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Straight Man Banned From Donating Blood for ‘Appearing Homosexual’

Aaron Pace is admittedly and noticeably effeminate, but he says he’s not homosexual.

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A bloody shame.

Still, his looks, character and behavior prompted a blood donation center to reject him when he tried to donate blood recently and he’s miffed, to say the least.

“I was humiliated and embarrassed,” said Pace, 22. of Gary. “It’s not right that homeless people can give blood but homosexuals can’t. And I’m not even a homosexual.”

Pace visited Bio-Blood Components Inc. in Gary, which pays for blood and plasma donations, up to $40 a visit. But during the interview screening process, Pace said he was told he could not be a blood donor there because he “appears to be a homosexual.”

A few things:

  • The blood ban on gay men is insane. All blood in the United States is screened for HIV, hepatitis B and C, and a legion of other diseases. A flat ban on gay men (or men who have had even a single gay experience) is bad business and medically unsound. (In the UK, gay men may donate blood after ten years of celibacy.)
  • While male-to-male sexual contact infection rates are quite high, so are high-risk heterosexual contact infection rates.
  • Does anyone else think it’s weird that the Chicago Sun-Times calls Mr. Pace “noticeable effeminate”? Talk about fueling the flames of ignorance here…

(via Sun-Times)

  • I agree the blood-ban should be dropped. It is left over from the days when HIV fear was more out of control.

    But mostly I think that the picture is hot and it excites me just a bit to think that their two straight-guy cocks were touching.  🙂   I think my fags just popped out.

  • Right out of High School I donated plasma and in the intake interview was asked if I had had any sexual contact with any male who had had sexual contact with another male. I asked why that should matter because the blood was checked no matter if I had or not and was told that “Most if not all gay men have AIDS.”  

    I asked why there were no questions about any sexual contact with prostitutes and was told that as long as it was between a man and woman and a condom there was no risk of AIDS.

    I know that people doing the intake are not trained or fully trained nurses but COME ON REALLY!? People in this day and age should know better especially someone who works in the medical field. 

  • I cannot donate blood because I lived in Germany for a year and a half and could have “mad cow disease” but I can donate my organ’s!!! (that need my blood to function, so you would think if I had it, they would be infected too.)  It doesn’t make sense, with the screenings we have now a days, to deny someone the chance to save someones life and a person the chance to have their life saved is ridiculous!  And to base that denial on looks and the way a person speaks….wow, can you say lawsuit!  It is just straight up discrimination and fear, that is the only reason for this ban on gay men donating blood…straight people get HIV too, so the only reasonable assumption left is discrimination!!!!

  • & that person is definitely @ risk if they think being heterosexual makes it unlikely s/he’ll get HIV! Very sad how uneducated people are 🙁

  • So as a gay guy who uses condoms 100% of the time, he (any gay guy, no one specifically) won’t be able to donate blood because he’s gay.
    But if a str8 guy has sex w/ a prostitute (or IS/WAS a prostitute himself), he can donate blood??? (after a waiting period, I’m sure, but simply a waiting period)
    Because being a safe gay guy is more dangerous than a high-risk str8 guy?!
    Simply prejudiced discriminatory practices! 🙁

  • HAHA Did you mean “fangs”??? 😀
    Funny 😀

  • I’m in the same boat! I lived in Germany when I was younger and have been told the same thing. Makes no sense…plus I’d like a definite answer about having Mad Cow Disease or not. 

    I’m absolutely disgusted with anyone who would discriminate against another person because of how they look/act/talk/etc. I can only hope that things will change by the time my children are grown. It’s a scary thought thinking that things won’t…

  • I lived in Italy when I was between the ages of one and three. I’m almost 20 now and I can’t donate blood. How much meat could a little girl eat!?

    Also. The gay  blood ban should END. It is stupid and useless.

  • Yea…those too!  Stoopid Freudian typos.

  • Emily Phillips


  • Emily Phillips

    It is absolutely ridiculous that gay men can’t donate blood. They have no good reason to do it, it is flat out discrimination.

  • The blood donation ban on men who have sex with men is sane and pragmatic. Screening is not 100% foolproof. False negatives occur.

