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If the Rumors Are True, Lindsey Graham Is Just the Latest in a Legacy of GOP Sex Scandals

Lindsey Graham has been accused — as of now with no corroborating evidence — of soliciting male sex workers. But even if that speculation turn out to be true, does that make him gay? He’s certainly not a member of the “gay community,” and likely never will be, given his[…]

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CBS Refuses to Evict JC Mounduix From the ‘Big Brother’ House Over Sexual Harassment

This week, ‘Big Brother’ housemate JC Mounduix kissed Tyler Crispin while Tyler slept, and this is just one of the many gross things JC’s done

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Only 9 Months After Louis C.K. Was Accused of Showing His Penis to Uninterested Women, He’s Back

Only 9 months after Louis C.K. was publicly accused of masturbating in front of women — and admitting it was true — a Louis C.K. stand-up set is not welcome

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A Florida City Council Meeting Turned Into a Public Shouting Match Over Anal Bleaching

Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London recently got into a shouting match about sphincter bleaching with his city commissioner during a public meeting

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