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Student Arrested For Stripping In Airport Sues TSA

lawsuit, fourth amendment, tsa, stripping, stripped, gay news, gay blog
Aaron Tobey (is kind of a babe.)

College student Aaron Tobey has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after he was forced to endure a search and pat-down in the Richmond, VA Airport. When forced to undergo the search, Tobey stripped down to his underwear, and presented the Fourth Amendment written across his bare chest for security, gay blog readers, and travelers alike to see.

When Tobey filed his $250,000 lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the head of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the Richmond Airport Authority and several security guards, police dropped the misdemeanor charges against him. He’s still suing.

Aol News reports:

The Constitution’s Fourth Amendment outlaws “unreasonable searches and seizures.” Tobey, a 21-year-old University of Cincinnati architecture student, had those very words scrawled across his chest and abdomen when he stripped down to his underwear at a Richmond, Va., airport back in December. He was heading to his grandfather’s funeral at the time. Tobey was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct.

“This action seeks vindication of the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of Aaron Tobey, who … was arrested without probable cause, falsely imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted,” the legal complaint states. The civil lawsuit was filed on Tobey’s behalf by the Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties group.

“Tobey was unduly seized by government agents in violation of the Fourth Amendment, despite the fact that he did nothing to disrupt airport routine,” John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, said in a statement on his group’s website.

As dramatic as his actions are, we’re totally with Tobey on this one. Airport security has become incredibly invasive, but somehow less secure. Full body scanners are a privacy nightmare, and pat-downs do in fact contradict the letter of the law. The TSA has no legal authority, just scare tactics. We applaud him for finding a creative way to get his message across.

What do you think of Tobey’s rocking body lawsuit?

Via Aol News

  • Anonymous

    follow the rules or rent a car, hop a train, hitch hike. stop being such damn whiny spoiled americans. It’s really not attractive. it’s not that bad considering the alternatives. Anyone notice that we haven’t had any hijacked plane in like forever and no one flying planes into buildings. It is a new world and not all or even many aspects of it are gonna be exactly nice.

  • “Those willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both.” -Benjamin Franklin. Every activity we undertake has its own inherent risks. Being subjected to invasive, infective security measures which categorically do not lessen any of the risks involved in flying is not something we should accept. I support Mr. Tobey. Well done him.

  • The few pro TSA arguments below are using circumstantial evidence at best. We also didn’t have an abundance of hijacked planes “in like forever” before the invasive techniques being implemented nowadays. I would argue that this “new world” talked about below is not so new. Rather, the paranoia that is being cultivated is a new defining element of today’s American culture.

  • Anonymous

    good for him! I hope he wins his case!

  • Hell yeah, I’d still be suing too! Btw, he can come strip down and show me any amendment he wants at my house <3 Ooooh, what a cutie!

  • “The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.” Kent v. Dulles, 357 US 116, 125.
    How about you learn what the rules are before you make such an ignorant comment. Anyone notice that if the security would have done its job in the first place then we wouldn’t have had any hijackings? Funny how these instances we here about are all from people given special treatment and yet no one was fired for their incompetence…
    How about instead of breaking the laws of the land, we just quit letting terrorists with flagged visas onto planes? Oh but then the politicians wouldn’t profit off of the body scanner sales… I guess we can’t have that… If you prefer draconian tyranny then GET THE **** OUT OF MY COUNTRY! There are PLENTY of other countries that would love to ascertain your beliefs. -end rant-

    Way to go Aaron for showing those thugs the law!

  • LeslieC

    All I know is I dont want to be on that plane that is spiraling out of control and heading for the ground because someone wasnt searched. Just watch, the first ones to file a suit against the airlines for a plane bombing or hijack with their loved ones on board will be the ones screaming about not wanting people searched. I know there are some security personnel that might not do a proper search or patdown but the majority are doing their job. As it has been said many, many times, if you dont want to be patted down or searched then stay away from the damn airports and take a train, bus or boat. I dont want my loved ones or myself put in danger because of a little discomfort. Yes I believe in the 4th ammendment but times have really changed since it was written and the problems we have now were not even dreamed of then.

  • Anonymous

    You dont paint the fourth amendment on your chest if you dont PLAN on getting searched. It says that during his search HE stripped down to his underwear, not that he was forced, asked or even suggested to. He intentionally drew attention to himself to get searched so he could strip and sue. If you even faintly consider the airport security to be an “unreasonable search” then dont go there. If you think that keeping violent people off the planes is unreasonable, then you should be kept off them.
    That is saying that he actually did this to to make a point. It looks more like he is out for money. Suing for $250k?? Guess who gets to pay that if, for some stupid reason, he wins, US! Our tax dollars pay that. This ranks up there with suing because your too stupid to know that coffee is hot. If you agree with his law siut then dont ever complain about paying taxes.

  • Anonymous

    That has to be one of the most ignorant comments Ive seen. That law is regarding a passport and foreign travel due to communistic beliefs. Way to try and bend wording to support your point of view. That law has NOTHING to do with this topic. He is free to travel all he wants, as are you and I, even if we are communist. That travel does NOT have to be on a plane however and TSA can and will stop you from flying if you are viewed to be a possible threat to safety. If someone is stripping in the middle of an airport to protest, then I would hope that arouses suspicion.

  • CM

    Why don’t we just do away with the Constitution all together. I mean he does look like a terrorist after all.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and the fact that he still made his flight puts a giant hole in your comment. He wasent deprived of travel.

  • cjacob76

    Pretty sure you have the right not to fly. You know the routine before you get there. If you don’t want to subject yourself to it, then don’t fly.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone goes to the airport knowing there is a possibility of getting searched. I would think that most people dont get ready for a protest “just in case” their going to protest. And most protesters dont sue for an asinine amount of money. Nothing happened to him as far as invasion of privacy, no one “tuched his junk” or asked him to strip, He did that on his own then sued. I personally believe he had every intention of stripping and suing when he walked in to the airport.

  • Anonymous

    He also OPTED for the pat down instead of going through the metal detector. He WANTED to get searched so he could strip and sue.


    you are the type of person that says its ok to look up my butt if you they want to and in the mean time they stea your childrens future away from them because you dont mind being a cow / sheep herded here and there . we need more people like him willing to challenge the powers that be in order to take back what was taken from us . to be perfectly clear it is a hundred times harder to take bake what was taken away . as long as this country is populated by like minded people like , you we will undoubtedly head down the drain.

  • Bryan Gaskins

    Wow. Such an educated response.

  • Bryan Gaskins

    I do think your almost right; however… what about homeland security having there way with anyone they wish? They make the rules and not us and it could get worse. It’s not about being whiney… It’s about sticking up for your beliefs…

  • Bryan Gaskins

    Honestly, I think that he went to the airport knowing there was a possibility of getting searched. He didn’t force or plan on it. For him… He wrote that on his chest “just in case” he was patted down and used it to make a statement.

  • Anonymous

    statistically few flyers are given the scrutiny that so many fear. I fly all the time and have never seen anyone have a problem. It is just something for people to worry about and ignore real problems and gives the 24 hour news cycle to yammer on about when they gey bored.