    The last review that was taken into the UK Blood Service policy
    determined, “based on statistical and epidemiological analysis of risk,
    that if the ban on MSM donating blood were lifted the risk of HIV
    entering the blood stocks would rise by 500%.” (Source: Terrence Higgins Trust)

    Many other groups have to be excluded – people who have travelled to
    particular regions recently, people who were born in
    countries where the risks are higher. This does not mean there is something wrong with homosexual men, any more than it means people from other excluded groups are. It’s just the cold, harsh reality of the world we live in.

    It is a scientifically sound decision.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Ridiculous and asinine. 

  • Ashley Valencia

    Also, that cover of Rolling Stone just became my all-time favorite picture. 🙂

  • I’d really prefer it if the article used a word like ‘irrational’ instead of the ableist ‘insane’.

    Because that’s what it is – completely irrational. I tried to donate blood last year (in Australia), and I couldn’t, because I had had sex with a man who has sex with other men. We both always practice safer sex, but that was apparently more risky than a straight person who practices unsafe sex.

    Not only is the signifier of ‘gay’ discriminatory, it’s not even working as a measure for risk. So ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

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    Unfortunately, STD rates soar worldwide and most people with STDs don’t even
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    The government should grant more money for STD education to lower the rates of
    STD transmission.

  • Richard

    BEING a prostitute is a lifetime ban. Having sex with a prostitute gets you a one-year ban.

  • Tory Danna

    According to friends, I come off as gay, though that may be more of their issue.

    The first time I sold blood and was asked about this I was embarrassed too but they let me sell blood and they didn’t linger on the issue. They did not ask me if I was gay. They asked me if I had sex with a man after 1977 as well as a number of other questions. They ask me this everytime I sell  blood and I have done this at several centers in two states over the years and it is all the same statement along with the other same statements and they are generally read so fast you can’t even understand what they are saying, you just need to say no to pretty much all of them.

    This fellow should sue them for discrimination, this is a job, it is a paying job. They are not paying you for the blood or plasma, they are paying you for your time. If their questionnaire is legal then it shouldn’t be and even according to the terms of it he qualifies if he is not gay. It is ok not to be stereotypically masculine and not to be gay. Why are tomboys widely accepted in society but not feminine men. It is wrong, a double standard. People are what they are.

  •  African Americans are at an even higher risk than gays, and blacks can donate with no problem.  African Americans account for over half of AIDS cases, and yet they are only around 10% of the population.
    But, can’t discriminate against them due to the law, but they can discriminate against gay men?

  • Eden Tollis

    During high-school I attempted to give blood,
    Unfortunately as I had had sexual contact with another man, I was unable to donate and was told to wait a year from the time I last have any sexual contact. 
    Kinda was depressing

  • Lots of people cannot donate blood, for reasons, not associated with their sexuality or sexual behaviour. Here in Australia there is no cash payment for blood donations. somehow this seems a issue for Americans a few bucks for what. The actual cost of processing blood products is very high Honestly answered screening questions, is not an attack on  any group. To expect that blood tests will show any abnormality is completely unreasonable. If you know you are in a risk group, either have regular tests, and not expect blood banks to diagnose your problems

    There is a basic cash value judgement here $40 or possible more cost to the collection agency. If only it was “Only in America”

    Get a grip on reality


  • Thanks for that picture! Oh wait–where was I? Oh yes. I would much rather receive blood from a monogamous gay man than from a promiscuous heterosexual of whatever gender. It’s appalling to say that gay men can’t donate blood. The cutoff should instead be whether a person has had a certain number of sexual partners in a certain period of time, particularly unprotected sex. 
    Time to come into the 21st century, please.

  • If your point was valid, it would be a reason to exclude blacks, not include men who have sex with men.

    However, your point is invalid and misleading.

    – 24,000 of the 32,500 new HIV cases in 2009 were through male-on-male contact exclusively.
    – 4500 of the 32,500 new HIV cases in 2009 were from heterosexual contact exclusively.
    – 15,000 of the new HIV cases in 2009 were from blacks or african/americans.
    – The proportion of black people in America (39 million) is higher than the proportion of gay or bisexual men (10.5 million is the estimated combined LGB total – that includes lesbians, who are the lowest risk group).

    Therefore, men who have sex with men are still at significantly higher risk than black people.

  • I understand the issue with the blood donations- its stupid, and it should be changed.

    But really, whats wrong with noticing that someone is effeminate?  Its like noticing that a person is sarcastic, charming, or brusque.

  • Though all blood is tested, we still have a ridiculous ban.

