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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Premiere is the Best April Fools Day Prank Ever

Any expert prankster will tell you the best pranks get into the mark’s head. TV network [adult swim] pulled the greatest switcheroo ever — they started streaming the season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty without much fanfare.

Of course, your immediate reaction is “This is a prank, right?” And you may even think to yourself “I’m not even going to click the link — they’re not gonna fool me!”

But then, seeds of doubt creep into your head. “Well, they probably put something up instead, like a leaked scene, or an original drawing.” But you still don’t click — until you think to yourself “They wouldn’t actually run it, would they? What’s the gag? Are they going to run it in miniature like they did with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie?

Then you see people post on Facebook:


Posted by Matt Keeley on Saturday, April 1, 2017

“Oh, I get it, it’s obviously a Rick Roll — and they’ve switched it with Rick Sanchez. I get it. They just want to keep the joke going, and play along,” you think. But then, you’ve not known these particular friends to make that kind of joke. “Perhaps,” you wonder, “perhaps… it… is real? But there’s a typo in the post, maybe that’s a clue?”

Well, rest assured: IT.  IS. REAL.

No foolin’.

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And the episode’s not a fake, either — it’s an outstanding premiere, following up on last season’s cliffhanger that found Rick imprisoned by the Galactic Federation. Nathan Fillion guest stars — but say more would be to rob you of the joy of watching new Rick & Morty for the first time in a year and half.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit more for further episodes — [adult swim] says the series will start airing this summer.

Rick and Morty season 3 is airing right now on [adult swim] and at the [adult swim] online stream until Midnight.

  • Chi3f

    This shit’s fuckin’ with my weekly Toonami fix, and, after like 3 hours on repeat, it’s made me hate this R&M episode cx Not cool, Adult Swim. Not cool.

  • At least, if you can wait until midnight, it’ll switch back over to Toonami.

    ….unless THAT’S the prank.

  • Blue

    Boo fucking hoo

  • Chi3f

    It did switch back over, but skipped the 1st two shows =/

  • Chi3f

    I get you don’t care, but that’s alright. Just seems like a dumb move on AS’s part. It’s an annoyance to people who look forward to those shows once a week and to have to deal with something like that that’s more pestering than pranking.

  • Oh, that actually does suck. Were the pre-empted ones going to be new episodes? (And worse — was Samurai Jack one of the casualties?)

  • Chi3f

    They were supposed to be new unless Toonami was taking this opportunity for a break in airing new stuff for a week. Samurai Jack and DBS were the shows affected by the line up. Super isn’t great at this point since I saw the movies first, but stiiillll..

  • Huh — I wonder if they ran them during the late-night repeat of Toonami (if they still do that) or just ran old eps.

    I’ve heard DBS isn’t great — I’m not a huge fan of DBZ anyway, but IIRC, it’s the same sorta thing as Sailor Moon Crystal, which I only got the first season in, due to how… ugly and half-assed it seemed. Give me original-style Sailor Moon any day.

  • I liked the one prank AS did with the Moustaches a few years back. Similar gag, just a little further south on the face.