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San Francisco “Intactivist” Wants To Ban Circumcision

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id=”attachment_2898″ Lloyd Schofield: Saving your skin!

Meet Lloyd Schofield, the California “Intactivist” rounding up signatures for a ban on circumcision within San Francisco’s city limits. Schofield and many others that circumcising baby boys isn’t all that different than the highly publicized female genital mutilation that happens in many parts of the world, but it widely banned.

While the health risks associated with circumcision are dramatically lower than butchering that young girls are forced to undergo, is slicing and dicing a newborn boy’s genitals all that different?

Schofield tells SFGate:

“The base of our argument is you’re spending incredible amounts of money doing painful and damaging surgery to an unwilling patient,” he said.

“It’s really not about me,” he said. “People use it as a personal way to attack me, to discredit my message.”

california, lloyd schofield

Legal experts predict that even if the ban makes it onto San Francisco’s books this year, it will have little standing against Americans’ constitutional right to practice their religion. Still, we’ve seen the old “freedom of religion” line challenged across the pond recently. Who knows how this could all play out?

If you’re supportive of Schofield’s foreskin preservation play or just need a t-shirt that reads “Help Stop Forced Genital Cutting”, you can check out his movement at

Do you think circumcision should be outlawed?

  • Should it be banned? I don’t know. But I definitely do think it’s a practice that’s losing it’s practicality. More and more parents are opting to not have their sons circumcised, and I think that’s groovy. Technically the Bible tells people to stone women to death if they have sex before marriage, but does that mean we have to allow that under the first amendment? I’m not saying they’re the same thing, I’m just sayin’.

  • I dont think circumcision should be completely BANNED, but it SHOULD be restricted until AFTER the boy is 18, so he can make up his own mind whether he wants it done or not. Its HIS body, why should two people who will never have to see or deal with his penis again after hes potty trained have any say over what should be done to it?

  • I dont even think it should be done for religious reasons. In today’s world, people most often do NOT live their whole lives only knowing one religion. What if that boy grows up and doesnt want to be jewish? Religious practices really need to start adapting to today’s world, its kinda obvious that a LOT of 2000+ year old practices dont really work any more.

  • Hannah Jinn

    I like how their costumes are two, circumsized penises.

  • I’m a circumsized male. It’s an existential question almost, “do I regret the loss of my foreskin?”, because I have no experience of having foreskin to juxtapose to my personal reality.

    What I will say is that cut or uncut, cock is all good!

  • Lou Phil

    you should take a look at this through the lens of history.. Pre WW2 most non Jewish males in the US were uncircumcised.After the war it became more and more common place. I asked myself why…what changed? During the Nazi regime that was a good way of determining if a male was Jewish or not. Circumcision is required by all males of the Jewish faith. In the Torah, God says to Abraham that circumcision was a part of the Covenant, or part of man’s promise to God. Jewish males cannot be uncircumcised and be Jewish but non Jewish males can be circumcised…by circumcising all males you remove that physical mark that separates …I do not believe in circumcision…anyone who wishes to complain of the design of our body should consult the designer…. I think it was perfect and alterations of this type should be a personal choice…not automatic or made by others for you.

  • DevinF

    It’s about time!! I was circumcised at birth without my permission or even a good reason. It really pisses me off. I have “restored” my foreskin over a few years using stretching techniques. It will never be the same as my original, but it’s as close as I’ll be able to get. Anti-circ billboards are popping up all over Houston and the surrounding areas, much to my suprise. …I have heard of at least one case where a man successfully sued the doctor that cut him at birth…

  • I am proud Jew and have been circumcised since I was 8 days old. I take the covenant between God and the Jewish nation very seriously and that covenant is reestablished every time a baby is circumcised I would be very angry at my dad if he didn’t circumcise me at the proper time as commanded by God.
    the last time circumcision was outlawed was in the time of the Greek rule of Judea. the Jewish rebelion is commerated by the hollidy of chanukah

  • You are sick, DevonF. If you started your life being circumcised, you have no right to mock uncircumcised people by using some technique to have a phoney foreskin. Uncircumcised is not you. That could even be mocking animals for all you know (considering no animal has ever been circumcised). You have some audacity and should be ashamed of yourself. And someone should kick your ass for posting what you’ve done on a website where some kid could read it.

  • It’s human nature to improve everything. I guess there are times the clay talks back to the potter. 

  • I can care less what they decide on the ban on circumcision in San Francisco. I don’t live in California…Never been there in my life. And I’ve been born almost 60 years ago. What I will comment on however, is those offending costumes the two protesters were wearing. Folks went to jail for that kind of stuff back in my day. The only place you saw it was drawn on restroom walls. They give movies “R” and “X” ratings with that kind of content, and folks today are allowed to march it down a public street?