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Teacher Bans Gay Student From Sharing Fridge With Straight Peers

gay news, gay blog, gay student, mountain dew
Don't drink this boy's Mountain Dew!

It’s bad enough that gay teens are forced to endure ridicule from their classmates. They don’t need teachers chiming in against them, to boot.

Flagler Palm Coast High School Freshman Luke Herbert unfortunately has been on the receiving end of a teacher’s mad-on for the gay student.

“He stood in front of the class and said ‘you can’t put Mountain Dew or Pepsi in the same fridge or they’ll turn gay.’ He [also] came over to me, and I was like ‘hi.’ He said hi, like he was imitating me or mocking me,” the 15-year-old told Florida’s News 13.

Herbert’s mother, Doreen Davenport, complained to the school multiple times before being promised that her son would be switched to another class (Even though it’s the homophobic teacher who is the problem in this classroom.), but that has yet to happen. Davenport says she worried about his safety every day.

Boo! This sucks. It blows our minds to hear teachers harassing any student for any reason whatsoever to begin with. That a teach would pick on a gay student during a time of highly publicized gay suicides and discrimination leading to lawsuits against schools just straight up baffles.

Hang in there Luke! For what it’s worth, you’re a total babe.

Via The Advocate

  • Check his computer, maybe he’s also a porn pirate!

  • Its so sad to see someone we put in a position of trust is still at a middle school level.

  • branni

    This is absolutely sad. Now teachers are bashing kids. Meanwhile; where the hell is the District in all of this? and why aren’t the superintendents getting into this and trying to help this kid? This is why I have debates about putting my children in public school when I’m older and decide to adopt.

  • Chantie Huffines

    Looks like we have another CLint McCance on our hands! I want to know where this asshole teacher teaches, and I say we should rally they way we did with Clint McCance and get this teacher and the principal fired since the principal won’t do what needs to be done to send the correct message to our teens.

  • Angela McCarthy

    Call student services @ (386) – 437-7526 or email the principal @ Let’s be heard, people!

  • Angela McCarthy

    Call student services @ (386) – 437-7526 or email the principal @ Let’s be heard, people!

  • Anonymous

    Typical of Palm Coast rednecks.

  • The teacher should be fired…

  • Stephanie Timmons

    … Wow. This is… wow. Are they sure he’s a teacher?? Where did he get his schooling? It’s like way back when they thought that cancer was contagious and that sharing hats would give you AIDS, not lice.

  • -> Email sent. :]

    This kind of behavior by anyone, let alone a teacher!, is unacceptable. As I said in the email, Teachers are supposed to bring our students into the future, not tie them down to the bigotry of the past.

    This man needs to be fired.

  • BigBearCO

    If you have Gay or Lesbian children in this school district pull them out their safety is in question. This teacher is the type that would allow your child to get beaten for being Gay. Pull your kids out and sue the school district.

  • Anonymous

    I got a lot of anti gay attitudes from my teachers in Junior High in the early 80s. Helped to keep my closeted till I was 23. It’s serious progress this is even news.

  • Ashley Valencia

    I don’t get it. They fired a substitute teacher in Florida for “witchcraft” after he did a crappy magic trick, but this teacher is allowed to make these kinds of heinous, derogatory comments about a student with no action taken? WTF?

  • Chris Marshall

    America… home of the slaves and land of the bigot… I know I served in Iraq only to get screwed by uncle sam and the promise that DADT would be repealed when I was serving. Thanks to Obama… it might be another ten years before the bill is over because he left it up to the military to decide when is the best time to repeal, and the marine brass isn’t budging from their podium of hate.

  • The real question should be this? What school has refridgerators for students in their classroom.. where they can get up and get something to drink in class? That’s craziness! I never had a fridge in any of my classes. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    One of our greatest contributions to the gay civil rights movement is to be honest and open about our sexuality- even when faced with adversity.

  • Anonymous

    I emailed him days ago, imploring him to act on behalf of the students’ needs, not his own beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    At least he opened the dialogue. It’s been silent for 15 years…

  • Anonymous

    If you would like to send the principal a professional, non-violent email, asking him to do the right thing, his email is:

    Please remember that when you contact him, you are representing a large group of people, i.e., the LGBTQ community.

  • Bekka Eliason

    Just sent the principal a very well worded letter informing her that her job could be at risk for refusing to stop the harassment. I also reminded her it is her job to protect students from harassment, no matter her personal beliefs and that if she couldn’t do her job, the LGBT community would have no problem finding a suitable replacement. This is the kind of ignorance that is dangerous and it needs to be stomped out like the cockroach it is.

  • That is completely ridiculous! The teacher should have been put on leave, not make the boy switch classes bc for the next Gay person in that teachers class the same thing will happen. The school didn’t prevent anything in the future by doing this.

  • Magoo

    The Teacher should be fired, and stripped of any sort of teaching / mentor licenses he has, I think he outed you in the class because he’s totally jealous, You are Beautiful and will always be Great, embrace it, for it is something that teacher will never grasp.