    A homosexual male is not always a promiscuous hormone driven and STD carrying individual, and this is where it becomes discriminatory. You must also account for heterosexual individuals who carry the HIV virus but say nothing do to the social stigma and the prejudice that comes with it and this is even more dangerous. Higher numbers or not, banning any one group and labeling their blood as tainted is no different than any other form of discrimination. To say my blood is tainted because I’m homosexual, is the greatest insult.

  • I can’t even comment on the article, because that picture up there is weirding me out too much.

  • Cobalt Blaze

    i think he forgot the rape factor where transmission is still possible which is also high and adds to the number, my guess is he would likely also say that if a gay man was raped its not rape which would make hime continue to backpedal his way into believing whatever unschooled statistic he is going by that or he is the unschooled one and is interpreting it in his own way making him look even stupider.

    thing is ive studied the risks the diseases and just about all of the things that could go wrong with sex PERIOD and it turns out that yes we do have more risk since so many people do exist who would agree that condoms do limit feeling for those who lack sensitivity already, but the factors still remain consensual or not STD’s eist far more than HIV. also im one ho believes that those who have it should not be allowed near most of society for one reason it does no good to anyone and elimination of the disease can be done in one fell swoop and kept from infecting others. if the govenment worrys so much about diseases and so on and worry about cash as well well one solution does come to mind take samples for study to create a cure and eliminate the problem where it is, make mandatory checkups where failure to comply is cause for either jailtime or psychatric help. plus i do agree in the most draconian solution kill all the diseased to eliminate further risk cost effective as much as itll help with population control, also those who do have it its their fault and those who got it through rape, well its the governments for not taking precautionary actions and preventing the innocent masses from becoming infected. such a simple solution and so much could come of it, if only it wernt for the human rights propogandists who claim any life even diseased has a right to live i have one thing to say to them if only it were that simple the first epidemic would have been the best time for this solution but now since people were bitching about survival its come to a widespread issue.

    agree or dissagree you still cant deny its the best solution thus far and the only one that could end the issue and maybe offer people a chance to stop being prejudiced.

  • Kirsten Perkins

    this picture has been doctored. The original has Sookie in it between the two men.

  • Kirsten Perkins

    Do you seriously believe it is okay to kill everyone who has a certain disease? Or are you just trying to be the devil’s advocate? Either way, that’s pretty messed up.

  • Michael Brooks

    I can’t donate blood anyways….Doctor’s orders! I have a blood clotting disorder which is genetic, and requires taking blood thinners rest of my life. Yes, I am Gay too. Had Doctor’s orders before I came out of the Closet.

  • David Edwin Braswell Sr

    You know for a male to female transgender this so wrong. It even goes past homosexual being banes. If you have ever had sex with anyone that has HIV or even AIDS, you will never be able to donate blood. I was molested at the age of 13 by a man that had AIDS and I have been clean since it happened. I think that if you are straight or gay, and have been HIV and AIDS free for over 10 years you should be able to give blood, JUST SAYING.

  • What you might want to consider here is what we, as a race, would be giving up in order to achieve better disease quarantine. Yeah, we would all have a better chance of not getting AIDS, but at what cost? Being the kind of race that thinks it’s okay to murder sick people? Is that really something you find to be worth a better guarantee of health? Sure, you could say it’s “undeniably” the best solution… if you don’t care what you lose in the process. People who do care about aren’t being unreasonable, they would just prefer to preserve what makes our lives worth living in the first place.

  • This does not seem right at all.  Putting aside the fact that homosexuals cannot donate, this guy was not even allowed to donate because he “looked” gay.  Not that he “was” gay.  Really?  Is there going to be a beauty contest next to determine if you can give blood?  (I know, big jump but only leap my mind would make.)
    I know I am not medically trained, but how about we get around this issue of banning everyone for a certain reason ( or looking the part) and instead require a blood test taken prior to the donation.  Communications now-a-days should allow wherever you got the blood test done to send the information(with consent of course) to wherever you are planning on giving blood.  You just check whether or not you have had sex since, and they use your blood test to determine whether or not you are eligible.  I know they are not perfect, but if you have a blood test so many days before the blood donation and are “good” sexually until then there should not be a problem.  There would of course be a time limit, but it should not be too much of a problem.  Companies that have blood drives just let their employees know well enough in advance.  The main thing we would have to worry about is honesty about whether people are sexually safe in-between the test and the donation, but we really on trusting people to honestly fill out the forms as it is, so I do not see much difference.  This should help prevent incidents like this.

