Harry Potter It Gets Better, Severus Snape LGBT, Severus Snape gay, Harry Potter gay

Severus Snape: It Gets Better

Harry Potter It Gets Better, Severus Snape LGBT, Severus Snape gay, Harry Potter gay
Eat Getsh Betcher.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Potion Master Severus Snape has transcended the Harry Potter universe to deliver a very special message.

It gets better.

“I know what you’re thinking; ‘Snape, everyone hates you. They think you’re a death-eater.’ And though that may be true I cannot stress to you enough the value of patience. Life is not a basket of every-flavor beans.”

Amen, brotherman. Wingardium Lesbiosa.

How do you think Snape did?

  • As much as I love this video…
    That is all… *giggles*Now turn to page.. 394… XD

  • This is just highly amusing – good impersonation 🙂 

  • lmfao

  • Everybody, make sure you finish your papers on the most efficient way to dispatch a dementor as they are due Thursday next! Snape don’t mess around y’all! 

  • Billy Kornacki

    This makes me giggle. This man did a pretty decent impersonation of Snape…and he like gave away so much of the books…

  • Ashley Valencia

    Really? The 7th book has been out how long now? The secrets splashed over the internet since dorks could get their grubby hands on a copy? Not to mention the last movie just came out. Oh let’s stone him for his spoilers. I’m sure there are also people running around who would be just STUNNED and DEVASTATED to find out that Darth Vadar is Luke’s father. 

  • Patrick Clementine

    B’aHAHAHAHA wizardreeeeeeeh

  • Patrick Clementine

    his upper n lower teeth never connect 

  • Patrick Clementine

    good message 🙂

  • Kathleen Sharp

    haha, I was gonna say, if they haven’t read it by now 1) they’re not going to and 2) they probably already know what happens anyway!

  • Super LuLz! Great impersonation and facial expressions and great message! 

  • Jarrod ‘Jay’ Hughes

    Shit, I haven’t even started on my paper yet! :O

  • Neal King

    There is no evidence in the books that Dumbledore and Snape were lovers, even “sometime”. In fact, Snape was still hung up on Lily Potter, so it seems highly unlikely.

  • great message (It gets better), decent impersonation, rather dry


  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    Freaking HYSTERICAL!

  • Stephanie Lynn Peterson

    This is such an excruciatingly horrible video that I can’t even get past 29 seconds. I’m sure it’s a great message, but the fact that it isn’t Alan Rickman in the video and the fact that it’s such a terrible impersonation and so out of character just ruins it for me. I’m a Potter snob; sorry.

  • Anonymous

    love this!! well done

  • Cobalt Blaze

    god damn that is so GAY XD

  • theo j. williams

    This is a hoot! I hope Alan Rickman has seen and enjoyed it—it’s a spot-on impersonation, and quite a compliment to his performances as Severus Snape. Thanks for posting!

  • Maureen C. Dance

    Oh, sure. And I bet you’re gonna say Leia’s his sister. Seriously. Come on.

  • Michelle Mushy Nieves

    he sounds and looks a little different….. ? 

  • Ashley Valencia

    No but Yoda is his gay uncle. It’s totally true.