How Many Gay People Must God Create Before We Accept He Wants Them Around?

Minnesota Representative Steve Simon wins the title of gay blog prom king today with his absolutely incredible speech before the House Panel that moved the state’s proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage even further along.

While Simon’s words failed to change the minds of his Republican colleagues – they all voted to ban gay marriage – his speech obviously hit home for those in attendance. The crowded room was chastised by another member of the hearing  after they broke into applause for Simon.

“How many more people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?”

You go boy.

  • I feel like I want to punch the dude who said “Please keep applause to yourself.”

    He just seemed like a douche.

  • I feel like I want to punch the dude who said “Please keep applause to yourself.”

    He just seemed like a douche.

  • Anonymous

    Shame though that he urges the group not to make considerations on a religious basis, then goes into a speech about God. Hypocritical, but well stated.

  • Anonymous

    I need to vote for him. I’m moving.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Go Simon!

  • TC Wilson

    Wow, just wow. A shame it didn’t work.

  • Trenton Flock

    That’s not hypocritical; that’s speaking to them in a language that they understand. He knows that they probably won’t be swayed by a simple request to leave religion out, even though he clearly wants that to happen. Rep Simon shows his savvy as a rhetorician by exhorting them to vote according to equality, compassion, and the idea of a loving inclusive God, which is what those who stand opposed to marriage equality preach but do not practice. A lot of arguments and conflicts never get resolved because people don’t learn to communicate in the language of their opponents as Rep Simon does. It is troubling that you would confuse respect and understanding with hypocrisy. I fear that all too many people make the same mistake…

  • Anonymous

    I think the guy that said keep the applause to yourself has some secrects that he doesnt want known.

  • Paul E

    Problem is, though, these people don’t believe “God” created gay people. We choose to be this way, we’re defective, etc., etc. Still glad he made his statement, but I’m sure he knew going in it would fall on deaf ears.

    Oh well – the gay haters are on the wrong side of history. One day, they’ll be looked at in the same way the segregationists are today by most people. It’s already happening in the more enlightened parts of the world…

  • Unfortunately, there are things innate to a person that ought not to be encouraged: alcoholism, for example. I bring up this point because there is a larger question to be answered here; Is homosexuality evil – is it immoral? It does not follow that because there is some form of existence (or in this case a predisposition) that it ought to be that way. Arguments of morality that use god as justification do not answer this question, or cannot reasonably answer this question.

    Lastly, I would like readers to note that while what I’ve presented here ought to be held to the same standards, regardless of my views on homosexuality, I am an lgbt activist myself. I’m glad to hear there was someone there to speak for the lgbt movement. (edited sentence placement)

  • Blacktiger

    I totally agree, especially when I hear about little kids in Kindergarten and first grade are uncomfortable in changing rooms in same sex situations. Ask yourself why, if the child was not “Born This Way”?

  • Blacktiger

    Much alcoholism and drug use comes about because the lifestyle of that person is always being put down, bullied, beaten, the list is endless. Having lived in the West End of Vancouver I have witnessed many gays and lesbians drinking and doing drugs just to get through another day.They are hurting deep in their core because life as they must live it is negative to the straight life, the “normal life”. So don’t play the booze and drug card with me, it won’t wash!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Applause is a form of speech….and we still have freedom of speech. Screw that douche.

  • funny there seem to be over 40 places in scripture where HOMOSEXUALITY is called a sin…IN FACT THE BIBLE SAYS THAT LAYING WITH SOMEONE OF THE SAME SEX IS AN ABONIMATION TO GOD….SO HOW IS IT THt god createes homosexuals .. they are not born queer they become queer..

  • Kristen Starkey

    Separation of Church and State. You can’t force your religious beliefs on me. YOU believe it’s a “sin” then don’t do it. You can’t tell me what I can or can’t do based on YOUR religion. MY religion says all religious people that teach hate should be put on a desert island and left to starve. Are you willing to go first? 😉

  • Kristen Starkey

    They are uncomfortable due to the fear of their bodies that their parents have instilled in them. They are fearful because of other children who make fun of their bodies. Take a child psych class. You might learn something.

  • Kristen Starkey

    Actually, you are only allowed your freedoms in a limited manner. State and Govn’t entities can limit your freedoms on their property. Which is why you can’t carry a weapon in a courtroom, or make speeches in a courtroom…etc, etc. Public vs. nonpublic forums.

  • Charles

    If you haven’t read it in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek (the original languages in which the Bible was written), then how do you know if the translation wasn’t slanted to fit an agenda? Simply put… You don’t.

  •  because the bible has been translated and retranslated and was written by a bunch of hateful straight men.