  • saint_91

    You’re repeating arguments that I’ve already answered.

    Testing is not 100% accurate. Mistakes happen, and when it comes to this, mistakes can destroy lives, so blood donor services are required to be extra cautious.

    The ban is not on homosexual males. The blood ban is on males who have sex with males. There is a distinction.

    I am completely for gay rights, being a bisexual woman myself. I wholeheartedly wish it wasn’t true that men who have sex with men pose a substantially higher risk of having STDs like HIV. But we have to live in the real world, and deal with the fact that MSMs do.

    Health professionals have a responsibility to be pragmatic. This is entirely about epidemiological analysis through statistics, not about rights and politics. So, with respect, if you want MSMs to be permitted to donate blood, your energy would be better spent on trying to reduce STD transmissions between MSMs, by redoubling efforts to promote condom use and regular testing.

  • Kayla Garza

    I was asked too, and I was like “Uhm…none of your business??” I was offended, and I’m a female.

  • Kayla Garza

    Actually, the guy who plays Bill is bisexual 😀

  • i was asked the same question and i’m a female but it was phrased if i have ever had sex with another female and i answered honestly and nothing was done against me, i was allowed to donate blood. i wonder if it is exclusively discriminatory of gay/bisexual men and not lesbian/bisexual women. the time before that i was asked if i had had unprotected sex with anyone within a 30 day period. i said yes and then i was asked whether male or female and i said male and was allowed to donate. but just because i had sex with a man doesnt make it any safer and i pointed it out to the phlebotomy tech and she just looked as dumbfounded as can be.this policy seriously needs to be re-thought out.

  • WillMoor

    Oh how I wish that were true!  Its his wife, Anna Paquin who plays Sookie that is bisexual.  🙂

  • Amber Sexton

    I used to be an active platelet donor, there actually a lot of classes of people who are outright banned from donation. Haitians are all banned, people who have traveled to Africa in the past 5 years are banned. People who have ever had sex for money or drugs are banned. 

    And I understand why they do it, they are trying to blanket remove people with risk factors for contaminating the blood supply, both in terms of protecting health and to be able to show that they are taking precautions if there is a lawsuit for a transmitted disease. I’m pretty sure the concerns are at least partly legal ones and the restrictions are partly suggestions by lawers.

    They could be concerned that there would be a strain of HIV that has mutated so significantly as to be missed in initial testing before it’s transfused. Remember the contaminated blood in the 80’s was before there was a test for AIDS, they are thinking of preventing contamination which they can’t test for because of a mutation or new strain of known contaminating viruses. 

    If you’ve ever given blood you may know that they don’t actually test your donation. They draw extra vials of blood at the beginning before they hook up your bag which are tagged with the same code as your donation. There is a small chance that a busy person could accidentally mistag a bag or vial with another donor in the room. The actual bag of blood is mixed with preservatives and never opened again until used. So there are reasons to minimize risk of having a test reject the wrong sample.

    They have now even changed the rules, stopped importing blood from Europe and are not allowing European travelers to donate. Why are those things banned?  Because of mad cow disease. Which there is no test for. The risk for transmission of this seems low but it takes something like 5-20 years to know and it comes from food. The risk is low but the fear of lawsuits over accidental transmission are apparently high.

  • Amber Sexton

    In NYC they ask a tremendous number of very personal and offensive personal sexual questions. Most of which are more offensive that “have you ever had sex with a man” if you are male or “have you ever had sex with a man who has had sex with another man” They ask a lot of questions pertaining to prostitution, including if you’ve ever had sex with anyone who has traded sex for money or drugs or paid for sex for money or drugs. If being asked any of this stuff each and every time you donate offends you its not a great idea to give blood.  All the other questions on the form are check boxes but they require you to answer these things verbally as well

  • Amber Sexton

    It’s exclusively men who have sex with men.

  • Amber Sexton

    They ask about specific high risk behavior. African Americans as a broad demographic group (it’s much broader a group then homosexual men) are at higher risk because of specific factors related to poverty, drug use, prison, etc. Not every African American is at a higher risk than men who have sex with men. They actually ask about all these factors as behaviors and exclude people based on them rather than race. 