  • Anonymous

    After reading more, He actually OPTED for a “thorough pat-down” instead of going through the metal detectors. He chose to get searched then sued because he got searched.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had to have the pat down done before. Usually because I forgot not to wear anything metal. They don’t make you strip down like he did, only take off your shoes and jacket (things that are extra and loose fitting) and then they pat you down over your clothes.

  • BGD

    The pat down is illegal, everything airports do now is pretty illegal, that’s the government for you!

    However I’d like to strip him down….

  • I am with you on this one Bryan. He would not have written that all over his body if he had an ulterior motive to incite the possibility of showing off his work.

  • He’s hot… but didn’t anyone else notice that the 4 is backwards? lol

  • Richard

    When I was in Dulles Airport, I clearly saw Muslim travelers subjected to BOTH the scanner AND pat-down. Isn’t this whole thing overkill? Wearing a hijab does not grant TSA probable cause.

  • The point of that ruling was that travel should not be restricted for political belief. By narrowing the ruling to that specific instance, and not accepting its applicability to an instance which demonstrates a similar issue at work, you are dismissing the spirit and purpose of a legal protection. The government has no right to limit access to any means of transport, nor does it have the right to search at random. The TSA, a government agency, engages in random searches. This violates a legal right. Suggesting that the only alternative to this is to find another means of travel violates another right, that of free passage.

    And what, exactly, are you suspicious that someone stripping in an airport in protest would do? By removing his clothes and bringing attention to himself, he demonstrated both that he had nothing to hide and that he had no desire to go unnoticed. Neither of these is conducive to criminal activity, excepting, of course, indecent exposure, which he did not commit. And furthermore, they did not merely search him, they arrested him.

  • Anonymous

    The government didnt restrict his travel. He still made his flight even. They searched him because he ASKED them to and he was arrested FOR stripping in an airport and charged with disorderly conduct. I think stripping in an airport is in fact disorderly conduct. He charges where even dropped but he sued anyway. Once you do something for the money is no longer is a political protest. Are you saying that they shouldnt search anyone at an airport?! Even pre 9/11 I would never agree with that.
    I am NOT pro tsa or even pro government, in fact I hate our governments restrictions. BUT you cant say that what he did was right or even ethical just because you agree with his cause. None of his rights where violated. In fact they up held his rights when he opted for a pat down instead of going through the scanner.
    He lost all credibility when he sued. Had he just protested and got his point across then I would probably agree with him. I say probably because he asked to be searched then claimed his right where violated when they searched him.

  • Joel Lambeth

    I feel very bad for Tobey. While I understand and sympathize with his perspectives and views on this matter, it is a shame that he chose this travel occasion, his grandfather’s passing, to lash out in such a public way that may have caused him to miss the funeral. On a more generalized note, when we fly, we give up rights. When we cross the border, we give up certain rights. Without these MINOR concessions by individual humans, there can be no guarantee of safety in these extreme situations. These are complicated matters, to be sure – the most important aspect is that HUMAN RIGHTS are not compromised — but a search and pat-down does not violate the rights granted by the human condition. I resent Tobey’s actions for a variety of reasons that I choose not to list, for I would hate for him to be offended, hurt, or repressed by my statements. He is young, and will grow and learn. I wish him the best.

  • I failed to read where he actually made his flight? Or is it just an assumption? I’m not criticizing what you’re saying, however, I didn’t read that, and therefore, just wonder where you were given that information?

  • Anonymous

    It in the actual article, Click the link at the bottom for AOL news and it will take you to it.

  • bossfo

    why not?

    we in the us are so afraid of offending anyone that we loose perspecitve.

  • The last time I flew was in 1990, I gave up no rights. Why should I have to now? There is NO guarantee of safety in ANY situations. These searches are totally unreasonable, they accomplish nothing. Israel doesn’t do searches like this and they have never had a plane hijacked. Because they profile. It works, this doesn’t. The entire DHS should be abolished. Just another way for G.W. to take away some of our rights and now Obama is going along with it.

  • Ivan Prapatanan Cunningham

    no, he opted OUT of being exposed to excessive radiation via full-body scanner, not just a metal detector.

  • generally i feel safer when i see airport security doing their job and if that means i’m searched, all the better because it means they’re doing their jobs. I don’t think he should have been detained. as far as the law goes and security for that matter, If he wants to be in his underwear that is his prerogative. it can only make the security process that much easier. In the end though air traffic safety would only be achieved if every single passenger were subjected to the same pat-down search procedure. that just doesnt happen. really if we want to make air-travel safer, we need to make the cockpits of planes more secure. would-be hi-jackers can only take over the plane if they can take over the cockpit. to assure passenger safety should someone try to hold passengers/ flight attendants hostage, i feel like traditional metal detectors and explosive chemical sniffing dogs should be sufficient if we were to make airplane cockpits more secure. given how much money the government spends on the TSA each year, rather than employing people to invade the privacy of others, they should just pay to modify airplanes for security. (yeah people will lose their jobs, but what they are employed to do is clearly in violation of the constitution.)

    I agree with his assertion of the fourth amendment. we should not be subjected to undue search or seizure. suppose you were walking down the street and a cop just came over and said that they were going to perform a search of your person for weaponry. that is absolutely unacceptable. granted the need for safety in airline travel mitigates the reasonable expectations of personal privacy, he had every right to do exactly what he did. he should not have been detained for being eccentric, which is really what this “disorderly conduct” amounts to.

  • nightwolf4963

    we are fastly on our way to a state that can only be described as an Orwellian nightmare, we applaud this young man for reminding us of the principles that this country was founded on .
    we need to do away with these overbearing neo-gestapo tactics we have let the terrorist win they have accomplished their objective which was to terrorize and make us afraid .
    remember the words of that great statesman Benjamin Franklin when he stated,” those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve nether. ” Wake up America we need to not be a nation of panty waste worthless crybabies, the whole “pc” ideology has turn us into a nation ruled by a bunch of limp wrist wussies. Tell me folks where in the constitution does it say you have the right not to be offend, we had a thick skin once we need to get it back. You go Aaron, your courage is inspiring to this old patriot..

  • I’d be in agreement with you, if they were NOT doing things because of a muslim appearance/dress. But that’s not the case. I’m with Richard; just because someone is muslim, or ANY ethnicity, religion, or whatever, does not give anyone probable cause to search them. Suspicious activity (and wearing foreign clothing is NOT suspicious activity) alone gives that.

  • Sara Slack

    Fair enough. Let’s just get rid of airport security altogether just because it isn’t 100% effective. Whilst we’re at it, let’s also get rid of the Pill and Condoms. -Face.Palm-

    Okay okay, I agree that there is a LOT of overkill going on in airport security, but come on. Suing? Really? I’d rather go through one or two pat-downs than not have it at all.

