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Swim Team Speedo Shower “Teenage Dream”

katy perry, gay blog, dive team, gay news
They drove to Cali, and got drunk on the beach.

The Princeton Swim and Dive Team is sure to put a spring in your…step…with their rendition of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Admittedly, the first half is a snooze, but we’re totally feeling the group shower scene in the second half.

You never know, they might get your heart racing in your skintight jeans.


The blooper real is also worth a gander, if you’ve got time to kill.

Thanks for sharing, fellas!

  • bloopers is set to “private” 🙁

  • We took a screencapture of the video, just like everyone else sharing this video today. Had never even heard of your site until you gave yourself a shout out right with your comment. 😀 And no, the images aren’t the same. Check out the lips on the fella on the left.

    Love the name though!

  • Gaspatcho Jones.

    Do I even Get a Shout Out, Since you guys even took the Picture from my Blog, Zombietoenails.com?

  • David Campbell

    Haha, cute frat boys lip syncing. Always a crowd-pleaser.

  • Methinks this whole college boys lipsyncing to Katy Perry thing is going to become a new meme… Not that I mind. 😉

  • Thanks for giving us some context. Very cool. 🙂

  • Shane Brooks

    Just so you know this video was made for one of the swimmers who fell ill enough to go into the hospital for a 6 week stay, just before the end of season championship meet. It was their get well video for him!!! He’s doing better, thanks for asking, and they beat Harvard, in the closest finish ever for an IVY Chamionship, 5.5 points…

    We have one of the best programs in swimming in the US at Princeton, thanks for the promotion!!! Shane Brooks, PUCSDT ’90

  • Buddy Englett

    Dito to Dave Campbell

  • RamonG

    this is Hilarious… thanks for having the guts and balls to put yourselves out there and make people smile. 🙂

  • Chris Lee

    Totally Awesome.. i remember my swim team days..Good job Yall!

  • Anonymous

    lol the one with the brown mushroom cut looks gay to me! i also have a major crush on the second guy to sing

  • Melissa Howard

    What I wouldn’t give to be 21 again and locked in that shower room!!

  • David Gartner

    ITYM Blooper reel (not ‘real’).

  • Shower scene should have been the whole thing lol

  • Hunter Chumbley

    what an amazing show of team support for someone that hear was really sick!

  • Hunter Chumbley

    what an amazing show of team support for someone that hear was really sick!

  • Scott Crawford

    that does it damit im going str8 marcus bachmann im coming home daddy get out the holy water and bible…

  • Blazee Blah

    were there two retarded looking asian guys in that shower scene or just one?

  • Michael M

    Pardon me.  I meant to write:

    Princeton is so f’ing gay; that’s why I went to Dartmouth.  ROFLMAO

    Single-sex schools of the 20th century for 200, Alex.

  • Brooke Nikki Arnold

    That was awesome! 

  • Guest

    If only they could have found a tripod… or held the camera steadier… Very nice and sweet, at any rate.

  • Amanda Anderson

    LMASO-COPTERS!!  If this doesn’t make you laugh then your a corpse. Of course in the shower scene the uncomfortable one who doesn’t like his space invaded was obviously in the back away from the soap and wandering hands. LOL!!

  • and this is considered “not gay” just because their athletes? But yet if a gay teenager in high school did that and put it on youtube and people found it he’d be bullied and teased and harassed. 

  • JeffreyRO55

    I rarely long to be a college student again but this sort of uninhibited fun they get to have makes me nostalgic. And if this was intended to lift the spirits of an ill comrade, I’m sure it worked. I hope they each get a copy, it’s something silly that their kids will get a laugh at later in life.

  • Kyle Williams

    Just because their athletes doesn’t mean it isn’t gay or that none of them are gay. Straight men enjoying themselves, being silly, or not being afraid to be playfully affectionate in a video for their friend shouldn’t be criminalized, and we shouldn’t let straight men feel they are obligated to feel akward around other men. There’s a fine line between acceptance, homophobia, and doing something sweet for your friend.