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Republicans Could Repeal Marriage Equality in 3 Easy Steps

For a long time now, a handful of anti-gay groups has been saying they have a plan to undo marriage equality. And now that Donald Trump is president, they’ve been acting confident that they can set that plan into motion. But can they do it? Is marriage equality really at risk?

Yes, in fact, it is. And they could do it in just three easy steps.

1. Start by Weakening Protections

They can’t repeal marriage right away, but they can start laying the groundwork by passing some laws that seem like they should be unconstitutional.

For example, in Arkansas, the state is setting up a plan to provide a different set of rights to gay versus straight married couples. The state Supreme Court just ruled that straight couples can automatically be listed as parents on birth certificates, even if one isn’t biologically related to the child. But gay couples can’t.

And in Texas, a group of activists is suing to stop Houston from providing spousal benefits like health insurance to the same-sex spouses of city employees. Their claim: The state may have to issue marriage licenses, but then they can just ignore those licenses. And a bill called SB89 would bar the state from issuing the licenses at all, saying that state law should trump federal law.

These rulings and laws will likely need review by the Supreme Court—which is going to be a problem, given the hands that the court is going to be in.

2. Strategically Appoint Republicans in Key Positions

We don’t know who Trump will nominate to the Supreme Court, but one of his friends is Bill Pryor, a judge who wanted states to be able to arrest gay people for having sex. And Trump wants to install Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice—a man who a decade ago tried to amend the U.S. Constitution to stop gays from marrying.

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions could use the Department of Justice to try to overturn marriage equality. All he’d need to do that is a lawsuit or conflict to come up to the Supreme Court. And remember those weirdly unconstitutional laws and rulings happening at the state level? They’ll provide the perfect opportunity.

3. Create a Lawsuit-Engine

The Supreme Court might not be ready to overturn marriage, even if Jeff Sessions asks his fellow Trump-swamp-monsters to do so. So they have a backup plan: the First Amendment Defense Act, which would let random strangers undo your marriage.

If Trump signs FADA, which he said he would, any person or company would have the right to decide they will not honor your marriage license. You could lose health coverage, family and medical leave or any assurance that the IRS will accept your taxes.

It will cause chaos and generate countless lawsuits until the right case to overturn marriage comes along.

The Republican Plan: Redefine Marriage

So for now, you can still get married. But marriage won’t mean what it once did. Marriage once meant that you’d get a whole suite of rights and protections—but soon it could mean that you’ll have no idea when those rights might just disappear. Marriage will constantly change depending on where you go, and who you’re talking to.

In other words: The Republican plan is to redefine marriage.

  • NightHawk/Marriage Guardian

    Well I will be. That would be great to do something like this if they could repeal that deceptive marriage equality overtime. I will have to get back with more on this later.

  • milwaukeegregg

    Perfect, Lets get back to reality..It’s between a MAN AND A WOMAN………….

  • Louis E.

    I’m a Democrat (pro-abortion-rights,anti-death-penalty,pro-gun-control) who regards supporting the absolute outrage only its supporters dub “marriage equality” as my party’s worst blunder of my lifetime,so I hope that its abolition can be the one good thing that comes out of a Trump presidency,but I won’t hold my breath.
    The “suite of rights and protections” that a relationship must be opposite-sex in order to deserve is better off completely abolished than allowed to even one same-sex couple.

  • Smiles

    One man one woman … keep your freak show in the closet and away from the children.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I am a Democrat who believes in “Equal Rights” for everyone. Christ told US NOT to JUDGE.

    I am for “Gun Control”, Take the guns from Gangs, criminals, and Enforce the laws already on the books. Taking guns from Law Biding citizens just invites crime. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    I support the Death Penalty, God says “He that commits Murder is put to death. (Note the commandant was “Thou Shalt Murder” Not kill as many teach and say today.)

    The First Amendment guarantees OUR “Freedom of Religion”. That is Everyone has the RIGHT to believe and live as THEY please or chose. So if you and your church or faith believes SSM, Gays, and abortion are wrong. It is YOUR Right to do so. If your church or faith believes, condones, supports, or has no opinion on Gays, SSM, and Abortion. It is YOUR right to do so.