  • Sent Packing

    I think you’re afraid of proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

  • Joseph

    Air travel isn’t a right. Its a privlidge. If you can’t deal with the security measures there to secure you’re protection then get your whiny, ungrateful selves another way to travel. The simple fact is that any one of us could be a danger to everyone on one of those flights, and anyone of them could be a danger to you. It is actually quite reasonable to pat down passengers to reuce the risk of a terroristic, or maybe even some other kind of, danger.
    And no rights are being violated. Especially since airports are owned by the government. It is whithin the governments rights,thats right the government does have rights children, to ensure you are following the rules they set out when on their property. Or do you guys whine about being searched when you enter a court house too? Or maybe you think you should be able to stroll into the white house toting a a grenade in your pocket?
    I sick in tired of hearing people rag about a fairly minor inconvience that may save lives.But hey maybe we can just do away with security. Maybe terrorist will come. Maybe they wont. It doesn’t matter because obviously its worth riskin some lives so we can avoid a pat down. Now let us go foolish friends. We have lives to endanger.(Very obvious sarcasm of course.)

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to 1984, with double-speak, memory holes, big brother, constant survalence, torture, endless war, and the police state!

    It is sad, pathetic, unamerican, inhuman, and self destructive!

    Corporations and their gluttonous wealthy minions have declared war on Democracy, Justice, Liberty, the Constitution and America’s soverignty

    There are those who want to scare the hell out of you so they can sucker you into giving up your rights, money, and Soverignty! When will Americans be brave enough to demand government restores Democratic rights, liberties and financial soverignty?

  • nub2ski

    If you don’t want to be on a plane that might be hijacked or crash, YOU take the train, bus, or boat – don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

    The right to travel and protection from search and seizure give me the right to take the plane without you telling me what to do.

  • Fatma Al Zahra

    Airports owned by the government? Dont forget, the people are the government, and we dont like to be overly patted down and naked scanned. It is our right to privacy, someone on the street cant pat us down or we yell for the police. We dont know what kind of perverts are looking at our naked bodies. You dont understand the Constitituion so go read it again.

  • Fatma Al Zahra

    I think what Aaron did was a creative way to tell the government that they have stepped way over the bounds of our Constitutional rights to search without reasonable cause. We are treated as if we are all terrorists, guilty until proven innocent. TSA agents are improperly trained bozo’s who dont know the Constitution themselves; they dont care how they feel you up and down, violate your breasts and genital areas privacy. They even had a case last year of a TSA agent getting arrested for patting down a young girl in a way that got him fired and jailed, he was a pervert. If you look at the statistics of terrorism in the United States, it is so tiny that you will die in a car crash before you get bombed by a terrorist, hit by a bus, die of a heart a attack, before you even come close to dying by terrorist. It’s all a big joke to get you use to martial law slowly, so that this begins to feel right to you. Next it will be something more intrusive into your life, like England, cams every single place you go, to the point you cant pick your nose in public or a cam will pick it up.

  • Guest

    it was a movie. he is an actor. it’s that simple.

  • Anonymous

    i was the “guest” that left the very last comment, “it was a movie. he is an actor. it’s that simple.” i left the comment on the wrong thread. whoever liked it, right-on. now that think on it, it’s somewhat appropriate. since i’m here, i have to say that aaron is mos def a bad mofo for all that and much respect! xxx

  • Anonymous

    Flying is neither a right nor a priviledge. It’s a means of travel- a vehicle for those who have the means. It is not a priviledge to pay the fare, and it is no more a responsibility or risk than taking a car.

  • good for him!

  • thank-you. well done!

  • cargo planes are still not secure. maybe they should frisk them.

  • TxGrandma Four-Twenty

    OMG! I am with him too. I opted out of the microwave and they said, ‘we will now give you an invasive pat down’. This is not even necessary. She went up my jeans and her little finger touched my *****. I felt so damn violated. Just because I opted out of being microwaved, this was my punishment. It’s getting ridiculous but we are having our freedoms taken away, one by one. Always opt out of the microwave. We are guinea pigs because this is something that should be approved by a non government agency.

  • TxGrandma Four-Twenty

    Maybe you haven’t flown in a long time. 9/11 was almost 10 years ago. The government owns the aiports and the people in the Obama Administration have lots of stock and part owner in those walk in scanners. I never saw a report where it was tested on guinea pigs. The government wants us to be the pigs. If you are young, then you have not witnessed what I have for the last 70 plus years. Our freedoms are being taken away one at a time and we are becoming a police state.

  • I’d like to give him a pat down and a body search.

  • Eric

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin
    i propose a mass sit in at every airport in the country, one that would cover the entire floor space.
    my only issue with mass protests, civil disobedience, & other things of the sort is that
    people need to wake up & get with the program. too many people don’t have a clue about how much power we hold as citizens “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

  • maybe because your going at it like a tool someone to be used and thrown away when your no longer required!

    really we don’t need tools tools are those who cannot accept true justice or even real threats real threats happen closer to home more commonly than away hell i was attacked close to home before and got away with beating the living hell outta said attacker and why because i didn’t just disobey the rules i did it smartly and in such a way that would be considered legal regardless!

    following rules means that someone else must tell you what to do, are you ready to be told no you cannot do this or that even though its logistically not wrong and or bad to do and and yet that’s what society is governed by the people throwing in way to many complaints and pettitions claiming so much desire for specific laws to come into being!

    examples down here we have two bylaws conflicting with each other yet is ignored – the laws being
    you own your house but the government owns the driveway thats from halfway up to your house to the road!
    you must clean the sidewalks close to your household!

    the conflict being if they own it why should we clean up the messes they get on their property! are you saying that if we refuse to do what they tell us that those who trip on the side walks should sue us instead of the government who clearly says they own said sidewalk!

    i think your form of thinking is majorly stupid retarded and needs a major good bombing for being so retarded! plus its statistically wrong in every aspect its makes swiss cheese look like it has less holes in it!

  • you sir… i like your sarcasm ;P

  • Lisa Marinaro

    Go Aaron GO!!! Someone needs to start this!! This is insanity, I refuse to fly and will not allow my children to for the same reason!!!

  • i swear some people can only read and write but not do all three things required to make an intelligent reply which in steps goes a little like this.

    read remember and finnaly write not read and write a reply because if you cannot remember everything written inside your only setting yourself up for a fall!

    so i really like your comeback there!

  • Lonnie Thresher

    He sued because he was arrested, not because he was searched.

  • Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW

    Actually, I think this point is arguable and probably will be argued one day in court. The constitution guarantees the pursuit of liberty and happiness. If TSA procedures can be shown to inhibit this pursuit in real people’s lives (business trips, trips to Hawaii etc) I think that it may be shown the flying in this time and culture actually may be a right.

  • dallas baines

    ok all who throw a fit over being searched when flying would you rather there be a bomb on your flight or maybe a knife. Really get over your selves and deal with it. Things are far worse in other countrys. You act like your being raped in the airport but then when something goes wrong you are the first one to scream “Why is there not more being done to stop this?” Really get your heads out of your asses and wake up. This is a major problem in this country. We have people who are sick and think its ok to kill innocent people to get their point across. So if you don’t like the things they are doing at airports to keep your dumb asses safe then walk where you want to go and let us that would like to fly safe not have to wait in a line of you whiny spoild children!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John R. Petrozino Jr.

    It’s about time someone stood up for their Constitutional Rights!

  • Jock Doubleday

    A slave has dared to challenge the House of Rothschild? Outrageous!!

