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Gay, Jewish Musical Uncle Knocks Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Over ‘Cabaret’ Tweet

CNN contributor Jason Kander delivered a blow to neo-Nazi punch-absorber Richard Spencer’s ego on Twitter over the musical Cabaret.

White nationalist dork Spencer posted a tweet claiming “tomorrow belongs to us.” The phrase is a references to a show tune from 1972’s screen adaptation of Cabaret, an ultra-queer musical about the nightclub scene in 1930s Berlin.

It’s a little odd that a neo-Nazi would reference a fictional Liza Minnelli film rather than an authentic Nazi anthem. Couldn’t he think of any actual Hitler Youth songs?

Anyway, Kander quickly jumped in with a response:

Richard Spencer excels at what Twitter users refer to as the art of the self-own. His wife left him (though they haven’t officially divorced yet), he got punched in the head while talking about a cartoon frog, he got thrown out of CPAC and recently he lost his tax-exempt status by forgetting to file. We look forward to seeing how he wrecks himself next.

  • Telemachus_1

    Folks, the problem with modern leftism is you people don’t understand the difference between something expressed literally or figuratively. Richard Spencer chose that particular youtube video BECAUSE it is hilarious. You keep looking for these “gotcha” moments, but they are always just websites like this one that no one reads. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m posting this comment. If you want to truly win against Richard Spencer, it is time to start countering his ideas directly and honestly. Articles like this serve no viable propaganda purpose.