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What’s the World Coming to When Straight Men Are Sending Each Other Dick Pics?

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This year we’ve heard all manner of words for straight-identified men who ‘go gay’ with their other male friends. But now we’ve just heard about “bro texting” (or “brexting,” as writer E. J. Dickson flippantly calls it), the word for when male friends send each other penis pics for fun — or honest, friendly feedback. Did your ears perk up at the thought of straight men dick pics?! Because ours did.


Yep, straight men dick pics (sent to each other), are apparently a thing.

In a feature for The Cut, Dickson mentions that his friend Andrew, a straight man in an open marriage, once sent Dickson and a mutual friend — a gay man named Noah — Snapchat pictures of himself masturbating his erect penis, asking for aesthetic feedback so he could use the video in sexts with other women.

Like Andrew, Dickson also identifies as straight and is married to a woman. And though he has received other men’s dick pics in the past as invitations to sex, he had never heard of men sending each other dick pics in non-sexual ways.

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Dickson asked Andrew, “Why the need to get an objective rating of your dick from a third party who you’re not interested in sexually, with no hope of reciprocation?”

Andrew explained, “If I sent it to a lady it’s often part of more reciprocal sexting. Noah is an impartial observer. It’s like if he was going to the Westminster Dick Show.”

Why straight men dick pics trading is becoming more common among adult pals

Dickson discovered that some men send such images to groups of other straight, gay and bi male friends to get feedback on “grooming/hair, background, lighting and whether to show their dicks erect or semi-erect,” but he says “there’s also an element of compare/contrast at play” in such exchanges, with men literally engaging in dick-measuring contests.

He also points out that men will sometimes send humorous pics of their penises in socks or Christmas stockings, just for some adolescent fun or as a way to cement their bond to other men. As one friend tells him, “It’s a trust thing, too. We can’t fuck each other over if the others have your small-dick pics.”

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Jane Ward, author of the 2015 book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men — a book that looked at the phenomenon of straight-identified men who have “bud sex” together — says that as straight and gay men become more comfortable being friends with each other, straight men may have become more comfortable flirting with other men, too, even if that means occasionally revealing their genitals to one another.

Ward says she imagines most men send such images to other guys for validation of their own sexiness before putting them before potential sexual partners who could reject them. But Dickson adds that some men might view the pics as offensive, unwanted, an aggressive form of sexual engagement, a come-on or a way of passing off their same-sex desire as a joke.

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  • CodeStud3

    This is an Onio article.

  • Markus Krampus

    There is nothing new about this, men have been showing their dicks to each other since men had dicks. The only thing different now is the introduction of electronic media and clueless millennial writers.

  • Sullivan131

    Nothing new.

    Dudes comparing dicks is something I recall from fucking middle school.

    Moving on.

  • Rob

    The difference is, if my friend sent me a picture of his dick or of him masturbating, he’d be shredded so hard (no pun intended) with a WTF dude attitude that it would never happen again, but I wouldn’t have to because NONE of my friend’s do this, and we are rowdy mother F’ers, strip clubs, porn, threesomes (two chicks) etc, but we’re straight and don’t care what each other thinks of our dicks or if it’s a good photo or video to send to a chick, just send it to the girl or admit you’re a latent homosexual, testing the waters, totally in denial, moron.

  • Steve Whitmer

    Hell I would tell straight guys if their technique is going to get them laid in an impartial manner. LOL