  • Mia

    I am a pre-operative transsexual and worry about the invasive searches as the scanners can reveal a person’s gender. Also this is something rape victims and other vulnerable groups should not have to go through and I would therefore like to thank Aaron Tobey for sticking up for the rights of these groups and people like myself.

  • Scherry and Micky

    Sure it does! If your with TSA!

  • Brenda Higdon

    Thank You Tobey! The fact that you are taking a stand gives me hope that our country may not be completely lost to fear and fascism after all.

  • Whenever I read about this stuff, I gotta ask. How do these security measures stop a suicide bomber from strapping a bunch of explosive to their chest along with a nice mix of rusty nails and ball bearings, walking up to a crowded and slow moving security processing line and throwing a switch?

    Really, these security measures are almost always more for show than security and I don’t think they make anyone any safer from terrorist attack.

  • Krys101

    I agree with Joseph. I’d rather have pat-downs than more hijackers getting on planes. And no one wants to see some guy’s junk cuz he wants to make a point. That is indecent exposure, if you ask me. They shouldn’t have dropped the charges on him. And now he wants money? Let’s just all go get offended by safety rules and sue, shall we? Petty. If I were in that airport at the time, I would sue him for making me see his junk for some stupid point he is trying to make.

  • Ralph McGinnis

    They don’t give full boy scans or touch your private areas when you enter the White House.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You TX Grandma! I have been trying to explain this to the younger generation as well. Tghey don’t understand because they are being brainwashed in the schools. The Children aren’t learning about Freedom only Socialism. They don’t see it coming and those of us who do are fazed out.

  • brandiparker

    Rock on Tobey my man rock on !!

  • Sidney V

    Good for Aaron Tobey. I hope he wins his lawsuit. TSA has been violating people’s rights for too long now. I quit flying five years ago after a incident at Boston Logan where the TSA agent tried to tell me my Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts were explosives and they damn near locked me up. I haven’t been aboard a plane since then and I don’t think I’ll ever board one again.

  • uglyd0g97

    You are literally 50x more likely to be struck by lightning in your life than to be involved in a terrorist attack on an airplane.

    Are you really that afraid of terrorism?

  • Nothing in the constitution says that “you have the right to fly” Airlines have the right to refuse you service. If you want to fly go threw the scanners. If you don’t want to go threw the scanners then don’t fly. It’s that easy. That would be like refusing to wear certain clothing to a formal restaurant. They have the right to refuse you service based on their dress code. I choose not to wear ties or jackets therefore I don’t go to those restaurants. I choose to go threw the screening/scanners therefore I get to fly. If you choose to not go threw the scanners/screenings and then don’t want to be patted down I do not want you on my plane!

  • Simple – they’d never get to the plane and therefore we’d not have a 9/11 like attack. There ya go. Yes you’d have lots of dead/injured at the airport. But not nearly as many as what happened then.

    Again if you don’t want the security fly a private jet or don’t fly.

  • Dear Grandma –
    The patriot act was enacted by not Obama but by Bush and the republican party which was in control at the time. The patriot act took away your freedoms more than these airport scanners ever will.

  • Think it’s funny that all the “elder” generation are decrying Socialism when they ARE GETTING SOCIAL SECURITY… What do you think that is!

  • it’s been fought about cars and drivers licenses already. You do not have a right to drive a car or to hold a license it is a privilege that come with responsibilities and rules and regulations and CAN be taken away. Just as the privilege to be on a plane can be take away if you are rowdy or drunk you can be kicked off. If you are not willing to go through the security measures you will no be allowed to fly. Just as if you are unwilling to take a breathalyzer you will be taken to jail.

  • He’s hot! LOL…apart from the vapidity of my initial response, I am in with this! My experiences have been good when traveling but I do notice that people that wear really loose clothing and obese people tend to get searched more often. As a person of size, and a transgender person, I wonder if they pick out those people on purpose. I’m sorry, but some of the people that I’ve seen searched would in no way incite suspicion of terrorism and seems like further humiliation heaped up on another segment of society that is being singled out as socially non-relevant or socially offensive.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • Am I honestly the only one here wondering how in the world he just HAPPENED to get searched while having that written upon his chest? Come on people, you can’t be this blind. You’re not really ALL a bunch of sheep, right? This was just another big lawsuit from another people just waiting for the right time and causing all of it.

    You’re all the same people that – the next time a plane with a ton of innocents are on board – will be right with the press screaming that our safety precautions are not strong enough.

    This was planned. Stop giving him the attention. It’s bad enough he’ll probably win this lawsuit.

  • Um, just a quick note: YOU PAY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY. That’s YOUR MONEY.

  • Thank you. At least SOMEONE reading this damn thing has brains.

  • Anonymous

    Yet somehow most of us will never see a penny of what we put in come out when we get to the other end…so who’s money is paying for whom?

  • Anonymous

    I seems as though at least 90% of the people commenting on this site have not actually read the article that this is derived from. In failing to read that you are missing quite a bit of the facts. You can find the link to the article at the bottom of the brief summery that this site wrote.
    In that link you will find that he used his right to opt out of walking through the x-ray and asked to get a physical pat down. He was not forced as this site states. He also chose to strip. No one asked, forced or even suggested that he take any clothes off. He was arrested for stripping and the charges where actually dropped. He even made his flight.
    Just because you are against how the TSA is operating, doesn’t mean you should agree with Toby’s actions. It seems to me that he is simply in it for the money. As I stated before, it’s the same as suing because your coffee is too hot. Its no longer a protest when your in it for the money.

  • Anonymous

    His charges where dropped. As much as I wish you could sue for being arrested, you cant. He basically instigated the arrest. He wasent taken to jail, he made his flight. $250k is a bit excessive as well. Lawyer fees for a misdemeanor cant be more then $1000. There was no bail or “pain and suffering” any embarrassment he may be claiming was self provoked. This falls in to the category of suing Mcdonalds because you got fat. If you dont want to get fat, doent eat McDonalds, If you dont want to get searched, to go to an airport.

  • Or, you know, it could be that he had it written on his chest because he’d had problems with the airlines before and so this time around, decided to take precautionary measures.

    Regardless of whether or not it was planned, it was needed. Last time I was going through security in an airport, I saw an elderly woman being patted down. Like a 70 year old woman that walked all hunched over. What the hell is she gonna do? And apparently their metal detectors will go off if you so much as brush the side of it–it went off when I went through, and luckily the man working at that one was nice enough and told me “They do that sometimes, just walk through again.” I did, and it didn’t go off that time…

    Yeah, security my ass.

  • Worse in other countries? Really? I flew to the Netherlands about seven months ago and upon landing there, I needed only find my way to the baggage claim, pick up my bag, and go downstairs to catch a train. Upon coming home, I had to wait in customs’ line for an hour and was interrogated like a criminal–three different times I was asked questions about the purpose of my trip, if I had brought any drugs back, etc. Then I had to go through a security line after re-checking my bag, despite having already gone through security (which included a body scanner) in Amsterdam.

    I’m not afraid of terrorists. I was afraid of being arrested by customs officers because I laughed nervously while they were interrogating me.