    NO ONE can deny your right to believe and live as you choose. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” That means NO State, locality, or Federal government can pass any law denying anyone’s RIGHT to believe and live as they chose. Conversely, NO State, locality, or Federal government can pass any law that FORCES one church’s or faith’s belief above all others.

  • NightHawk/Marriage Guardian

    Well you know what… That would be great if someone could do that because that deceptive marriage equality needs to be repealed overtime.

  • NightHawk/Marriage Guardian

    I write this comment because I stand against this behavior and I stand against the things the federal government has done by legalizing this perverted behavior. I also have posted this because I would support this article if they come to make this happen over time. My somewhat loss of respect for a majority of the federal judges and as well if not all the Supreme Court justices but 5 out of the 4. I don’t think justice Kennedy is a bad man I just think they are not thinking straight as they may think they are.

  • NightHawk/Marriage Guardian

    P.s. Don’t try to remove my comment because I will not allow that and 2 you cannot ban from commenting on these websites that easily. I have made my point and I will get back with you later with more to say as I already had once said.

  • NightHawk/Marriage Guardian

    I don’t mind these comments. For the most part I can safely agree with these opinions and statements. Now the thing I agree with but only as long as it is correctly interpreted and not perverted about the equal rights. Here is the deal and that is… I believe in the constitution, specifically referring to the 14th amendment, as far as it is correctly interpreted and this includes how the federal judges and Supreme Court justices interpret it. What I mean here is that I believe in it as far the constitution is correctly interpreted by the judges and not the federal judges/Supreme Court justices did by perverting the constitution and legalizing gay marriage. For your information perversion does not have anybody else’s word and it does not. You might think this is just my opinion but it is based on if not direct facts out of the book but rather common sense. I have to go for now I have stuff to do. Have a good day, hope you had a merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    What is being missed with all of this is one seemingly simple yet complicated point. Most if not all of the fight for or against SSM and abortion has been “Equal Rights” coupled with religious beliefs. Equal rights aside. It really comes down to a battle for Religious Freedom. One side, the “Right wing Conservatives” verses Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, and the Don’t care. The Right wing or Ultra conservatives want to and or demand their beliefs be the “Law” of the land. Thus establishing a “State Run” religion. Which is Unconstitutional. They claim, conservative or not, one cannot be a Christian unless you believe as they do. What? Do these people read the Bible or any scriptures at all?

    Let us see. God asks Lucifer and Jesus for plans for OUR Salvation. Satan comes back and gives God his plan. He would require all of us to believe what he teaches and wants or be cast out or left in darkness. Jesus comes in and lays his plan out before God. He would give us our “Agency” to chose to believe in God and accept him (Jesus) as his son and our savior. We would have the ability to chose What, When, Where, and How we believe.

    That means I, you, we, each one of us HAS a CHOICE to what we believe and how we live. These Right wing conservatives seem to NOT understand this or forgotten it.

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    I write this comment because I stand against this behavior and I stand against the things the federal government has done by legalizing this perverted behavior. I also have posted this because I would support this article if they come to make this happen over time. My somewhat loss of respect for a majority of the federal judges and as well if not all the Supreme Court justices but 5 out of the 4. I don’t think justice Kennedy is a bad man I just think they are not thinking straight as they may think they are.

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    Nice try I warned you, what were you thinking declaring this as spam. I told you you cannot get rid of me that easily and let me tell you something I like this article because it at least in some sense provides some against sort of stuff and this is exactly why I like it.

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    yeah just let this article stand because this needs to happen for sure.

  • 51franco

    Google the name “Gordon D.Schraber” and you might (I say might) understand why Judge Anthony
    Kennedy voted on three occasions to uphold the rights of homosexual citizens. In 1996
    (Romer v Evans) in 2003 (Lawrence v Texas) and in 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges.)

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    Alright buddy I will look into it but regardless of anyone’s opinion not everything you read is always going to make everything right as they wish they could make it right. I will talk to you later my fellow peer.

