‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

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We love when talented artists take one of our favorite video games or cartoon obsessions and reimagine the characters as queer folk. Artist Leonardo Gutierrez did just that with his “Bearsionated” Super Smash Bros. seriesand the result is pretty fantastic.

Leo and his friend Ian are the founders of OSO Apparel. “We are Leo and Ian, friends with the goal to create high-quality fashion for people like us — bear lovers, geeks and fashion-forward folk,” their Facebook page reads. “OSO is the result, and our obsession to pair fun, flirty designs with excellence in craftsmanship, and to share that with you.”

The pair have created all types of fashionable pieces to add to your closet. Their latest is a “Super Smash Bears” line. There are four shirts the duo are selling to go along with 12 illustrations. They are selling styles for Mario, Pikachu, Link and Donkey Kong.

Hopefully, once those sell out, they will create shirts for the other eight characters as well.

Here are the 12 Super Smash Bros. bear illustrations:

Super Smash Bear Mario

super smash bros. bears mario

“It’s a tee – Mario! Our titular Super Smash Bear is ready to lay pipe in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over print of our hero making it rain coin – yahoo!”

Super Smash Bear Pikachu

super smash bros. bears pikachu

“Pikachu bursts from the tall grass and right into our Super Smash Bears squad! Guaranteed to make you see double, this handmade soft-touch sublimated tee features an all-over print of Pikachu sure to receive thunderous applause.”

Super Smash Bear Donkey Kong

super smash bros. bears donkey kong

“Donkey Kong barrels onto the scene in our Super Smash Bears lineup! We are bananas for this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over print of Donkey Kong flexing at his finest.”

Super Smash Bear Link

super smash bros. bears link

“Hey, listen! Our Super Smash Bear Link may be famously few of words – but has plenty to show in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee. Ready your rupees for this all-over print of our lumbering Link – but make note – Deku nuts are sold separately.”

Super Smash Bear Luigi

super smash bros. bears luigi

Super Smash Bear Captain Falcon

 super smash bros. bears falcon

Super Smash Bear Kirby

super smash bros. bears kirby

Super Smash Bear Samus

super smash bros. bears samus

Super Smash Bear Fox

super smash bros. bears fox

Super Smash Bear Yoshi

super smash bros. bears yoshi

Super Smash Bear Ness

super smash bros. bears ness

Super Smash Bear Jigglypuff

super smash bros. bears jigglypuff

To pick up a tee — you know you want one — head here.

  • Drugs

    So… This is pretty disturbing… Smash Bears and Leather Daddies… w … why?

  • Carlos Ors Bravo

    Super Smash Bear Link/Whimsical Woodman is something I must now read

  • Brando Calrissian

    Are there not enough Tumblr & Instagram accts. dedicated to the gay male body that one must resort to making (youth/young adult) characters hyper-sexual?

    Or is there no interest in (or talent to create) original pieces free of adolescent references? This growing trend is problematic without accompanying dialogue and honestly after seeing so many before it, gimmicky & trite.

    Create, don’t co-opt.

  • Olivia Goodwin

    I honestly still think kirby looks cute in this. >.>’

  • Richard McWolff

    Oh my word. WOOF!

  • Richard McWolff

    I have no idea where all this came from. These are drawings of grown men. See the body hair, the beards, the muscles. I really don’t think these images qualify at “Youth/young adult” hyper sexual. So it’s OK for straight dudes to enjoy pin ups of women that are really just girls but us gay dudes can’t enjoy pictures of hot, furry bears? Don’t be a troll dude.

  • Brando Calrissian

    You don’t consider Mario youth or young adult? Pokemon isn’t considered youth or young adult? I’m not trolling, you’re misinterpreting what I’m saying.

    You’re taking cartoon characters and outfitting them sexually. How do you not see that? And just because straight men do it doesn’t make it right for us to do it- that’s not a proper retort: if another group is behaving inappropriately, we should be allowed to as well. No.

    If you want illustrations of sexy hirsute men: fine. But I draw the line when you outfit them as cartoon characters- it’s unnecessary and inappropriate.

  • Brando Calrissian

    Honestly Richard, this can be resolved by removing the names above the illustrations- now that I look at them again, there’s enough distance from the original source visually (except with Luigi) where if you took the name away I think these are cool.

    But do you understand why I don’t care for the associations with a character like Ness, who is adored by kids to be associated with a sexually suggestive drawing? It’s nothing against the artform or the artist, I think those two should be separate.

  • Katsuro Ricksand

    He’s the cutest of them all.

  • Jonathan Gantz

    because most of the people who grew up with these icons are in their 30s and its fun to see new and unique art that is a fresh relatable take on something that appeals to you

  • Jonathan Gantz

    Well thats your opinion. However its a pretty bad opinion to have considering like….everything. First of all the entire point of it is to REIMAGINE these characters. Even if you removed the names people would still get it because thats the whole point. Its ridiculous to say that the artists should make something unique when the entire reason they made these was to reimagine old icons. Furthermore one reason why these type of things are fun is because believe it or not but humans age, and people who were kids when these characters where first created are in their 20s-40s now.

    Yes it would be irresponsible to let these images be EASILY accessible to children…..but thats why kids are banned from such sites and why (hopefully) adults are responsible and dont share things so easily on common social media such as facebook, without at least a warning. (what is truly objectionable is people sharing videos of people dying, or unspoiler tagged videos of thsoe horror makeup artists who make themselves look like flayed bloody monsters).

    I understand where you are coming from but you are putting the Line in the wrong area. There is a line. That line is : irresponsibly exposing children to such things, and Pedophilia. This is neither. this is adults sharing interesting art with other adults that happens to be inspired by the things these adults grew up with.

    Furthermore, though i think this could have been done without all the glorified crotches the fact of the matter is that one of the most important things about any story is inspiring the audience. The entire point of characters like Mario, Ness, Donkey Kong and kirby is to entertain, make us laugh, make us happy, and maybe teach us about respecting others and making friends. These are not “child” concepts and i hate the fact that our society views the only difference between adult media and child media is sex, when it should be mature themes and complex storylines. There should be more stories out there available in a child friendly way about consent (because kissing girls on the playground against their will. Hugging people who dont want to be hugged, and of course teaching children to beware of pedophiles in the form of teaching them to be open about when they are uncomfortable, are all things children should learn), and we need more adult media where its not “Well its for adults so lets add a sex scene”. I hate that in modern media adults basically all agree together that being an adult is gross and disgusting by basically saying “Adult= Drugs, drinking and sex”
    Anyways, my point was that any given “hero” can be reimagined, reimagined as a kid, as an adult. That the children who played these games and identified with mario because he was chubby but adventurous are now adults who might identify with him because he’s chubby and adventurous and enjoy whereing that on their sleeve. children who identified with ness because he was a town boy who fought monsters with the help of his friends and the power of his mind….might have grown up to be baseball players who enjoy the strategy of the game and enjoy playing it with their friends.

    Its just the reverse concept of making a more kid friendly version of hte justice league, or a Star Trek cartoon.

    I mean we have the star wars movies which is the greatest example of a family of people of different ages bonding over a story that involves sex trade, genocide, murder, ect. BUT its not ABOUT that its about the heroic story of good vs evil and working together. And you have darker movies and shows in that franchise such as the movies, more adolecent ones such as The Clone Wars, and more Kid friendly ones like the Disney shorts and star wars rebels.

    So yes there is a Line and this media is on the positive side of it. there is nothing harmful about any of it, and its extremely valuable in art media and extremely common for new creators to make things based on or inspired by other creators. Its frankly shocking how many movies made between 1950 and 1990 where remakes of movies and plays made even before then.