  • The Doctor Donna

    I understand the point that you are supporting, however driving a car and paying for a ticket to sit in a seat on an airplane are two very different situations. When driving a car, one is directly responsible for one’s own actions and how those actions will affect hundreds of people around the driver. Riding on an airplane is a much different matter; one purchases fare, follows regulation, and travels to where one needs to go. Flying a plane would be more along the lines of the responsibility of driving a car, however, there is a very small ratio of people who actually fly planes to those who use them as a means of transportation.

  • Anonymous

    FORCED TO ENDURE???????? Come on we all go through this!! Have we forgotten WHY this was started?? Do we remember 9/11??????????????? They should throw him in jail for acting like a RETARD!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    the 9/11 attackers used plastic weapons – which would not set off the metal detectors anyway – which would not put you through the invasive body scanner. So..explain to me how exactly this is “preventing another 9/11 attack?”

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    Who says you will never see it? Every generation says that they will never see the money, yet, they always still get it. It’s the same b.s. that has been going around since Social Security was implemented. Find a new argument that actually has merit.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    Uhm. There is more of a risk of you hitting someone with your car and killing them than of someone doing something to the airplane. So, since it’s a privilege, not a right, you won’t mind if I hire someone to follow you around and frisk you, pat you down, do some basic hand/eye tests to make sure you are not too tired and give you a breathalyzer test before you get in the car- every time you get in…….right?

  • Cali Bear

    It doesn’t matter if the charges were dropped or not. They cannot arrest you in violation of your constitutional rights. That’s why he’s suing to basically to establish the unconstitutionality of his arrest and to make sure they don’t do it again.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    And how many hijacked planes did we have before 9/11 and the fear tactics? Hmmm? I seem to not be able to recall a rash of them that would warrant such strict regulations. They are not treating the cause, they are treating the symptom. 9/11 was the symptom of a much bigger problem in the U.S. not the cause. Plus, if you look at the data TSA is not catching the potential dangers – it is other entities that are doing so. TSA is useless.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    He wasn’t taken to jail because misdemeanors do not require you to be taken to jail. If someone runs a red light, you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor and you sign the ticket in order to not go to jail – to be released on your own recognizance saying that you will show up to court or pay the fine. Police officers were not required to take him to jail, only to issue him the citation.
    And yes, you most certainly can sue for being arrested on certain grounds.
    This is why TSA and the like are allowed to get away with so much, people don’t know their rights, or how to fight to have them upheld.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    You also do not to know the difference between “through” and “threw.” Which may be why you can’t afford to go to the restaurants that require a jacket and a tie.
    Would you go to McDonalds if you had to have your gonads touched before you could order? I doubt it.

  • The lawsuit is for the arrest, not the search! How the Hell is having the 4th Amendment written on your chest a disruption? I sure have seen plenty of permanent tattoos that are tasteless and offensive but they are NOT criminal offenses!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t all you people screaming about the importance of “security” realized Hitler (and every other despot in history) used “security” as a reason for every demeaning, demanding position they took? It was for the “security” of the German people that Jews were marked, persecuted and killed. Every government uses security as a rationale for enforcing laws that limit the behavior of its people. When I hear the word I automatically think that somebody somewhere is trying to take some basic freedom from me. And no, I won’t fly because of it. And I won’t go into stores that want to “hold my bag’ behind the counter because somebody else steals. I am not a criminal and intensely dislike any implications that I might be. As for security, I don’t see any reason for TSA providing it. Yes, there was a terrible incident that (maybe) could have been avoided. But it was one time. What an over-reaction!!! My twenty-six year old son has an accident in his pants once, so I make him sit on the toilet everytime he enters the house JUST IN CASE. One’s as ridiculous as the other. Get real people it’s not about security; it’s about control.

  • Excessive? Sources, please.

  • Rebecca – most people on here lose their brains when there’s a cute guy involved, I guess. Who cares about the law? Who cares if nothing wrong or invasive happened to him? He’s cute! And, like, he’s ‘standing up for our rights’ by trying to profit off of… Americans… hey, wait a second…

  • Richard – it’s our approach to ‘security’… Europe stands bravely and doesn’t give in. We cower in the corner and piss all over ourselves.

  • Bob

    I am not afraid of terrorist attacks, therefore, I see no need for security theater. TSA will not stop a determined terrorist from attacking, anyway.

    Frankly, I hope all of you who are afraid of being killed in an extremely unlikely terrorist attack never bother leaving your house. Leaving your house is not a right either, and you couldn’t possibly feel safe going out into the world without the TSA protecting you from car accidents or school shootings or MRSA or choking on a hot dog or any one of a zillion other things that are more likely to kill you than terrorist attacks on airplanes. ::rolling eyes::

  • jack inthebox

    My friend I agree with what you said, but differ on one point. It is not corporations it is the Government.

  • Beautifully said. <3

  • Dave Wainwright

    I want to adopt Tobey

  • Joshua Rothe

    Regardless, of how paranoid the government is, there job is to protect us not make our lives hell. Remember all in the nill of rights if we don’t like the way the government is its not only our right to change it but or responsibility to do so. If that wasn’t the case then we would still be a British annex for there business propaganda or is it still happening. Open your eyes and reclaim the power has always been yours and not those granted by a piece of hemp paper:-)

  • Joshua Rothe

    Speak from the highest mountain tops let no body silence you. People need to understand this

  • sheldon gordon

    They used box cutters made of metal not plastic. Get your facts straight.

  • CountryMetal01

    Sooo, the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments Mean something, but the 2, 3, 6, you can’t fight for one and not all of them, If anyone has a better Idea on what security should do that does not Violate any of the Amendments please speak up

  • CountryMetal01

    However TSA is not sending you to a Gas Oven to never be seen again

  • CountryMetal01

    Also if we are on the way to the facist state, then why would this report see for lack of a better term “Airtime”, any resistance would have been killed

  • CountryMetal01

    That was because no one ever flew them into Buildings before they just blew them up out right

  • CountryMetal01

    then why is he not sueing the Police then or the Airport, TSA does not have the power to arrest anyone

  • CountryMetal01

    what does a Terrorist look like?, Anyone can be one, the Unibomber was an American, also, about 250 years ago a group of “terrorists” Rebelled against an Oppressive Goverment, they committed acts of Treason to the Crown, if they had lost the would have been Hung or worse, what this “kid’ was doing was not brave, it was “dumdass” at best,

  • Anonymous

    That’s all well and good, Sidney, but the point is this: If we let the ‘powers that be’ frighten us to the point that we give up things that we WANT to do (like flying) then the ‘terriorists have truly won. I’m not talking about Al Queda, I’m talking about the TSA

  • Anonymous

    The TSA are a bunch of brown shirted neo nazis who abuse their powers and violate the protections of americans under our constitution.. This so-called security is all eyewash and amounts to no security at all….
    what TSA does should be illegal and the law MUST be changed!

