‘Straight Lives Matter’ Rally in Australia Draws Only 30 People

‘Straight Lives Matter’ Rally in Australia Draws Only 30 People

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A “Straight Lives Matter” rally held over the weekend in Sydney, Australia drew only 30 people and was outnumbered by police officers and counter-protest groups.

“My grade three, one-man production of Sophie’s Choice drew a bigger crowd,” comedian Joel Creasey posted on Facebook.

The controversial rally was held to support the “No” campaign in the postal survey on same-sex marriage in Australia. Nick Folkes, of the right-wing anti-same-sex marriage campaign Party for Freedom (PFF), organized the rally.

On Facebook, Folkes wrote that the rally, which took it’s name from the “Black Lives Matter” movement, is being held in support of “traditional” marriage.

“We believe tradition is important, and the biological institution of marriage should not be redefined to suit a minority sexual orientation,” Folkes added.

On the website of the party, they declare same-sex marriage as a “fad.”

It reads: “Gay marriage is the latest fad pushed by the left-wing politicians, left wing media, cashed up gay rights groups and social justice warriors under the modern perversion of ‘rights’ as a social justice movement.”

The party also declared LGBTQ rights as a “lifestyle” that poses a threat to children.

“The gay rights movement is based on compassion ignoring the dangers the lifestyle experiment may pose to children.”

PFF member Toby Cooke urged his supporters to push back against the “sick and vile homosexual agenda” in Australian schools and universities. “No amount of surgical mutilation by some dodgy surgeon in the Philippines can make you a woman,” he said.

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A police line separated the two sides at the Straight Lives Matter rally. Counter-protesters led gay pride chants and waved rainbow flags on the other side of Green Park. They also held signs that read “Headbutt Homophobes” and “Transphobia Kills.”

Some counter-protesters said PFF chose the park because of its proximity to the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial and St Vincent’s Hospital, which led the fight against AIDS in Australia.

Below is a video with Australian LGBTQ Activist Nic Holas breaking down the country’s marriage vote:


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