recalled the witness saying, and Moses showed McKoy’s body to several relatives, including his mother Sheilda Evelyn Harris, 56, his brother P. Leonard Moses, 21, and his sister, Sheila Falisha Moses, 20.

McKoy’s body was also kept in the house for some time, taped up inside black garbage bags placed in a garbage bin, prosecutors said the witness told them.

Later, Jadon and McKoy’s bodies were buried in the backyard of a house at 2622 Ashe St., where Moses’ mother lived until early this year, prosecutors said. Plumbers led police to discover the remains in June.

Prosecutors said that police found .22-caliber shell casings and a projectile and blood in the garage and master bathroom of the Pear Tree Lane home. They also found a .22-caliber gun on the roof of a Colorado townhouse, where the group moved in February, prosecutors said.

Moses’ “common-law wives” and his family members who partied alongside the dead bodies are also being charged with first-degree murder and being accessories of the two deaths.

I began to type that our condolences go out to…but I had trouble finding a survivor in this situation that’s not a total scumbag. The religious leader turned murderer? The wives who let their nine collective children live in one bedroom squalor with a crazy man? The neighbor who failed to save the life of a woman she watched dragged back home to her death because she appeared to be mentally ill?


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  • This is so disgusting. These people should be tortured slowly for what they did. I hope the neighbor who refused to help the woman is being charged as an accessory too.

  • Anonymous

    Condolences, yes. But to whom, youy asked? Only Jadon and Antoinetta, victims of hate and of hate-twisted religion.

  • It is sometimes hard not to lose faith in the human race…

  • They should get the death penalty, and the state of North Carolina should follow through on it.

  • sickening

  • Patrick Clementine

    so  the death penalty

  • Disgusting just disgusting. Enough said.

  • barbaric.  nothing more to say.

  • These people should ALL get the death penalty!! How in world can you tell a 4 year old is gay, when at that age he doesn’t even know what his own penis is??? This is just pure sickness. And to murder a woman because she couldn’t get pregnant with his baby??? Maybe it was his fault and not hers!!! Death to them all!!!!

  • this makes me sick and  i hope they get the needle

  • It honestly sounds like something out of a horror movie. Completely unreal…That’s what’s so sickening about it.

  • Jennifer Daine Féerique

    Condolence goes towards the victims, and the other children forced to live with these people. Like most cults there was probably child molestations, and forced marriages going on. The adults in this situation are very derange and are capable of anything. I hope any of the deceased victims, there might be more, find peace, if not in the after life, but then in the next, and I hope the alive unknown/unnamed victims are able to move on and have some what happy lives after this is all said and done they will need a lot of help and support.

  • Miss Penelope

    scum, scum, scum…

  • Why not offer condolences to Anoinnetta’s mother, who was left without word, in D.C.?

  • Scottcsub Sublett

    The problem here is that those deluded murderers think they were serving some sort of deity (the disease of faith, lack of emphasis on empirical evidence strikes again) and they think they were doing the ultimate good. It’s like the murders in the bible (Numbers 31) – and these lunatics probably believe the child and woman they murdered are in some sort of eternal paradise, so to them it’s no big deal. To us who know this is the only life we have, we cannot “fall back” on an “afterlife”, this is a huge tragedy.