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    “declared that the weapons used to hijack the planes that crashed into World Trade Center were plastic knives and box cutters.”
    Get YOUR facts straight. Plastic knives, last time I checked, did not sound the alarm in a metal detector, and box cutters were LEGAL on the plane.
    No evidence of ANY WEAPON was ever found.
    All they have is second hand info that was relayed to family members via phone calls by panicked passengers and flight attendants. None of them mentioned “box cutters” AT ALL. They mentioned bombs, knives, and some kind of spray.
    Maybe they used shoestrings to choke people. Nobody knows. Either way, TSA did NOT catch the “shoe bomber” or any other threats. Those were caught by other agencies. TSA has not done anything to warrant them. They are useless.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    When in the U.S. have airplanes been blown up “outright.” Please, state your facts.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    Yet. Give a little, they take a little more. Like a frog in a frying pan. Turn up the heat slowly, and he will get used to it, and sit there until he cooks to death.
    Take away small little liberties one at a time, slowly, with pseudo-science to back them up, and then eventually when people have no rights left – there will be nothing anyone can do about it.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    How about the fact that pilots don’t have to do it since the radiation is too high for them to be exposed to every time they have to fly.

    “The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday that it would retest every full-body X-ray scanner that emits ionizing radiation — 247 machines at 38 airports — after maintenance records on some of the devices showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected.”
    They lied. Duh.
    “In the past, the TSA has failed to properly monitor and ensure the safety of X-ray devices used on luggage. A 2008 report by the worker safety arm of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the TSA and its maintenance contractors had failed to detect when baggage X-ray machines emitted radiation beyond what regulations allowed. They also failed to take action when some machines had missing or disabled safety features, the report shows.”
    Yup. They don’t follow protocol and nobody does anything about it. Who says they will for this scanner? They have already been in trouble for keeping pictures of people in the scanners when they specifically said that they did not.
    “The TSA is responsible for the safety of its own X-ray devices. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it does not routinely inspect airport X-ray machines because they are not considered medical devices.” So they could be giving you cancer and frying your brain cells, and TSA can lie about it all they want. There is no regulation, and no duty to the public, only duty to the wallet. Their own wallet.

  • Kristen Starkey Walker

    what about making women drink their own breastmilk? Is that normal? Yet, if the woman would have tried to breastfeed, some one would have complained about THAT too. What about a grown man patting down a six year old child…touching their private parts, is that right?
    How many pedophiles do you think are lining up to get a job with TSA now? They get to LEGALLY fell up small children and see them virtually naked in the scanners. Do you think TSA does any kind of mental screening to make sure that pedophiles are not working for them? Hell no.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that he’s being represented by the Rutherford Institute. They’re basically a conservative Christian version of the ACLU.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that he’s being represented by the Rutherford Institute. They’re a conservative Christian version of the ACLU.

  • priceless protest

  • How many people fly almost 300 times a year? In addition to that, it’s only one out of every 20-40 people, at least from what I saw the past few times I’ve been at the airport. So with those stats, someone who flew even 50 times a year would only get X-ray scanned 2-3 times a year… lolol…

  • Charles

    I’d rather not live in fear or, more importantly, give the terrorist bogeymen you seem so scared of EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. I’d rather take my chances.

  • Charles

    When people use the word socialism when they mean authoritarianism, they lose all credibility.

  • Charles

    That’s the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is not and never was, contrary to popular belief, a legal document. The Fourth Amendment, however, is very much a legal document.

  • Charles

    No, it’s corporations. Who do you think makes the scanning devices?

  • Charles

    Return to pre-9/11 measures. As has been said before, lightning is a much bigger threat than terrorism, but we don’t run around wearing rubber suits, now do we?

  • Anonymous

     Good for him! This is all about softening us up for the new police state that is coming. This has nothing to do with safety, we will just eat anything that’s been basted with “safety” butter…As an artist, I applaud the creative use of himself as the media, and the concept, fantastic! Wish I’d have thought of it….

  • Anonymous

     Damned straight! In America, one is supposed to have the freedom to be Muslim, or Buddhist, or Pagan or yes, even Christian (Jesus is not a modern Christian, they’d kick Him out) followers have the Constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of worship, freedom from unreasonable searches and let me tell you, the whole process is unreasonable, and we are still not protected, are we? I’m not afraid of offending, that’s why I use my WHOLE name, cause anonymous allows bad behavior, and no one deserves to be manhandled with both a pat down and a scan. That is outright racism, and is some sick and disgusting behavior.  rights to freedom of worship, freedom from unreasonable searches and let me tell you, the whole process is unreasonable, and we are still not protected, are we? I’m not afraid of offending, that’s why I use my WHOLE name, cause anonymous allows bad behavior, and no one deserves to be manhandled with both a pat down and a scan. That is outright racism, and is some sick and disgusting behavior. 

  • Anonymous

     Protest and dissidents, they are protected American activities. I say good for him that he practiced his rights, the ones that most Americans have no clue about, as most Americans have never READ the Constitution. No surprise, though. I support his right to protest.Also, I have to raise my eyebrow at you. What, exactly, please do clarify, is suspicious about a man stripping in the airport? Seems to me that if he’s naked, it’s harder to hide his “pistol” don’t you think? Although, I must say, this is a good looking young man, he’d sure distract my attention! :]

    We do have a right to free travel with out restrictions. Being arrested, well, think of that as a restriction. It makes sense if you realize that being arrested restricts one free passage. I hope he sues the Hell out of them.The right to travel without restriction has to do with the Depression Era, when California tried to keep poor people fleeing from the Dust Bowl from crossing into California. This is a matter of recorded history, available at one’s library, and/or an institute of higher learning. I sure do miss when they taught this stuff in high schools…

  • Anonymous

     Eyebrow raised… Lost his credibility? Why? Because he sued? Tsk. This is how it is done in America, through the courts. Yeesh. No wonder we Americans are heading towards the Fall of Rome…

  • Anonymous

     Actually, speaking of getting ones’ facts straight…
    That lawsuit over hot coffee was not just a money grab. That case was used in my ongoing ed as a home health nurse. You should have seen the nasty second degree burn that woman got from that. That coffee was at boiling point. You like yours all boiling on your precious package? If you’d seen the pics I saw, I’d bet not.  
    This is a perfect example of speaking without all of the facts, so while not the example you were looking to put out, you did put out a great example of the very thing you decried. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Anonymous

     So who on this board has gotten to fly without a search? Yeah. And so what? Unlike certain sheep, I like my Constitution.

  • Michael Michelina Cortina Denn

    Here in Manchester UK we have these scanners and there has been some privacy issues around them with people being refused the right to fly, if they refuse to go through them, including on religious grounds – the issue is that no common sense is being applied with regard to security policies and anti-racism laws are one of the problem, because no one wants to appear racist or be accused of being racist and therefore the “powers that be” quite simply will consistently refuse to bring in racial profiling, which has a proven track record of success at Israeli airports, where it is currently applied at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv & elsewhere – the other issue relates to the health worries around the X-Rays causing cancer

  • George Andrews

    you go guy i hope you can actually make them pay and see how ridiculous there being with this crap  

  • David Bewsee

    heres an idea make everyone wear a bathrobe or a jumpsuit with hospital shoes to fly and they have to change into it at the airport and put everything that they were wearing and carrying into see thru bags. you cant hide anything in a bathrobe or a jump suit that well specially not jump suits with no pockets or anything. then when you get to the other airport your cloths are clean and don’t smell of sweat from sitting and dealing with the airport bullshit. then they have no reason to pat you down or have you go thru the airport scanner. thats what I plan to do the next time i have to go to an airport and on the back of my bathrobe i am going to put the 4th amendment and also put a thing about the right to wear what i want where i want and if they try and touch me or harass me for wearing a bathrobe i will say well you want me to go thru a pat down well im wearing something you cant pat down cause theres nothing their and if you touch me i will sue you for sexual assault. if everyone was wearing that then they couldnt do anything other than deny me the right to fly and then i can sue them for that as well.

