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12 Reasons Why Sasha Velour Should Win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9

Brooklyn’s Sasha Velour was definitely underestimated going into this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race One of the show’s most unique contestants ever, she consistently proved herself as a queen to be reckoned with throughout the competition.

Often called out for being “too smart,” Velour’s intellectual capabilities were on display more than ever when we kiki’d with her at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles.

When asked about how she resists, Velour responds, “I believe that in times where the environment that you’re in tries to say that certain types of people have less value, that just simply existing proudly and beautifully is a kind of resistance. And that is what I am totally here for.”

“But then I also think that drag needs to push really actively against the limits of gender, the limits of beauty and we can create radical new ideas in drag. It’s like a kind of dream space where you can do anything that you think of. And I really think that drag should push in that direction. To be as imaginative as possible.”

Velour continues: “And then people who love it can take it out into the world and implement new forward thinking ideas. Ideas that fix the kind of painful limits that the world puts on — that directly go against them. That’s what I’m a fan of.”

From an esoteric Snatch Game to incredible looks on the runway, Velour proves that bald has never been bolder.

Here are 12 reasons why Sasha Velour deserves to win the crown:

1. Sasha entered the workroom like no one else.

2. And showed in the very beginning she’s a queen like no other.

3. We’re not sure what was better. Her Gaga…

4. Or her Madonna.

5. Her friendship with Shea is the epitome of relationship goals.

6. Off the runway, her pitch perfect performances made us laugh out loud.

7. She also managed to make us cry every episode, too.

8. Her snatch game was esoteric but fabulous.

9. She NEVER had to lip sync for her life.

10. It’ll be a huge deal if a bald queen won.

11. Oh yeah… did we mention she’s crazy smart?

12. And what we need is a drag leader with smarts to lead us… now more than ever.

Team Sasha!

Before we head into the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine, we’re compiling the top reasons why each queen deserves the coveted crown! Read our other lists for Trinity Taylor, Shea Coulee and Peppermint.

Featured image by David Ayllon.

  • William Price


  • Paul

    There is such a uniqueness to Sasha Velour’s take on Drag from a performance art point of view and her references to Keith Haring and looking back to Marlene Dietrich for Snatch Game shows a complete understanding of history.

    I think she would be an exemplary winner and would love to see her compete in an All Winners Season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

  • JonasGrumby

    I really want Sasha to win … but I do love ALL of the finalists. Any would be fantastic but Sasha is my fave for pretty much all the reasons stated in the article and the comments.

    And bravo to Ru for sending all to the final. My wife and I were watching that episode and kept saying to each other … how do you pick which goes home from these 4? Guess Ru solved that problem.

  • Xzamilloh

    Nope… we all know she’s the winner, and the most undeserving winner of Drag Race in history. Nothing you mentioned makes her remotely unique or “fresh”. A bald queen needs to win? Oooh, give her the crown already, so groundbreaking. Give me a break. Trinity and Shea were the frontrunners. This season was garbage from start to finish, and her winning is just the icing on the urinal cake that was Season 9.