    Homosexuals are not excluded as an identity either, men are asked if they’ve had sex with men. Women are asked if they have sex with any men who have sex with men (perhaps men who were in prison?). Men and women are also asked if they trade sex for drugs or money, and if they have sex with people who do. You are asked about whether you have unsafe sex with multiple partners also. If you answer any of these questions with a yes you are excluded. 

    This is screening by behavior and not race or sexual identity. Gay men unfortunately have a sexual behavior that is also at the core of their identity, and it seems like they are being excluded on basis of identity and judged. It’s not a social judgement but an epidemiological judgement, and I agree it is sound. Haitians are excluded based on nation of origin, again not a judgement of their origin but an epidemiological decision. You unfortunately have to exclude large swaths of people to protect the blood supply.

    My stepfather had AIDS (which he survived with for over 25 years before he died), he did not catch it from transfusing but from IV drug use in his youth. I don’t think most of the people on this list remember the 80’s when a HUGE portion of the blood supply was contaminated, largely because of junkies selling their blood and gay men who didn’t know they were infected. Also there were concerns at the time that donors with sicle cell anemia were donating. These 30 year old epidemiological restraints in our blood supply have resulted in a system which we all trust because it’s not caused any outbreaks.

    The fact that men who have sex with men are not included is simply because the disease is still prevalent in that community and there are false negatives and possibility of errors. The other people who are excluded are excluded for those reasons as well. It’s not about inclusiveness, or discrimination either, it’s about a blood supply that doesn’t get people sick

  • Amber Sexton

    No if you pay for sex you are excluded. Period, it’s asked every single time if you pay for sex with drugs or money. Please everyone who thinks this is all discriminatory, try to get the full picture of information before you form an opinion.

  • Amber Sexton

    The reason you can donate an organ and not blood is because medical decisions are based on risk versus benefit. For instance an anti depressant drug was pulled off the market over 10 years ago because in a tiny number of patients it caused fatal liver failure. For an anti depressant, that’s considered too much risk. However my stepfather who had AIDS was placed on a drug with a known complication that it could cause kidney failure, which it did in his case. This drug is still around, why? Because AIDS is so dangerous untreated, that treatments that could be dangerous are considered acceptable compared to the illness they are trying to mitigate. 

    When someone needs an organ they are going to die without it usually, mad cow takes 5-20 years to develop, and an organ can only be received by a narrow tissue matched person. When someone needs blood they are not facing usually facing a situation where a risk of dying in 5-20 years is acceptable.

  • Amber Sexton

    That is the key that happened here “he looked gay” that’s the wrong. First of all, centers that pay for blood are very very sketchy to begin with. Second of all people should be excluded based on answering the question “do you have sex with men”. Admittedly they merely leave it to the social worker to decide if you are telling the truth or not but still “looking gay” should not be a reason.

  • Amber Sexton

    I totally agree and people who read this will think men who have men are being singled out. If you’ve ever responded to the questions they ask you before donating you realize that large portions of people who’ve done various benign seeming things like travel to Europe or Africa are also excluded. And very probing and embarrassing questions are asked about your sex life in an attempt to weed out other people who behave in a way that they’ve decided is too risky to include in the pool of donors.

  • Amber Sexton

    You might want to remember that 30 years ago tons of children got HIV from the blood supply and died, lots of adults got it and died too. We’ve named a stadium after one of them in NYC. All of you are perhaps too young to remember how bad it was to have an adulterated blood supply. People were terrified of going to the hospital and getting transfusions. Our interventions that currently make AIDS survivable could be temporary if a new and virulent strain pops up. These restrictions were put into place for a reason and have WORKED to keep people safe. They aren’t about protecting peoples feelings.

  • Tierney Israel

    If the risks are the only factors, then there should be a ban on anyone who’s ever had sex without a condom. HIV is prevalent among all sexual orientations and races and saying that gay men can’t donate blood because they might have HIV is ridiculous. Anyone might have HIV. Anyone can get it. Plus, they screen all the blood. They don’t just trust that the people filling out these questionnaires are truthful, so what difference does it make if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, queer, trans, whatever. It shouldn’t matter.

  • quancharles

    Absolute BS! This ban on homosexual men makes no sense at all in today’s world. >.< The blood is checked anyway, so what the hell?