  • we should all start doing it. 
    AND we should demand that the TSA agents be stripped to the same level as the person they are searching.  
    that would stop a lot of the STUPID crap they do to people. 

  • Jennifer Terry

    Actually, he opted for the pat down after given the option of going through an invasive and not-thoroughly-tested microwave body scan whose purchase benefited the former director of Homeland Security (major shareholder in the rapiScan corporation when he decided the gov’t must purchase them), NOT the metal detector.  Metal detectors aren’t invasive, and no one is arguing about going through one to fly.

    Last time I flew I opted out of having a naked-like microwave image of myself being viewed by a crusty old-man TSA agent, and instead got felt up by a woman (literally!! she had her hands all over my breasts!!) in front of a massive line of passengers.  There were several of us (strangers just trying to get through security) who refused the RapiScan after they shut the metal detector down at that gate. Stupidly, a TSA agent stood in front of the metal detector to keep anyone from walking through.  She kept leaning into it and her gun kept setting the alarms off. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and… you get the point.  I was standing in that line for 45 minutes listening to this while watching them funnel us all through ONE rapiScan. It was incredibly frustrating to have to listen to the incessant high-pitched beeping while watching her stand there doing nothing, her sole purpose making sure no one walked through the metal detector.  It was ridiculous.

  • Jennifer Terry

    I take about 4-8 flights a year, and it really depends more on what airport you are flying out of.  Some force everyone in line through rapiScans, others give options, some don’t have them at all.

  • Jennifer Terry

    How would rapiScans prevent 9/11??!!  Hijackers took over planes using box cutters, which were legal at the time.

    These invasive microwaves instill a false sense of security while padding the pockets of former administration officials like Chertoff.

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed he wrote the “4” backwards on his chest

  • DesertSun59

    Remember why this is happening in the first place.  Michael Chertoff, W’s Chief of Homeland Security, owns HUGE amounts of stock in Rapiscan, which is the manufacturer of the scanners.

    He PERSONALLY benefitted, to the tune of several dozens of millions of dollars, when those scanners were added to airports.  He became a millionaire several times over during W’s administration.  He was not the only one who personally became rich because of the W years either.

    This has never, ever been about our personal safety.  It has always been about W’s cronies benefiting monetarily. 

  • dmaxx

    Do you really think it’ll end there? Do you actually think that they will only continue scanning a small percentage? It’s just going to get higher until it’s everyone’s going through.

  • dmaxx

    Yeah…no. If you’re too scared of a terrorist attack then YOU don’t fly. 🙂

  • dmaxx

    Because that’s failed in the past. Think about it. If they openly started condemning anyone who criticised the government, there’d be more of an uproar. If you just make it look like they’re crazy conspiracy theorists/terrorists, people are more pressured into thinking “Well…yeah they’re just nuts. The government’s keeping us safe.”

    You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

  • dmaxx

    2nd amendment: Right to bear arms. Yeah what with the NRA and southern states, that’s not exactly going to be treaded on any time soon.

    3rd amendment: No quartering of soldiers except during wartime. How does that even come into play at all?

    6th amendment: Right to a public and speedy trial. Again, what does that have to do with anything?

    As far as I can tell, none of those are in danger so your argument makes no sense.

  • no offense intended: citing 9/11 doesnt support your cause. “they” want you to remember it as such a tragic event that you will refuse to research it, or even listen to information being reported by alternative means, and give up your rights.

    we shouldnt be living in fear, we should ALL be asking the hard-hitting questions to get to the truth of the matter. in the end, you will CHOOSE what you want to believe, i just hope you are FULLY informed before you make that choice.

    the more we find reasons to be divided, the more those in power will continue to reign. everyone feels let down because the majority of our elected officials lack leadership abilities that would help to bring us “into” the 21st century. they only look out for their selves and those around them with whom they collectively reap BILLIONS off the american public each year.

    so sad. i wonder why people who are incredibly well off dont band together and offer to help those less fortunate. they’d learn a lot about “hard” living and realize that MOST of us really never have a chance in life to reach the pinnacle we are taught to aspire to reach. we dont all receive a quality public education.

    i’ll get off my soapbox now…

  • Anonymous

    Does he need counsel?  I’ll, um, represent him for his representin’.  You go, boy/man.  

  • We all have the right to sue when our civil rights are violated. Let the courts decide and support the judicial process.

  • I love the way this was done with respect yet the strongest message and only after government action Aaron Tobey is truly a model American and I would also agree he is adorable

  • I know this guy… Go TOBEY

  • Anonymous

    glad some of you young people are standing up to these tyrants

  • BooBoo Bear

    How would you feel if your grandmother had been “patted” down at the Phoenix airport earlier this month? She did what I hope other grannies have the guts to do, squeeze the boobs of the TSA agent feeling her boobs. Although it doesn’t mean anything she was white.

  • Bonnie Guo

    oh my god he’s not afraid to speak up AND he’s cute.


  • kays

    This kid went to the airport prepared to start trouble and there’s nothing more annoying that an annoying teen douche bag with an imitation social conciousness and a Twitter account.   All the old biddies on here, and I mean the men, will stick up for him because he has a hot body.  Luckily, this story did not get the traction that he thought it would get when he started the day looking to become a 15-minute superstar.  Aaron, honey, you’re no Rosa Parks and all these self righteous queens better stop sticking up for the anti-airport security trend.  They’ll be the first Nellie’s to be blaming George Bush when a terrorist takes over another plane despite the fact that he has not been President for almost 3 years.  If there’s two things I can’t stand it’s daffy queens and left wing teenagers — two of the dumbest demographics in the USA.  Give me any day a hot hung and hunky Log Cabin Republican who’s going somewhere in life and a daring gay guy who appreciates the unique sexiness of his sexuality and doesn’t walk in lockstep with all the other dopey gays who are spending the entire 21st century trying to imitate heterosexuals.   The queens of old would not like this new breed at all — and this dopey teenager with the hot body is an a-hole no matter if he is gay or straight or transexual or intersexed or gender dysmorphic —- see how sickening it gets after awhile?

  • kays

    Tyrants?  Are you retarded?   How silly and uninformed.   You just made me sick — do you know what a tyrant is, you dopey fuktard?

  • kays

    If he were ugly, Ricky, would you be so adoring of his disruptive behaviour?   I bet that Ricky Burns the first ain’t too proud of Ricky Burns the second — anybody wanna wager on that?

