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Sarah Michelle Gellar Wins Parent of the Year for Her Matching Manicure With Son Rocky

If you grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ve got a big place in your heart for this actress. If you didn’t — you’re about to make one when you see these adorable Sarah Michelle Gellar manicure day pictures.

Gellar took her two children, 8-year-old Charlotte and 5-year-old Rocky, to the salon with her. They all got manicures and got to pick their nail color. While Charlotte opted for blue, Rocky got a glittery black polish — just like his mom!

She posted photos of the outing on her Instagram.

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Since Buffy, Gellar’s had a long, varied career. She’s had a number of high-profile roles — including reprising her Cruel Intentions role in an NBC pilot last year. Unfortunately, that didn’t get picked up — even though we’d have watched every week. Gellar’s also done a lot of charity work, working with groups like Project Angel Food, Habitat for Humanity and CARE.

She’s also an entrepreneur. In 2015, she co-founded Foodstirs, a start-up that sells baking kits and mixes. Her products are all kid-friendly, to help families bond and teach children the fun of cooking, and use only organic ingredients.

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Last April, Gellar released a new cookbook, Stirring Up Fun With Food. She co-wrote it with Gia Russo, who was a former editor for Martha Stewart Living. Perhaps surprisingly, her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. also has his own cookbook, Back to the Kitchen, which came out a year before. Gellar wrote the forward for Prinze’s book. 

But after these sweet Sarah Michelle Gellar manicure photos, we’ve got an idea for her next book. It should be a parenting book — and the first copy should go to Lewis Hamilton after his idiotic “boys don’t wear princess dresses” comment.


See the Sarah Michelle Gellar manicure pictures below:


Featured image by Mike Windle/Getty Images