women's health, reproductive rights

Rep. Bobby Franklin: Miscarriages Are Prenatal Murder

women's health, reproductive rights
Bobby Franklin is at war with your reproductive rights.

Congressman Bobby Franklin (R) has introduced HB 1 to the Georgia legislature; a bill that would classify miscarriages as prenatal murder, and require authorities to investigate any fetus removed from a woman’s body that is not through live birth.

…Just letting that sink in for a moment…

Is this man out of his mind? Suffering a miscarriage is potentially the most emotionally traumatic experience a woman can ever undergo in her life. Losing a child that is growing inside of you to accident, illness or any other circumstances out of your control makes me tense up at the thought, and I don’t even have a uterus. How dare someone attempt to legislate this already extremely sensitive and painful issue?

The Daily Kos reports:

Franklin’s bill would classify the removal of a fetus from a woman for any reason other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus as “prenatal murder.” Physicians indicted for alleged “prenatal murder” would have their license suspended until they were found innocent of the crime.

Although the legislation would not place any criminal penalties on natural spontaneous abortions, it would require miscarriages to be reported by hospitals and other medical institutions, and a fetal death certificate issued.

Authorities would be required to investigate the cause of fetal death in cases where a miscarriage occurs without attendance at a medical facility.

“The State of Georgia has the duty to protect all innocent life from the moment of conception until natural death,” the bill stated. “We know that life begins at conception. After nearly four decades of legal human prenatal murder, it is now abundantly clear that the practice has negatively impacted the people of this state in many ways, including economic, health, physical, psychological, emotional, and medical well-being.”

Speaking as a man who loves his foster mother, sisters, grandmother, and aunts: No. A world of no.

If Franklin’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the same bonehead who proposed earlier in the month that rape shouldn’t be considered a crime unless it’s “forcible” – the very definition of rape already – and that rape victims should be heretofore referred to as “accusers” instead of the assault victims that they are.

There are a lot of shady politicians in the world, but we find this man in particular to be loathsome. Ladies, this is two bills from this man this month alone seeking to strip you of your rights and generally just violate the shit out of you. Bobby Franklin should be removed from office, as he is clearly unfit to wield power over his constituents.

What do you think of Bobby Franklin’s HB 1 Bill?

Via UB Reader Jim Otey

  • Ok well since I am for choice, I disagree with Franklin. Also, this would necessitate a rather large amount of money to investigate whether the miscarriage or abortion was prenatal murder or not and frankly, I don’t think it is worth it. He also states in the bill that Roe vs. Wade has no effect on the state of Georgia, which I think is incorrect.

    However, he does not define miscarriage as prenatal murder. I really dislike how much the author of this article twisted the bill. I looked up the bill myself (exact wording, not paraphrased) and it clearly said “if a physician makes a medically justified effort to save the lives of both the mother and the fetus and the fetus does not survive, such action shall not be prenatal murder. Such term does not include a naturally occurring expulsion of a fetus known medically as a ‘spontaneous abortion’ and popularly as a ‘miscarriage’ so long as there is no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of such event.”

    This means, according to the bill, that the miscarriage would only be investigated if there was a human messing with the fetus. Please keep your facts straight. In conclusion though, I am definitely against HB 1, just not for the reasons you provided.

  • Xtina

    Somewhere between 30-40% of conceptions end in miscarriage. Often, women won’t even know they are pregnant before they miscarry. Most of the time, it’s the body’s way of taking care of a potentially non-functioning offspring. It’s unfortunate but it’s a very COMMON natural phenomenon with evolutionary significance that increases the fitness of our species.
    … Just sayin’…. There’s no way he gets that.

  • I did read the entire post and then I read the HB1 bill to verify if all the information provided in this article was factual. Did you?

  • your quote did not come from the bill itself, but from some article about the bill. How do you know that article is entirely factual? For instance this article states clearly that the bill will “classify miscarriages as prenatal murder” whereas the actual bill states the opposite, as I quoted above. You can’t just believe everything you read. Go to the source if you want the truth.

  • Anonymous

    For all of America’s bitching about hating the workings of the Taliban certain sectors seem hell bent for leather to get women out of the work place and cranking out babies.
    I’m sorry if that is childish…I am just completely dismayed.

  • Jim

    Um Brynn, good for you for being pro-choice, but – I think YOU’RE the one who’s a little confused about the facts. Or more specifically, you missed the ENTIRE point of the article. It’s not about the penalties that physicians may or may not suffer. It’s about the INTRUSION by authorities into the lives of a family who’ve just lost a child. Kevin wrote one paragraph about physicians and the rest of the piece is about the additional damage this would cause to women and their families. In the future I suggest you read the WHOLE post, instead of just the first paragraph before you criticize.

  • Jim

    BTW, Great post Kevin. And I have two words for Rep. Franklin: Heinous. Fuckery. Okay, make that three: Impeachment.

  • Jim

    “the miscarriage would only be investigated if there was a human messing with the fetus” – Wrong. “Authorities would be required to investigate the cause of fetal death in cases where a miscarriage occurs without attendance at a medical facility.” That pretty clearly sounds like MOST miscarriages would be investigated because often, by the time the mother reaches a medical faliclity, she has already miscarried.

