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Taylor Swift Takes On Anti-Gay Bullying With ‘Mean’

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in her new music video for Mean. Also, a gay boy in a purple sweater is bullied by football players for reading a fashion magazine.

We’re normally not big fans of the country cutie (Because we aren’t 11-year-old girls. Though, now that I think about it, that new Britney album got a little too much play in the office for grown-ass men…), but we really dig what Swift has going on in this song and video.

Sing it, girl!


  •  Yay, she went against bullying. By portraying a stereotype.

    Didn’t she also tell us the worst thing she could do to an ex-boyfriend was tell everyone that he’s gay?

  • Gurrty

    I already liked Taylor (and this song) but now I just like her even more!! 

  • Ashley Valencia

     Well…its a tad simplistic lyric wise, but good song. 

  •  Great video, Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm yeah…how is this anti-gay bullying? Because what I’m seeing is a ridiculously stereotypical “gay” kid being referred to as “the weaker man”. Are you effing kidding me?

  • Katie Babbott

    While i definitely agree with Joe K. that in ‘Picture to Burn’ the choice of lyrics “Well that’s fine i’ll tell mine that you’re gay” was a poor choice of lyrics, i highly doubt it was derogatory, as just by pointing out to her friends that her exboyfriend was gay, that would make it, in theory, unlikely for her friends to date him as he wouldn’t be attracted to them.
    I didn’t interpret it as any snide, anti-gay propaganda?

    And, Aresthegodofwar, if you’re being bullied aren’t you always in the weaker position, or, ‘The Weaker Man’ as Taylor puts it, because others are asserting dominance over you in a physically or verbally violent fashion? Food for thought.

    And Kevin Farrell, I’m 18 and i love Taylor Swift to death, not sure what all this nonsense is about there being an 11year old age limit.