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Republican Rep. Threatens To Defund DOJ If Obama Won’t Enforce DOMA

DOMA, marriage equality, DOJ, department of justice, gay news, gay blog
Rep. Steve King won't be attending your gay wedding.

Remember those feelings of pride and respect for your fellow man you felt brewing inside of you last week when President Obama announced that he believes the Defense Of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional, and that he had instructed the U.S. Department of Justice to no longer enforce it? Do please try to bottle that feeling up and save some for later, because things are about to get ugly in D.C.

DOMA, most of you know, is the federal act that pretty much allows states to outright ban marriage between same-sex couples, and gives states the authority to not recognize gay marriages performed in other states. It was signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 90’s, and Republicans today largely use this fact as “proof” that marriage equality is a kneejerk reaction to the…wait for it…Gay Agenda. Because every single thing our country said was right 20 years ago is still just as correct today, right?

Then where did Party of Five, Xena: Warrior Princess, and all those Tamagotchis go? I rest my case.

In any case, Steve King, a Republican Congressman from Iowa, has vowed to strip our nation’s Department of Justice of it’s funding until he gets his way (Which for the record would be the absolutely insane case of the President saying he will resume defending a law that he finds unconstitutional – which he has already announced to the entire world).

ABC News reports:

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King says he wants to penalize the Obama administration for its decision to drop a legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act with fresh budget cuts for the Department of Justice.

“We have the authority to do a few things, and one of them is to control the budget,” King said in an interview with ABC News from Frankfurt, Germany, where he has been attending trade meetings this week.

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What does the Department of Justice do for you?

Rep. King is seriously seeking to shut down the FBI, the National Security Division, the U.S. Marshall Services, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and dozens of other imperative national offices in order to keep gay Americans from marrying their loved ones. Way to effectively govern, jerk!

The good news is that this plan is clearly batshit crazy. The bad news is that all sorts of batshit crazy legislation keeps being taken seriously. We’re looking at you, “Don’t Say Gay” Bill and “Miscarriages Are Murder” Law. But shutting down the crime enforcement arm of the federal government is an extraordinarily crazy idea, right? Right? Someone please tell me I’m right.

Can you believe the steps Republicans are taking to keep gays from equality?

Via ABC News

  • I find it ironic that the homophobic right is so convinced that there will be chaos in the streets and rampant crime if gays are allowed to marry while this madman is actively trying to reduce our nation’s ability to protect itself and control crime. He’s the traitor to our nation and its founding principles, not the LGBT community and our allies.

  • Oh boy, the fight begins…I just hope it doesn’t turn into a new civil war, I don’t want to be here for that …I may be looking to move to another country until this blows over… but, equality will win in the end.

    It is true, the ones that say we will increase crime are the ones with the violent attitudes…it is the ones against us that think we should die, they are the ones that want to shoot the guns, not us, we just want to be treated fairly and as equal citizens under the law, just like anyone else, the constitution/law is not based on sexual orientation, and no-one should be treated differently because they have a different sexual orientation than the majority. We don’t want to hold back funding, we just want to be treated equally. If you don’t like it, quit holding us back and take your homophobia and move to Uganda if you don’t like it here!

  • Bailey Spencer-Jackson

    The willingness to jeopardize national security in order to prevent “certain people” from enjoying the same civil rights as the rest of the national citizens is not only stupid, but borders on crazy. Imagine, just for a moment, that this “ism” was based on skin color, eye color, national origin, or any other “ism” that is not controlled by choice, but rather by DNA. Know what you get? Genocide of a particular class of citizen. And this is different exactly why? This is precisely why these people are so dangerous.