Singapore’s Pink Dot Urges Straights To Let Gays Know They Are Supported

Singapore’s third annual Pink Dot Festival will bring the nation’s LGBT population together along with the straights that adore and support them in Hong Lim Park on June 18. While the celebration is a bit of a commute for most of UB’s gay blog readers here in the States, Pink Dot has put together an incredibly moving promotional video for the event. It gave us chills!

Pink Dot’s video accomplishes what so many American-made propagaynda shorts fail to; it makes you feel something. Pink Dot’s narrative of LGBT allies desperately wishing they could voice their support for the lesbians and gays in their lives amidst a socially conservative Asian culture that traditionally frowns upon anyone upsetting the normal family hierarchy launches empathic fireworks in the viewer’s heart and mind.

Seriously, I dare you not to be moved by this video. So go on now. Watch.

Big thanks to Daniel Villarreal from Queerty for sharing.

  •  that was beautiful  🙁    

  •  Definite feel-good video. Wish I could go to the Pink Dot rally.

  • Hazel Breann Chitwood

    That video was so touching I seriously teared up.

  • Meghann Rosales

    Wish there was a pink dot rally in this area of Texas!  I might have to do something about that! 

  • Romtic

    Man idk what’s up with me & videos today but this is the third one I’ve watched that has made me all wheepy eyed. 

  • Heather Sigler

     I would love to have a rally in NW Florida. 

  • ShowMeGuy

    Singapore looks like a great place filled with great people.
    This made my eyes sweat. 

  • Singapore’s not a military junta… 

  • R

     and to think of all the negative feelings america holds toward military juntas! i think Singa’s a great example of the good side of the other side of the curtain. 

  • Guillian Zoë

     What a great example for the rest of the world. I loved it!

  • Madison Chua

    There are still so much misconceptions about Singapore. While we are not like Uganda, where gay people are put to death just because they love people of the same gender, things are hardly all rosey and dandy. There are still many things the Ruling Party (the PAP) can do to help the LGBT community here. First and foremost, get rid of the arcane and offensive Section 377A of the Penal Code. And the media should be taken to task for their crusade against the gay community in Singapore. Last but not least, The Religious Right Wing Neocons should stop with their incessant campaign against the gay minorities in Singapore. It not reeks of bigotry, it is also tremendously divisive.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    The US could really learn a thing or two from other countries, but noo… we’re the ONLY civilized country except maybe Russia and whoever else had nukes (because we don’t want to step on toes).