    This topic was brought up in an lqbtq group meeting I went to just two weeks ago…

  • jason92116

    I would not worry about it… Most of us who want to donate.. just lie..that is what they want to hear, that we are not gay… the blood is more important to the people who need it…more than the politics… I spent 20 years lying about my sexuality in the military.. so why not to the blood mobile… I have been with my partner for a decade and we get tested yearly even though we do not play around… our blood is safe and we do not sell it.  So eF’em…

  • jason92116

    They will still take your blood most of the time.. they will just destroy it… some places will add your name in their computer system and you are banned from ever giving blood.  So you have to watch…

  • Brian Anderson

    Its discriminatory, plain and simple, and should be illegal… excluding a group of people from ANYTHING because of who they sleep with is just ridiculous… and discriminatory…. did I mention discriminatory…. isnt that SUPPOSED TO BE …UMM….OH…illeagal?!?!?   WTF

  • Grahamburgers

    It’s still discriminatory even if they ban you for high risk behaviors. Being gay is not in and of itself a high risk behavior. Seriously, if you are gay and have had sex *once* with a condom, you are banned even if you never have sex again for the rest of your life. THAT is the full picture and it SCREAMS discrimination.

  • Bee

    So let me get this straight.. All blood gets screened anyway. But still no gays allowed? Sounds like pure hate to me. 

  • John Avitable

    I found the most offensive part to be that they asked that along with all of the questions about prostitution and IV drug use. I didn’t realize that the simple answer was going to be you can’t donate blood, I figured they’d be reasonable and ask if it was protected or something, but no, that was it. 

  • I AM GAY TOO, so what im about to saay is unpopular, but factual. The question they ask is if you have had unprotected, or any sex with another man within the past year. If the3 answer is yes, its not the person in front of you judging your lifestyle. They have protocols. For the record they do check for many many things , and gay men can get many many things . Its personal, but even more personal for the person who needs your blood. That is pretty intimate. I am curious why you want to be a super hero and donate in the first place. I find it odd that this gentleman had no previous record of his donating, so I wonder what he was donating blood for. If they are going to test fir HIV and other things anyway, then lie and say you havent had sexual contact with a man in the past year. Its not a judgement on gay or not gay, its a question that could help protect the person who is getting your donation. So be honest or not, or dont give blood , think of it this way, if your child needed blood, would you rather the donor be up front about their behavior? after all if you are ashamed of it it shouldn’t be an issue. the majority of gay men do NOT use condoms. I had unprotected anonymous sex for 20 years, would you like my blood? the question about male to male contact is lumped with IV drug use and prostitution because they are high risk behaviors.its life, stop being  so sensative.

  • Annarage

    My main issue with this as I discovered in England is that the ”Have you had sex with a man who has had sex with other men” question is horrendously flawed, how many men must not say to their female partner’s that they experimented or where curious when younger, it’s easy to not realise, especially if you are a fairly promiscuous female.

    Also the man in question had also been tested many years previously when he broke up with his last boyfriend as a matter of paranoia.

    I appreciate your argument, but when ever I hear about plea’s to donate blood as ”we are desperately short on donors” I can’t help but cringe, knowing that as our society becomes ever more liberal with sexual exploration and partnerships you are loosing a greater demographic of donors.

    Also I was told that as a female I can donate after a year or two was it? But why then can a man not, after being in a monogamous relationship all that time? If the false positive is generally only on tests within a year or so incubation (That was how it was explained to me by the nurse.)

    I can understand concerns regarding those who might be actively dating etc, but that risk should also apply to females!

    I would be much more concerned about those who practice unsafe sex as a matter of course (I am always astounded as to how many of my friends keep yapping the old adage of ‘it doesn’t feel so good’ etc. I generally point out that having an STD or an unplanned pregnancy would feel even worse.

    In fact to me if anything this makes me very afraid to receive blood, it shows that the screening process is still pretty awful! I’m sure plenty of females don’t realise they have had sex with people who apparently are at high risk then, and easily are passing it on into the system.

    I’m incredibly confused about this, the one thing that I just don’t get.

    Look yeah men who have sex with men are higher risk, however. WHY can a female wait 12 months and be clean, but not a man? I just don’t get this at all. My other half and I have been monogomoas for 4 years now, why can we not donate? – Theres not even a system to get checked and certified as safe or anything. Something we would have both been willing to do, as I felt giving blood was a very important thing indeed.

  • Kelly González

    This world is on the highway to hell. This kind of discrimination is atrocious. How can someone “Appear to be” gay? This is outrageous.

  • Because that is absolutely the most important aspect of this article!