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Sexuality Vs. Religion Infographic

So you want to masturbate, or get your gay on, or even get divorced, eh? Depending on your religion, any of these circumstances could land you in hot water. Tuesday’s daily gay infographic sizes up Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism to see how they treat issues like sexually active teenagers, premarital sex, abortion, and yes, homosexuality.

sex infographic

How does your faith rate?

  • I find the Homosexual Orientation under Catholicism to be completely inaccurate. As a gay Catholic, I know exactly how the church stands on the matter. In fact, the church has very recently laid out it’s clear views on homosexuality: It is a choice, and though the “choice” is okay, homosexual activity is strictly prohibited. I don’t know how that isn’t at least an orange.

    That being said, I don’t particularly agree with it on all cases.

  • This is really misleading. There is no central Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist authority to articulate a position on homosexuality as there is in Roman Catholicism. Some groups within these religions are homophobes, others are pro-LGBT. 

  • I was raised a Buddhist,  thanks to my grandparents, but I do think it differs by sects within Buddhism; in Korea, there has been some pretty anti-LGBT position taken by some Buddhist sects. There are relatively pro-LGBT sects, but really, I think it differs by sects in any religion, I think.

  • yay Buddhism 😀

  • As a gay Buddhist, I have to say this is very misleading. For starters, Buddhism is a spiritual practice more than it is a religion. There are no rules, therefor nothing is condemned. There are merely suggestions of actions to take and things to refrain from in order to escape suffering. I also don’t believe there is any mention of homosexuality in the Pali Canon, much less any condemnation of homosexuals.

  • I’d say this should include Wicca, but, at least for the most part, Wicca’s pretty accepting. Hell, the Wiccan Rede even says: “An’ it harm none, do what ye will.” 😀 (Though, I suppose one could argue that abortion hurts the foetus, and as such violates the rede, but that’s a debate for another day…)

  • Anonymous

    Buddhist texts, other than the Dhamapadda, are not from the mouth of the Buddha; therefore, should not be taken as the basis for the religion.  The Buddha had nothing to say about homosexuality.  He did, however, say that “one should not engage in sexual misconduct.” But he left that open for debate. A Buddhist can assume that the following are not skillful/helpful because they harm a sexual partner or oneself: no sexual assault, pedophilia, rape, incest, or adultery.  Homosexual sex between two consenting adults would not have been frowned upon by the Buddha because it would not be harmful to either party.

  • Anonymous

    The Dalai Llama has spoken out against Buddhism, but most Zen practitioners I’ve heard seem to support homosexuality which does not bring about harm for those who engage in it.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  “Do not engage in sexual misconduct.”  That is from the Buddha’s mouth.  It has nothing to do with homosexuals.  I think people are looking at some texts that are highly derivative rather than direct.

  • Anonymous

    As a practicing Buddhist, I would caution non-practitioners to review these results with care.  The Buddha’s purpose on this planet was to assist us to find a better route to equanimity (enlightenment.)  He offered 8 ways to live a more peaceful, harmonious existence.  He had very little (if anything at all) to say about the topics mentioned above.  Above all, the Buddha’s advice cautioned us to not harm ourselves or others.  That being said, the only contended issue on the list might have been abortion (but who really knows.)

  • Matt Wengrowich

    Wow this is really inaccurate. Many buddhist texts are against homosexuality and masturbation would be considered a tie to the flesh which isn’t consistent with the path towards enlightenment. I have yet to meet many religious Muslims who are okay with abortion. Also since when is the Catholic church’s opinion unclear on homosexuality?

  • Mitch Lustig

    dont know which section of Judaism this data came from, but i was raised ultra orthodox, and this is completely inaccurate for that section….

    also define condemned, does that mean “sin” or does that mean “death” or does that mean some other punishment?

  • Bryan David Landry

    These are all quite a bit innacurate…

  • James Peron

    Catholicism condems any and all sexual which does not have the potential of producing new life. Thus their position on masturbation isn’t condemn it in most cases but to condemn it in all cases. But it is not against teen sex if the teens are married. As for “homosexual orientation,” that is a bizarre category inconsistent with other actions listed. All the other sections are about what someone does, not what someone does. Catholicism condemns homosexual actions, considers being gay “disordered” but doesn’t damn the inclination, only the actions.

  • Paul Manke

    Try growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness. Divorce is frowned upon. Birth Control is ok. Anything else and you will be destroyed by god!

  • ShowMeGuy

    This report is a total joke.

  • Again, it differs by country and the sect within a country. The US Buddhism and Korean Buddhism I witnessed as a child are very different, I think. 

  • Matt Wengrowich

    I agree with you that that the Buddha would not be against homosexual acts between two consenting adults, but what I meant to point out was that this not exactly the opinion or many buddhist sects around the world.

  • Buddhism, FTW!!!

  • You can be condemned in Buddhism..?