Sometimes God Tricks You Into Thinking You Like Other Men. God LOVES Pranks!

A word from Michele and Marcus Bachmann about stuffing your soft penis into your wife’s vagina.

“God has a plan for everyone. And sometimes he tricks you into thinking you like other men. It’s just a trick! God loves pranks!”

Best Bachmann spoof yet?

  • Why would you love men when you have this. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN HE SAID THAT.

  • I just died…  So Fing good.

  • and the bachmanns stand as evidence as to how much the christian god likes pranks.  they are probably the biggest joke of the year.

  • Joey Lopez

    I know! HAHAHA the hard-pet is what did it, ROFL and the “and then I kiss her *kiss kiss*” BAHAHAA!!!!! XD so good!

  • Joey Lopez

    BAHAHAHA still worth a ROFLMAO!