Saudi police killed trans Pakistanis

Saudi Police Tortured and Killed Two Trans Pakistanis for Wearing Women’s Clothing

Saudi police tortured and killed two transgender Pakistanis on Tuesday after arresting them for wearing women’s clothing.

The Express Tribune reports that police arrested 35 people on charges of cross-dressing during a raid on a rest house.

Two of the people arrested, identified as Amna and Meeno, died in police custody after being packed in sacks and beaten with sticks.

Being LGBTQ is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and it’s punishable by imprisonment, fines, flogging and even execution.


(Header image via Adam Jones)

  • I-want-peace

    All I can say is that since they are expats living in Saudi and under its law, they should respect the rules and be prepared for the consequences. It is illegal to be gay or trans in Saudi, if you don’t like it, then do not come.

  • I-want-peace

    For your information, Saudi is not the only country the does not support gay/trans rights! Most countries in the world find this issue revolting. For example, Russia, China, Iran, etc. just because the west accepts them does not mean the whole world has to do so.

  • I-want-peace

    People who are attacking the Sharia law, in Sharia law, gays are trans are not punished by death. I’m not saying that they deserve death for being gay/trans. There are things that the media is not revealing. Something in this story is missing.