  • 1st off, he’s a total cutie :]
    2nd, They should fire that douchebag of a teacher. Most of my teachers were wonderful back in high school (sans a few, but I’m in college now so who gives a damn about em?) and I am terribly sorry that he has to deal with those douches… :/

  • Hang in there and stand your ground Luke, you’re the one in the right here!!! And btw, you are a total hottie! Hugz

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee that if my son or daughter was of alternate lifestyle and ANYTHING was said to them like that in their classroom, not only would I and their mother be on their ass in heart beat, but many people I know would be in our corner. This is not only a disgrace to teaching in general, but to all parents or children in the Altlife Community.

  • That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! I can only assume the teacher thought his comment about sharing a fridge turning all the other students gay was funny. Ha-ha — NOT!

    And yeah — Luke is a total babe, though he’d probably get creeped out by hearing that from an old straight lady. As one of my favorite literary characters often said, “Pretty!”

  • Well, yeah. Of course the “witchcraft” thing is an offense to be fired over. I mean, dang, that is some big time “against God” thing. But being shitty to a gay guy, that’s cool, cause after all, it is just some gay dude . . . . Just saying . . . .cause everyone knows those stupid fricking hillbillies and swamp rats in the south have the moral high ground and stuff . . .

  • Anonymous

    Again; some people and institutions want to go back into the dark ages (lack of proper education) and live in fear of the unknown and fabricating ridiculous non based statements and general behavior due to either lack of education or disregard proper education.After all, I thought schools are places were educated, hopefully far more than well educated, teachers/professors will teach, passing on to students the true facts of life after researches; history, science, mathematics, social studies, arts, music, etc. It seems this country is going backwards whereas Europe, Asia, and even Africa are all going forward. And, is USA to be the world’s example to the world? If there’s a God in Heavens, I hope USA isn’t it. Tolerance is what motivates harmony and progress; the world isn’t flat! Earth isn’t the center of the solar system, but the Sun! Contagious diseases can be avoided and treated with proper sanitation and medicines, not by God’s will!

  • Anonymous

    The time is now. What ever happened to those “people representatives”? Are they representing bigots and people’s hate crimes or are they defending people from others fears and aggressions? Swarm the representatives with lot of emails requesting; do the job you promised to do.

  • Anonymous

    Now is about a homosexual child, next about a Jew child, next about a black child, next about a hispanic child,and so on. Who’s going to put a stop to that ignorance?

  • Wow. Just wow. This coming from a woman who is in college to be an educator. I’m offended and disgusted to call myself a teacher because of people like this. I’m sorry this young man had to deal with this and I hope that one day I will be the teacher that has the guts to stand up and say that this is wrong to someone’s face.

  • Majesty Divine

    as a gay teacher this teacher is an ass! and as a drag queen i would love to see the trannys in the area whoop some ass!

  • Nate

    sick. this teacher needs to be FIRED.

  • Timothy Anderson

    Do me a favor and cool your jets. I won’t say that you’re wrong, because you aren’t. However, this is Florida you’re talking about. They(particularly the Cuban immigrants and the seniors) will cling to the beliefs that they have had for decades. The best way to counteract those beliefs is to let them know that they have friends and neighbors who are gay. Slow, but effective.

  • If you think about it though, it’s already been about a black child and a jewish child… and a hispanic child, and so on. It still is sometimes too. This is just one of the stories we’re getting to hear about that’s now about homosexual youth too.

  • It’s probably a homeroom type dealy, but still… It is really strange.

  • Alex A. Hex

    Teachers are who we learn from and supposed to be mature (not all the time mind you my teachers had some very childish moments but the kind that made school fun) this is ridiculous.

  • Alizay Jalisi

    Luke, hang in there! You’re totally awesome and cute 😉

  • This imbecile masquerading as an educator should be banned from setting their foot in a school where there are real teachers.

  • You rock, Luke. Besides, you’re going to grow up to be a very handsome young man. Hang in there!

  • This is ridiculous! That teacher should have gotten fired.

  • BooBoo Bear

    He should also lose his teaching credentials.

  • Tiffany Ameral

    Wait. He’s 15?
    he sure doesn’t look like it lol of course that’s what I notice.

  • This is evidence of a world gone insane!!!! To the guy involved in this hate campaign all I can say is be proud of what you are, you didn’t choose your sexuality and you shouldn’t be forced to feel less than you are by these bigots. You are beautiful and loved! xx

  • Guest


  • Altoryu

    The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me, be fired and lose your teaching credentials. We don’t need homophobic idiots like you teaching kids in school

  • davepky

    Don’t down the south like everybody is like that. You are being just as bigoted by doing that. Come on…be nice.

  • davepky

    Why put down everyone in the South? That is like saying all Northeners are rude and obnoxious. Be nice.

  • Craig Knox

    Lets get a picture of the teacher luke so we can make it viral…. he’ll change his tune when strangers are throwing mountain dew at him in the street.  I’d buy a few cases 

  • Same ish, different day.

  • rocknradio99

    Flordia: America’s Wang!