  • Deb G Freed

    I guess when I had labor induced 27 years ago because my 7 month fetus had died in utero my doctor and I were committing a crime. And, if I had waited until I went into labor I would have been committing a crime by going into labor and producing a dead child. I just want to know what kool aid this fool is drinking.

  • Deb G Freed

    I guess when I had labor induced 27 years ago because my 7 month fetus had died in utero my doctor and I were committing a crime. And, if I had waited until I went into labor I would have been committing a crime by going into labor and producing a dead child. I just want to know what kool aid this fool is drinking.

  • Deb G Freed

    I would like say that at the loss of my child I was completely devastated and in a state of grief. I cannot imagine being held as a criminal while having to deal with a loss I have never completely resolved. Also, I am fully behind women and the right to choose to have a child or terminate a pregnancy. Isn’t it interesting that most of the politicians who come up with this craziness are men?

  • Jim

    You STILL missed the point of the post.

  • Matthew D

    Krikes… this, on top of all the rape legislation and the general trend in submitting bills… we’re getting closer every day to “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    Wow..I’m a card carrying right wing conservative Christian from Texas and this guy makes *my* skin crawl…sheeeeeeeesh.

  • I understand the point of the post. I do think the law should not be passed. However, I really don’t like it when headlines are misleading, or in this case absolutely false. Many people only skim articles and they will now think that Franklin thinks miscarriages are murder, which is absolutely untrue. I think the law would invade the privacy of women who miscarry and, like I said, it shouldn’t be passed. That however doesn’t justify blatant lying.

  • Anonymous

    I been pregnant five times and two of these pregnancies ended in miscarriage not because I went out of way to make it happen but one baby was lost because I fell in some snow and the other because my son,which was 5 1/2 at the time,accidently jumped on my stomache. What is this guy going to do in these cases put a 5 yr old in jail for cause the death of a baby or throw me in jail?? This guy is a moron and needs to be put out of office and the state of GA needs to do NOW.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about this, but thank you so much for sharing. We agree that this legislation is dangerous and beyond insensitive. This man should not be in political office.

  • Anonymous

    Why women miscarry is still a mystery to medical science. There are untold factors that could influence whether the baby is carried to term or not. To find out more, read this:

  • Jake Monkman

    With this kind of crappy bill, women would be facing murder charges for something that was not even their fault.

  • Anonymous

    Bobby Franklin is obviously an idiot; he certainly does not belong in public service! It scares me that folks who think like him (or the lack thereof) can get elected … go figure ~

  • Anonymous

    This is the quality of individual currently seeking and/or holding elected office after the last mid-terms, in which less than 40% of all eligible Americans voted. YOU ARE UNDOUBTEDLY BETTER QUALIFIED. So please… give a thought as to how you might be more involved in your local and state government? And help make our political climate one of considered thought, not partisan or religious dogma…

    The United States, as our Founding Fathers envisioned us, as millions of Americans died to affirm in a Civil War, and as my dad and a million other guys in WWII fought and died for against the monstrosity of genocide and racial bigotry, is a place of open and civil debate, regard for our fellow human beings as equal to ourselves in inalienable rights, and a place where the value of a single individual is greater than the mightiest, richest, and most global corporation.

    You can do better than this. YOU can do better than this. Get involved, get educated, get your friends involved.

  • Marisa Kelly

    i’m in disbelief. this man disgraces our country.
    this is absolutely horrifying and makes me SUPER ANGRY!!

  • Ed Dobar

    this guy is a WASTE OF GOOD AIR!!!!!!

  • I’ve gone through the complete wording of the GA bill submitted by Rep. Franklin.

    There is NOTHING that states that a natural miscarriage is considered illegal and thus punishable.

    Only in the case of a human assisted forcing of a live fetus to be miscarried thus killing it, would be considered criminal and thus punishable.

    You all need to stop getting information from left wing rags like the DailyKOS and Huffington Post, and do some actual reading of these bills.

  • J

    Bobby Franklin you are the reason abortion should be legalized…you old fool. How the hell can you hold a grieving woman accountable for loosing her unborn?…You S.O.B. You’ve been sitting on your lazy behind too long hon….your brain is starting to fall asleep. WAKE UP FOOL and do something about high unemployment rate in Georgia?

  • J

    You half right Deb…they are not men they are cheap Imitation of men

  • Anonymous

    I worked for many years as a hospital chaplain, and before that as an LVN in a general hospital. As both an LVN & a Chaplain, I attended many women who had suffered miscarriages or were in the process of miscarrying. I have witnessed many, many times the heartbreak that the mother of the miscarried child was suffering, as well as frequently the heartbreak of the father as well. Reading this has almost caused me to be speechless. Is this man married, and if so, does his spouse believe as he does. He should to be recalled as soon as possible as Representative; I’m sure the majority of his constituents would be pleased to tar & feather him and ride his a** out of town on a rail. It’s too bad that there is not some way
    that he could witness, from behind a one-way mirror, or with a video, some miscarriages, just to witness what the families go through. This man has no idea what he’s talking about. What if it was his daughter that was having the miscarriage? How would he feel then, especially as the law, if in effect, would have to followed in her case. I am not in favor of abortion, but what he proposed is just outright insane!