  • Ron Hobson

    Christ did not say not to use discernment and since you brought it up, lets see what the father has to say as well… (Leviticus 18:22) Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    Good attitude my fellow peer.

  • Red Ranger/name confidential

    One more thing tonight for you as well my fellow peer. Let me put it this way that while we are subject to kings, magistrates, presidents and other rulers… The tragic truth you have to under stand my fellow peer my fellow peer is that no matter where in the world you go… Not all of man’s laws of are going to make things morally right and sadly no matter how things like this become legally accepted it just never will make it right.

    Not every believes in God but regardless of religion or sometimes what one may believe and regardless of one’s opinion or position of power they may hold in government (whether it be they may think it good or bad or believes they have may be true or false) does not always make it right such. Remember sometimes when it comes to judging someones and we are trying not to judge and things are becoming this corrupt in our country sometimes when you are trying not to judge… you just cannot always help it because sometimes things just being this corrupt as they have become you are going to inadvertently and indirectly judge someone whether you like it or not. There are always going to be false accusations bigotry and false accusations of people playing this cards when in fact we are not trying to force our beliefs on them. Things are going to get worse before they do get better as usual and you can always count on it. Sometimes you have to let someone go and let GOD deal with them because he knows what do with these people. Have a good night.

    P.S. I will fix up my English later.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    True, however, as in the many commandants we try to follow. Some try to follow them strictly. Most try to, but fail misally. I cannot say how many, nevertheless, some of these “Right wingers” who try and do put “THEIR” religious beliefs and Force them upon others. Are the first to commit crimes and break commandments and teachings? They like the “Kentucky clerk” wants or wanted to hate and refuse SSM based upon her strict religious beliefs. However she had sex outside of marriage, was an adulteress, and more. That relates to when Jesus said, “He you is without sin cast the first stone”. I can list thousands of examples. Even Gays can be members of the Mormon Church. It is the “Act of sex” that is the sin. An interesting note is that being Lesbian is NOT listed, mentioned, or hinted at in ANY scriptures. Women cannot lay together as a man and woman. It is biologically impossible. Further as commanded, in ancient times they could still have and raise children. Two men cannot ever do that.

    Another interesting note or maybe on purpose of design is that ALL of these “Right wingers” seem to pick and choose verses and add their interpretation to make their point ALL from the “Old Testament”. Very few or any are from the “New Testament”. The why is simple. When Jesus taught his message, he told us some that was before (Old Testament) were no longer needed, valid, and or to be followed. Basically he superseded the old testament with his teachings. Anyone or I can list over a hundred of topics, agendas, and examples. However, the principle theme was Love thy Neighbor, Treat everyone as you would want them to treat you, Do not judge as he and his father would be the judges, Take care of those in need, and more.
    Bottom line WE in this country are Supposed to have Religious Freedom to believe and live as we please and chose. The “Right wing Conservatives” do not, refuse to, or do not understand the concept.

  • Proud Amelekite

    It is unlikely. They may slow it down but the kids see nothing wrong with gay folks these days. With the next generation on our side, any victory you have over us will be temporary and, in the end, your bones will crack under the wheels of progress and time and you will be replaced just like those who opposed race mixing or believed being left handed was demonic were replaced. It is inevitable.

  • Proud Amelekite

    They may win the day and try to push their darkness across the land, rolling back the rights of LGBTQ people, women, and other minorities in the service of their God but darkness is only ever temporary. We have science, the kids, and the facts on our side. We also have the internet to reach out to LGBT youth and straight allies. We can use that to continue our work against the bad guys, even should they take the country completely. We’ll rise again.

  • Proud Amelekite

    To be fair God’s son was a homo who routinely got gangbanged by 12 guys and never even married a lady. They didn’t call him the “fisher of men” for nothing. God was just disappointed and overreacted.

  • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

    Thanks for the pointers. Will forward to Liberty Counsel and the ACLJ.

    AG Sessions already in place.


    Operation ROLLBACK has begun.

  • Falconlights

    No, actually it doesn’t. You need to mind your own business and leave LGBT people alone. Who decide to marry is none of your business.