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Same-Sex Success! New York Senate Votes To Legalize Gay Marriage!

new york same-sex marriage, new york gay marriage, new york marriage equality, new york senate gay, new york legalizes gayThe New York Senate has voted to make same-sex marriage the law of the land in the state after a campaign that felt at times like it ran over the river and through the woods.

Yes, there were unashamed efforts to allow religious organizations to literally and openly discriminate against LGBT New Yorkers, and yes, for some reason bringing marriage equality to New Yorkers was a lower priority for conservatives than approving a state vegetable – but tonight our frustrations have been transformed into celebration.

Congratulations to the countless New Yorkers who have won their right to marry and a thank you to those Senators who stood on the right side of history and voted on our behalf.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will sign the bill into law. Same-sex couples may begin marrying in 30 days.

Finally, thank you to everyone who called, wrote and tweeted the New York Senators from across the world to voice their support for equality. No matter where you call home, this victory belongs to you.

  • Congratulation New York I LOVE you.

  • You guys jumped the gun on the announcement, but given Senator Grisanti’s affirmative, it does look like passage is assured. Go, New York!

  • SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! YAY GAY NY!!!  New T-Shirts “I <3 Gay NY"

  •  I jumped the gun too on FB – I didnt realize they were voting twice, lol, I thought the first vote was it.  🙂   GO NY!!!!!

  • mu_linlin7

    Congrats, NY, on joining the side that history will favor!

  • i support this 1000%,  but i have one thing to say to those who claimed ignorance and BS and discriminated against every LGBT person. go dig a hole and die in it for the sake of the race you are attempting to claim your saving do us all a favor and stop being a moron. anyways to those who will marry after 30 days congrats you deserve it.

  • 😀 Yay NY! Wonder if it will ever be allowed in TX…:<

  • Cc

    Ohmigosh! I got teary-eyed when I saw this. My whole life, New York has been the place at the end of the rainbow where I can finally get away from all the bull in my life, and now… It’s amazing and a bit surreal. Even living in Hicksville and who-gives-a-crap Suburbia I *always* felt like New York was my city, where I belonged and where I’m headed. And someday when I’m living there I’ll get to tell my kids and their kids that I remember the day this happened, hopefully with them knowing that they will never experience a world where people aren’t equal.

  • >_< I <3 -EQUALITY FOR ALL- NY!