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Saying ‘Retarded’ Is Totally Gay

A quick PSA from our pal Stephen Colbert. Thoughts?

  • I <3 Colbert!

  • Fantastic interview about a frequently overlooked population. Don’t use the R-word! 🙂

  • nikki prindle

    pffffft i love steven colbert…

  • Ashley Valencia

    I think Stephen Colbert is freaking hilarious, that’s what I think.

  • Gurrty

    Hilarious! I love Stephen Colbert! Also, I don’t know anyone who uses retard to describe a person with intellectual diffabilities, they use it to describe peope who have the ability and don’t use it, lol!

  • Amanda Lynn Reynolds

    Ice burn, Tim Shriver, Ice burn! That was sweet.

  • Thomas Rigg

    Hopefully people will understand that arguing the semantics of how they intend words like “retarded” and “gay” doesn’t matter. Using them in any derogatory way in unacceptable. Arguing that these words can be synonymous with “dumb” or “stupid” isn’t valid. We need to hold our communities and media accountable for the use of words like these in the nonchalant way they often do.

  • Gloria Hole

    I kind of see a difference between the two words as there is no such thing as the “retarded community”? And nobody would really come out as “retarded”? It’s a grey field for me, and it’s NOT the same as saying “That’s totally gay.” because the people described/insulted by that word would never use it themselves.

  • Joe E Dangerously

    That’s gay. And retarded.

    (Look it up. It’s from a great episode of Clerks: The Animated Series. If you’ve not seen it, you fail. Big.)