  • Dakota Morgan

    TSA exists because of attacks perpetrated on US soil. Americans forget about those attacks and the impact September 11th had on ALL of us. Terrorists boarded planes IN the US. They carried weapons onto those planes from inside our borders. The TSA has been charged with ensuring that our skies remain safe. I’m sorry if the methods they use offends the sensibilities of some of us. However, the more we learn about the potential weapons, the more creative they get. How about surgically implanting weapons?  If you don’t like it, don’t fly. Remember American voters CHOSE to pass the “Patriot” act.

    Officers get sick of the “Do I look like a terrorist?” line. I don’t know. You tell me what a terrorist looks like. Remember Jihad Jane? Blonde Hair, Green Eyes. Everyone has to be treated like a potential threat.

    Did the thought ever occur anyone that Transportation Security Officers in the airports just may like doing the pat downs even LESS than you like getting them? Has anyone ever stopped to consider the amount of abuse these officers take every day for simply doing their jobs? They don’t make the rules. They are just doing their jobs.

    It’s really sad that Americans want the skies to be safe as long as “I”
    am not the one that has to be screened like that because, of course “I”
    am not a terrorist. But I don’t know if “You” are….

  • trojoe

    First, you are my hero. Much love.

    Second, for those of you commenting about how the TSA makes us safer: bullshit. I’ll only use one hypothetical scenario to illustrate my point: man has a bomb strapped to himself and is waiting to pass security. When he realizes he wont be able to get to the plane, he detonates it at the security check point. Billions spent, individual rights accosted, and we still have a few hundred dead. The only difference? They were at security instead of on a plane.

  • trojoe

    Good. They should hate their jobs. They are violating my rights and they deserve every bit of verbal abuse they receive.

    This isnt about the skies being safe, its about huge government contracts paying obscene amounts of money to privately contracted companies.

    Nothoig about the TSA makes anyone safer. An explosion at the check point and an explosion on the plane will kill and injur just as many people.

    You have a better chance of winning the lottery the same day youre struck by lightning than you do of dying in a terrorist plot.

    Bottom line? Living is dangerous. On a long enough time line, everyone viability reaches zero. But hey, why not spend what little time we have in fear of the absurd. Its certainly an effwctive way to get the masses to hand over their rights.

  • trojoe

    Maybe i missed something — how is the fourth amendment disruptive?

  • Michelle Mushy Nieves

    rocking body *crossed out* lol !!! i agree with him 100%

  • Pup

    Molly Ivins would have loved this!!!

  • Pup

    Then again, Europe does not go around blowing up and taking over other countries and pissing off half of the middle eastern world like the US does, sad to say.  🙁

  • Patrick

    I really admire this young man. It’s encouraging to see a representative of this younger generation taking a peaceful and noble stand for all of our rights. And, you’re right…he is a total babe!

  • bccrn

    BRAVO, Aaron! Sue their pants off (no pun intended). Not to beat a dead horse, but we have “W” (the decider) to thank for all this security overkill at our airports. It’s ridiculous. If a terrorist really wants to kill people en masse, he/she will find a way to do it, regardless of any security measures in place. Think about it: I live in central Florida. A suicide bomber could simply walk into the Orlando airport during rush hour (not even attempt to board a plane), and set off a bomb that could kill dozens. As a nation, we need to stop running around like “Chicken Little” and send the message that we are not going to be held hostage in our own country.

  • Jesus Suarez

    You Go!!!!   He’s Fierce!!!!

  • lol, well said pup

  • Amanda Anderson

    On top of it they don’t change there latex gloves when they pat down different people.  Someone could have lice or some other nasty on their body and the security officer just passed it to dozens of passengers.  What about people who don’t wash or have an infectious STD, don’t they realize that getting more personal also requires more regulations by the health department because they are wearing medical gloves?  EWWWW and EWWWW.  Good for him to stand up for his rights.

  • Okay, if nobody else is going to say it, I shall:
    Aaron is SO BEAUTIFUL!
    I’d strip search him any/every day of the week.

  • quancharles

    You go man!

  • Raymond Davis

    Stipulated searches for a service you VOLUNTARILY signed up for hardly evoke Constitutional violations.(although the government continuing the “Patriot Act” while no body objects has me baffled.)

    The airline ,the government and his fellow passengers also have a right to “LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” all of which become impossible if they are dead and their remains blown odd and sundry over the landscape.

  • Raymond Davis

    BTW-From what I understand anyone wrapped in multiple layers of fabric which provide multiple hiding places for explosives is subject to extra security measures regardless of race, creed or color. Just saying.

  • Michael Mathews

    I am so with you on the opt out. I travel all the time and have not set foot in a scanner yet. But man do I hate the grope down I get for opting out.

  • Michael Mathews

    The TSA wants to put these invasive tactics on trains, too. And ever tried to get to Hawaii by car or train?

  • Askme

    Everyones offended until something blows up and some ordinary looking Joe with a bomb in his underwear gets through security.  It is UNFORTUNATE that we have creeps in this world that give their lives like cowards by blowing themselves up.   Just smile get groped and hurry through the line!!

  • Amanda

    You act like Government and Corporations are separate entities. They are not. The Corporations have bought the politicians that make up the Government because other Corporation-bought politicians make laws that allow them to so that everyone but America benefits.

  • …the Rutherford Institute is suing on his behalf.. which is NOT the same thing as him suing.

  • Steve

    Oh BULLLSHIIT! I’m all for homoerotic protests, but the “invasiveness” of U.S. security is nothing compared to other countries. I agree that TSA is stupid in meting out their duties. Perhaps there should be two classes of flights: searched and unsearched. The latter will not have scanning of passengers or their luggage. I opt for the former.

    Getting searched before entering a plane is NOT invasive, as long as every passenger undergoes the same treatment. Problem is, it’s unequal and there are too many Americans who take false umbrage at any suggestion they might be offenders… but suspect everyone else (especially those who look “foreign”).

  • Jeff Webster

    GOOD JOB! i hope he wins his lawsuit so the rest of us can start suing TSA and bankrupt those sob”S

  • Jeff Webster

    Maybe we should all star carring a copy of the first, fourth and fourteenth admendment when we go through airports now and refuse this crap!

  • Jennifer Schradeya


  • i think this rocks! good job dude more ppl need to stand up and do something i think it should be a nation wide protest!!!!!!!!

  • Yeoman Roman

    Awesome. I hope he wins 6X that amount.

    Of course the TSA will not care, it is not their money he’d be getting, but taxpayers. BUt maybe just maybe, we’ll get a politician to take notice and fix this BS. Or probably not. What is a 1.5 million dollars to a politician, except a week’s donations? Ya gotta wonder.

  • Yeoman Roman

    “Getting searched before entering a plane is NOT invasive, as long as every passenger undergoes the same treatment.”

    That is so dumb I almost skipped replying.

    Any individual search could be non-invasive. Or totally invasive.
    Doing a totally invasive search to everyone does not make it non-invasive.

    Differential policing is abusive. Differential TSA searches are abusive.

    Your willingness to be cavity searched here in the USA, just because it could be worse elsewhere? Pathetic.

    You know about the Zimbardo experiment? I am sure it applies to the TSA.

  • Yeoman Roman

    “They don’t make the rules. They are just doing their jobs.”

    Loser argument.

  • Yeoman Roman

    Wait for the high to peak and come down the other side before you hit the keyboard,OK Kays?