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Rocko’s Modern Life: Gay Bashing?

Admittedly, we’re almost twenty years behind the curve on this one, but astute Redditers have us wondering just what is going on here in this clip from Nickelodeon’s Rocko’s Modern Life?


  • I think they’re just trying to be funny. I mean the cow says he likes pretending he is a pixie. 

  • Honestly, I think the “European Underwear” comment is more gay, than Rocko liking rainbows.

  • Anonymous

    I def. don’t think Nick is promoting “gay bashing”, if anything they’re making fun of how ridiculous and irrationally gay bashers act.

  • They were making a parody of gay bashing. They did the same thing with “spaking the monkey” and of course their ever-present “Chokey Chicken” restraunt. RMD is still a great show. Nothing to see here.

  • I am a HUGE Rocko fan. There are plenty of other episodes where they insinuate that it’s cool. Furthermore, the same director, Steve Hillenburg is also the creator of Spongebob. We know how much gay innuendo THAT has. 

  • I feel like they might be trying to point out how stupid it is for people to judge others for being secretly gay when everyone has their own secrets they don’t want to be judged for too. Just a thought.

  • Junior

    Anytime “Rocko’s Modern Life” can be reintroduced into my consciousness is a good thing. That was my favorite NickToon from the 90s!

  • Sarah Miller

    They’re purple.
    The series also ends with him getting a girlfriend.

  • James Stipes

    Way to drum up a case against a cartoon that doesn’t even air anymore. I really like your blog but some of these stories just SCREAM “We didn’t have any exclusive/legitimate content to post today.”

    And it’s definitely a joke. The weird cat lady says she sleeps with a baboon heart under her pillow. If anything it’s proving how silly homophobic thought patterns are.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Rocko’s shirt had pink triangles all over it.  HELLO.

  • Marissa Tucker

    I like the fact that Rocko is the smartest of the group….

  • Steve Cardinal

    whats wrong with being bi?

  • You’re reading too far into it. It’s a KIDS show. Rainbows isn’t a symbollogy for homosexuality, it’s meant to be an incredibly innocent thing compared to the other’s secrets making it humorous when people chastise him for it.

  • George Harvey

    Haha. I always thought Rocko was gay too! Check out the pilot episode where he goes to the gym to get in shape. The whole episode is kind of gay-themed. I miss old school nick.

  • Sarah Miller

    Obviously everything :p
    I was just correcting ShowMeGuy’s assumption that Rocco is gay. No hate, I’m bi myself.

  • Gavin Atilano

    I’ve thought this for years. Anyone who claims this is grasping at straws should watch the episode where Mr. Bighead lets his inner clown out.

  • Ali Dagger

    I don’t think Rainbows were a gay symbol back then.

  • This is NOT gay bashing. Rocko’s Modern Life was a show created/voiced by many comedy greats like Stephen Hillenburg, Tom Kenny & Carlos Alazraqui. These guys are COMMENTING on homophobia/bullying by showing how fickle people can be. It’s an absurd joke that highlights that point.