Gay blog: Colbert performs Rebecca Black!

Stephen Colbert IS Rebecca Black!

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon went on a fundraising bender, raising $86,000 for The caveat? If they succeeded in raising at least $27,000, Colbert had to perform Rebecca Black’s now-iconic “Friday,” live to Fallon’s late-night audience.

Thankfully, America wanted to see Colbert’s performance really badly and blew that figure out of the water! Here is the performance. Caution: it’s hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    this is epic

  • Ashley Valencia

    Literally the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. I find it awesome that all they had to do was promise that Stephen Colbert would sing this stupid song and the money poured in like a freakin’ tidal wave.

  • At least, unlike Rebecca Black, they have vocal talent.

    That said, the lyrics to this song are horrid, but they do a better job with it than the original artist could.

  • Anonymous


  • loved it not a bad song when the singer doesn’t sound like he or she has a live hamster stuck in their throat XD